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Reply #60: Which is ridiculously heartbreaking in and of itself. [View All]

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vaberella Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-19-10 12:11 PM
Response to Reply #43
60. Which is ridiculously heartbreaking in and of itself.
Rather than getting educated they are listening to a celebrity for their news and "facts" on life. Sadly, I don't follow twitter and even though I was born into the MTV generation, the mere fact that aspects of MTV are have enough power to control the airwaves raises some questions.

I never said what she did was wrong or horrible. However the comparison to a Presidential leader is what I find disturbing, additionally its the fact that celebrities in America are given so much power---it disgusts me. I support her cause, although I personally found it rather demeaning her bringing fired soldiers of DADT with her to some awards show. I see where she meant good, or I think I do----however to me it's in the same vein of when Gwen Stefani brought her puppet Japanese girls. It's just disturbing to me. Helpful depends on the person, although I do not debate her intentions are good, if not impressive.
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  -We have a fierce advocate. It's Lady Gaga, not Barack Obama (AmericaBlog) jefferson_dem  Sep-19-10 07:24 AM   #0 
  - Maybe Lady Gaga should run in 2012  impik   Sep-19-10 07:50 AM   #1 
  - Sure she could and then face being thrown under the bus when nothing she pushes passes.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 08:09 AM   #7 
  - Hey, even Elizabeth Warren is a sell out now  impik   Sep-19-10 11:17 AM   #37 
  - So DU has said to me.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 12:07 PM   #56 
  - You don't get throw under for that. You get thrown under for not trying. (nt)  Bugenhagen   Sep-19-10 07:52 PM   #117 
  - She is 24.  Jennicut   Sep-19-10 08:48 AM   #10 
  - I agree, this is a who cares sort of thing  treestar   Sep-19-10 10:08 AM   #21 
  - maybe you should tell that to Sen Bennett  dsc   Sep-19-10 10:11 AM   #24 
     - they could do that without her help  treestar   Sep-19-10 10:32 AM   #28 
        - Who cares what she thinks?  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 11:33 AM   #40 
        - +1  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 11:42 AM   #44 
        - I am no fan of the celebrity culture  dsc   Sep-19-10 11:34 AM   #41 
  - She wouldn't win. Wall Street wouldn't give Lady Gaga money as it gave Obama and McCain  Mefistofeles   Sep-19-10 12:10 PM   #59 
  - My admiration for this young woman has grown immeasurably as of late  Cirque du So-What   Sep-19-10 07:51 AM   #2 
  - This issue has 70% support  dsc   Sep-19-10 08:46 AM   #9 
  - I am impressed with this young woman & and feel let down by Obama  Lost4words   Sep-19-10 07:56 AM   #3 
  - Agreed.  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 08:03 AM   #5 
     - Obamas greatest legacy will be getting elected as the first mixed race  Lost4words   Sep-20-10 08:12 AM   #138 
  - Artists carry the news, politicians carry the water.  Bluenorthwest   Sep-19-10 08:00 AM   #4 
  - True.  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 08:09 AM   #6 
     - Agreed.  Bluenorthwest   Sep-19-10 10:04 AM   #20 
        - To quote "The Artist" in my avatar...  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 10:10 AM   #23 
  - GAGA/Hilary-2012  boomerbust   Sep-19-10 08:26 AM   #8 
  - GaGa//Bubba/Hillary 2012.  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 08:58 AM   #12 
  - It's a sad day when even Hannah Montana is more progressive than the President.  rug   Sep-19-10 08:52 AM   #11 
  - It's a sad day when so called "progressives" are not very bright.  impik   Sep-19-10 10:18 AM   #25 
     - Yeah, what kind of progressive is stupid enough to oppose gay marriage?  rug   Sep-19-10 12:02 PM   #52 
        - A straight Progressive?  boomerbust   Sep-19-10 02:50 PM   #96 
  - So what has she accomplished for us? Words are easy if you are not in a position to do anything  stray cat   Sep-19-10 09:08 AM   #13 
  - She said a bunch of words.....  whistler162   Sep-19-10 09:17 AM   #15 
  - If there is any lobbying going on, it's very well hidden  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 10:54 AM   #31 
  - She is using what she has ...  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 09:17 AM   #16 
  - I am sure we will hear every excuse under the sun, moon, and stars for this state of affairs  dsc   Sep-19-10 09:14 AM   #14 
  - Who's making excuses?  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 09:39 AM   #18 
     - Reid isn't Obama  dsc   Sep-19-10 09:41 AM   #19 
        - The OP seems to assume (as do many other people)  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 11:00 AM   #33 
           - But that's not quite how it has gone down  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 11:19 AM   #38 
