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Reply #15: Nobody is screaming at the President? [View All]

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FrenchieCat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-06-10 02:44 PM
Response to Reply #14
15. Nobody is screaming at the President?
Sorry, but mostly everyone has been screaming at the President.

Perhaps in the last 2 weeks, some of it has died down,
but please....between the teabaggers, the media and "disappointed" progressives,
there were more believing that the Prez should have gotten it all done by now,
than not.
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  -Did we ever have 60 Democratic Senators in the past 20 months......and if so, for how long? FrenchieCat  Oct-06-10 01:49 PM   #0 
  - Don't need 60.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Oct-06-10 01:54 PM   #1 
  - You're right, we don't need 60...we need leadership, though.  joeybee12   Oct-06-10 01:55 PM   #3 
  - One would need a media that allows the progressive viewpoint  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:04 PM   #5 
  - Well, you've only really got 48 at best.  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:00 PM   #4 
  - exactly.  elana i am   Oct-06-10 04:57 PM   #22 
  - didn't have 51 either.  elana i am   Oct-06-10 04:37 PM   #19 
  - Touche.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Oct-07-10 08:21 AM   #31 
  - Yes, we do  treestar   Oct-06-10 05:06 PM   #23 
  - Yes, this needs to be pointed out over and over.....  northoftheborder   Oct-06-10 01:55 PM   #2 
  - You and others here keep omitting the most heinous aspect of the last  truedelphi   Oct-06-10 02:07 PM   #6 
  - LOL!  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:11 PM   #7 
  - You are really confused  frazzled   Oct-07-10 12:58 PM   #34 
  - Aren't you really making the case that liberals can't trust the Dem's to deliver?  Ganja Ninja   Oct-06-10 02:12 PM   #8 
  - So putting the Republicans back in is an answer?  sandnsea   Oct-06-10 02:16 PM   #10 
  - Keep going you're really winning me over.  Ganja Ninja   Oct-06-10 02:24 PM   #13 
  - Hey, vote Nader again. How'd that work out for ya? n/t  sandnsea   Oct-06-10 05:49 PM   #26 
  - Not for people who think out of the Box.  truedelphi   Oct-06-10 03:15 PM   #16 
     - I've been suggesting a strong Green Party since 2004  sandnsea   Oct-06-10 05:56 PM   #27 
        - anI point out that there ws only one small (Comapratively)  truedelphi   Oct-07-10 12:22 PM   #33 
  - No. I'm making the case that if you want progressive policies to pass and be implemented,  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:20 PM   #12 
  - Nobody's screaming at the President.  Ganja Ninja   Oct-06-10 02:30 PM   #14 
     - Nobody is screaming at the President?  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:44 PM   #15 
     - Well some of us used to be screaming at the President.  truedelphi   Oct-06-10 04:42 PM   #20 
     - I remember when the screaming began......  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 04:49 PM   #21 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-06-10 06:07 PM   #28 
        - Yep. When it became obvious due to the appointment of  truedelphi   Oct-07-10 12:17 PM   #32 
           - Calling people names doesn't make you right,  FrenchieCat   Oct-07-10 01:00 PM   #35 
              - I didn't call you a name.  truedelphi   Oct-07-10 02:28 PM   #37 
     - Been under a rock for while no?  uponit7771   Oct-07-10 02:18 PM   #36 
  - Deliver what?  treestar   Oct-06-10 05:09 PM   #25 
  - Oh gosh... Dorgan, Conrad, McCaskill, Bennet, Reid, Begich...  sandnsea   Oct-06-10 02:13 PM   #9 
  - Yes, you are correct in naming these additional Senators......  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 02:18 PM   #11 
  - It's always been like that with either party  Ter   Oct-06-10 04:27 PM   #17 
  - Here's a thread for additional insight.......  FrenchieCat   Oct-06-10 04:32 PM   #18 
  - No, didn't even at its height it included Lieberman?  treestar   Oct-06-10 05:07 PM   #24 
  - Recommended and kicked  Major Hogwash   Oct-06-10 06:20 PM   #29 
  - The Senate hasn't had 60 Democrats in decades.  zbdent   Oct-06-10 07:24 PM   #30 
     - In 1964, the Senate had 66 democrats and still couldn't pass Civil Rights legislation without a  ncteechur   Oct-07-10 07:48 PM   #38 

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