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Reply #19: Pragmatism And Compromise Are DIRTY DIRTY Words Here!!! [View All]

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Beetwasher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-07-10 02:26 PM
Response to Original message
19. Pragmatism And Compromise Are DIRTY DIRTY Words Here!!!
Might as well throw around racial epithets!
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  -The President makes sense. The presser showed the Pragmatist in the Room wowimthere  Dec-07-10 02:11 PM   #0 
  - GREAT POST...  dennis4868   Dec-07-10 02:13 PM   #1 
  - The presser tried to cover up his pro Wall Street ways.  ej510   Dec-07-10 02:13 PM   #2 
  - +1  slay   Dec-07-10 02:17 PM   #7 
  - did you forget what his main goal of his job was... politics aside? The middle class.  wowimthere   Dec-07-10 02:20 PM   #9 
     - yeah, but that half a loaf he tossed at them doesn't compare to the 140 BILLION  Donnachaidh   Dec-07-10 02:22 PM   #13 
        - How many presidents do you know that don't take care of themselves in the process. Would  wowimthere   Dec-07-10 02:37 PM   #24 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-07-10 02:41 PM   #26 
              - You want something. I want something. Politically speaking. What we all want  wowimthere   Dec-07-10 02:49 PM   #30 
  - oh bullshit...he's been fighting FOR reaganesque policy for the past two years  ibegurpard   Dec-07-10 02:14 PM   #3 
  - LOL. really?  bos1   Dec-07-10 02:22 PM   #14 
  - well said. nt  woolldog   Dec-07-10 02:14 PM   #4 
  - You are EXACTLY right! +10000000  bushisanidiot   Dec-07-10 02:14 PM   #5 
  - Big O made a great impromptu, ass-kicking speech at the end of presser  bos1   Dec-07-10 02:16 PM   #6 
  - So few posts I feel like K&R-ing lately.... thank you. nt  Lisa0825   Dec-07-10 02:19 PM   #8 
  - you got it-! time to lay the blame for why we can't be where we should  Bluerthanblue   Dec-07-10 02:20 PM   #10 
  - It's really sad that this is so obvious to me and a few others, but so many on DU  CakeGrrl   Dec-07-10 02:21 PM   #11 
  - Except the Democrats could have EASILY passed the public option.  Dawgs   Dec-07-10 02:25 PM   #16 
  - I'm with you!  RichGirl   Dec-07-10 02:33 PM   #23 
  - Good points  Robbins   Dec-07-10 02:22 PM   #12 
  - Obama doesn't see the repukes as his enemies.  ej510   Dec-07-10 02:25 PM   #17 
  - Interesting you mention excoriating Republicans when Obama got loudest yelling at progressives.  Dawgs   Dec-07-10 02:24 PM   #15 
  - You're not behind him? I understand how you feel but he had to make this deal...  wowimthere   Dec-07-10 02:30 PM   #22 
     - Fuck no I'm not behind him. Not after he gave in to the rich - again.  Dawgs   Dec-07-10 02:46 PM   #29 
  - Well said.  jefferson_dem   Dec-07-10 02:25 PM   #18 
  - Pragmatism And Compromise Are DIRTY DIRTY Words Here!!!  Beetwasher   Dec-07-10 02:26 PM   #19 
  - Excellent post!!! We need to get behind the President and solve problems.  Pisces   Dec-07-10 02:27 PM   #20 
  - K and R. nt  MaeScott   Dec-07-10 02:28 PM   #21 
  - Excellent point. I am slightly less unhappy since he spoke today.  kestrel91316   Dec-07-10 02:38 PM   #25 
  - Well he always does give a nice speech!  displacedvermoter   Dec-07-10 02:45 PM   #28 
  - pragmatism and reality are the buzzwords of the day..  frylock   Dec-07-10 02:42 PM   #27 
  - To the Pragmaticron! Quick get the tranmorgraphier working!  Safetykitten   Dec-07-10 02:50 PM   #31 
  - Pfffft.  nichomachus   Dec-07-10 02:52 PM   #32 
  - thank you nt  Clio the Leo   Dec-07-10 06:24 PM   #33 

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