           - So  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 12:03 PM   #53 
              - Yes, and I've given him kudos in the past for just that  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 01:17 PM   #73 
                 - Maybe it is HOW things are being said sometimes  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 02:20 PM   #89 
                    - Well there's truth to that  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 02:33 PM   #92 
           - No that isn't what I, or the article says  dsc   Sep-19-10 11:28 AM   #39 
              - "Obama's Lobbyists"  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 11:56 AM   #47 
                 - yes the white house employees people to lobby on its behalf  dsc   Sep-19-10 12:00 PM   #50 
                    - No, I don't think it's sinister or anything  Proud Liberal Dem   Sep-19-10 12:04 PM   #54 
  - I still don't want to "Meat" her N/T  sellitman   Sep-19-10 09:26 AM   #17 
  - Kick ... Lady Gaga for taking a stand..  Top Cat   Sep-19-10 10:08 AM   #22 
  - I repeat. The President's job is to get stuff done. Not entertain you.  phleshdef   Sep-19-10 10:26 AM   #26 
  - Amen.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 11:05 AM   #35 
  - Thank You. Is the president supposed to tweet us about his talks with Congress?  Tarheel_Dem   Sep-19-10 11:34 AM   #42 
  - "they"?  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 11:48 AM   #45 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Sep-19-10 12:43 PM   #67 
     - Look in this thread and other similar ones  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 01:25 PM   #75 
     - The "hostility" you speak of has ZERO to do with the sexual orientation of "they".  phleshdef   Sep-19-10 01:51 PM   #80 
        - If it weren't for the people who the poster attacks  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 02:16 PM   #84 
        - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Sep-19-10 04:29 PM   #102 
     - Yeah, that is who "they" are  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:29 PM   #101 
  - Yeah, those whiny homos  terrya   Sep-19-10 12:36 PM   #64 
  - As I said to the other poster. You aren't fooling anyone. You don't think thats what "they" meant.  phleshdef   Sep-19-10 12:45 PM   #68 
     - That is who was meant by "They"  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:30 PM   #103 
  - "They" -- oh brother  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:28 PM   #100 
     - There was a mask? n/t  QC   Sep-19-10 08:49 PM   #120 
  - Gaga's advocacy has nothing to do with getting legislation overturned in Congress?  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 11:59 AM   #48 
  - No. This overturning has been in motion for a long time.  phleshdef   Sep-19-10 12:38 PM   #65 
  - Lady Gaga's senators are Schumer and Gillibrand, senators from New York  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 02:04 PM   #83 
     - Hollywood = celebrity.  vaberella   Sep-20-10 02:13 AM   #131 
        - With no help from the likes of you  Laughing Mirror   Sep-20-10 06:58 AM   #136 
        - You don't know me or my past I suggest you keep your assupmtions to yourself.  vaberella   Sep-20-10 09:39 AM   #141 
        - Do you really think you should be accusing people of getting star struck over celebs?  QC   Sep-20-10 08:42 AM   #139 
           - Basically...I don't like celebrities. Unless Pelosi and Obama count as celebrities.  vaberella   Sep-20-10 09:42 AM   #142 
  - You're incorrectly glorifying crap.  vaberella   Sep-20-10 02:11 AM   #130 
     - Lady Gaga is using her extraordinary fame to get people to pressure their Senators on DADT  Laughing Mirror   Sep-20-10 06:56 AM   #135 
  - I don't want entertained  dsc   Sep-19-10 12:01 PM   #51 
     - This whitehouse has been working on the repeal since the beginning.  phleshdef   Sep-19-10 12:42 PM   #66 
        - No it hasn't, and it still isn't  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:31 PM   #104 
  - kick  ensho   Sep-19-10 10:27 AM   #27 
  - JD: Interesting that when you post somethingi like this, it's a relatively calm thread  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 10:46 AM   #29 
  - OK, I take that back  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 01:30 PM   #76 
  - I've noticed that too, and it is disrespectful to the OP  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:32 PM   #105 
     - I agree; the OP has been a longtime, consistent supporter of LGBT equality  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 07:27 PM   #114 
  - Wow. Very impressed that she's doing this. Thanks for the info! nt.  Parker CA   Sep-19-10 10:53 AM   #30 
  - Sad that this thread can't get more recs.  bullwinkle428   Sep-19-10 10:56 AM   #32 
  - Celebrities aren't policy makers.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 11:08 AM   #36 
     - there isi a generation of young voters that listen to her  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 11:40 AM   #43 
     - Which is ridiculously heartbreaking in and of itself.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 12:11 PM   #60 
     - Lady Gaga invites you to call your Senator to repeal DADT  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 12:05 PM   #55 
        - Luckily I live in a State where my Senators are on board and were on board before she was popular.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 12:16 PM   #61 
           - You have the same senators as Lady Gaga  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 02:02 PM   #82 
              - And I'm not getting this praise.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 02:16 PM   #85 
                 - Because she has a great voice that inspire many many people to take action  Laughing Mirror   Sep-19-10 02:34 PM   #93 
  - Wow l didn't know lady gaga had put the actual thing  Kdillard   Sep-19-10 11:02 AM   #34 
  - +1000. Call me when Lady Gaga is elected to Congress. People are  Tarheel_Dem   Sep-19-10 12:09 PM   #58 
  - It's more about hate for President Obama than  Cha   Sep-19-10 12:58 PM   #70 
  - what i find interesting tho  Bodhi BloodWave   Sep-19-10 01:11 PM   #72 
     - Of course, it's all about pretzel  Cha   Sep-19-10 02:37 PM   #94 
  - +Infinity. n/t  vaberella   Sep-20-10 02:15 AM   #132 
  - That appears to be the case.  terrya   Sep-19-10 11:51 AM   #46 
  - Ok This May Not be a Popular Opinion But Here Goes  PopSixSquish   Sep-19-10 11:59 AM   #49 
  - GAGA for president 2012  golfguru   Sep-19-10 12:09 PM   #57 
  - Hey, I love her but that's just ...  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 12:30 PM   #62 
  - She's not even quite old enough to run for the House!  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:35 PM   #106 
  - Aravosis' cognitive dissonance is pathological.  ClarkUSA   Sep-19-10 12:31 PM   #63 
  - so which is it?  dsc   Sep-19-10 01:21 PM   #74 
  - It's what I just said: Aravosis' cognitive dissonance is pathological.  ClarkUSA   Sep-19-10 01:48 PM   #79 
  - + Infinity.  vaberella   Sep-20-10 02:18 AM   #133 
  - Are you seriously trying to suggest that the nearly 80% of the public  bullwinkle428   Sep-20-10 08:49 AM   #140 
  - She's being smart by targeting the Senate  Radical Activist   Sep-19-10 12:51 PM   #69 
  - As have we all  ibegurpard   Sep-19-10 01:31 PM   #77 
  - We who?  Radical Activist   Sep-19-10 01:36 PM   #78 
     - True enough. But there are posters like ccharles000 on DU who don't get this much praise.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 02:24 PM   #90 
  - Agreed  young but wise   Sep-19-10 04:25 PM   #99 
  - Lady gaga is working with President Obama and I commend  Cha   Sep-19-10 01:02 PM   #71 
  - I suspect that Obama and Lady GaGa both understand this.  Radical Activist   Sep-19-10 11:31 PM   #124 
  - Lady Gaga- An overrated fad.  Colobo   Sep-19-10 01:52 PM   #81 
  - +Infinity. n/t  vaberella   Sep-19-10 02:17 PM   #86 
  - Well she's no Donnie McClurkin, that's for sure!  Bluenorthwest   Sep-19-10 07:35 PM   #116 
  - Well, young people who are into music and people are more into politics may view her differently  Mefistofeles   Sep-19-10 02:19 PM   #87 
  - Record sales is not a synonymous with skill.  vaberella   Sep-19-10 02:25 PM   #91 
     - And mass popular appeal is not necessarily incompatible with artistic quality.  jefferson_dem   Sep-19-10 02:43 PM   #95 
     - She actually has a very good voice, unlike Britney and Kesha.  Odin2005   Sep-19-10 07:20 PM   #112 
     - Just because something is popular doesn't mean it sucks.  Odin2005   Sep-19-10 07:28 PM   #115 
  - Agreed. She won't be mentioned in any history books.  proteus_lives   Sep-19-10 02:20 PM   #88 
  - Like that actor, what's his name? Ronald Reagan  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:37 PM   #108 
     - This Madonna clone ain't RR.  proteus_lives   Sep-19-10 11:58 PM   #125 
        - Madonna couldn't sing.  boppers   Sep-20-10 12:56 AM   #127 
  - Elvis and the Beatles were considered fads at one point too  dsc   Sep-19-10 03:14 PM   #97 
  - Because....she's getting people involved in an issue?  terrya   Sep-19-10 04:12 PM   #98 
  - She is getting blasted for doing something positive  Mefistofeles   Sep-19-10 07:59 PM   #118 
     - She is getting blasted for doing something positive **for LGBT people.**  QC   Sep-20-10 12:06 AM   #126 
  - She's not my thing, but she is very talented  LostinVA   Sep-19-10 04:36 PM   #107 
  - -1,000,000  Odin2005   Sep-19-10 07:17 PM   #111 
  - Gaga 2012: Ready On Day One -- To Look Fabulous!  smalll   Sep-19-10 04:59 PM   #109 
  - Thanks, now that soing is stuck in my head!  Odin2005   Sep-19-10 07:21 PM   #113 
  - The vast majority of us Millenials support Same-Sex Marriage.  Odin2005   Sep-19-10 07:10 PM   #110 
  - I want Gaga to DEMAND a meeting with the President!!!!  Clio the Leo   Sep-19-10 08:33 PM   #119 
  - She's Madonna with an actual voice  ruggerson   Sep-19-10 09:24 PM   #121 
  - yep! ...  Clio the Leo   Sep-20-10 01:50 AM   #129 
  - Please tell me this is sarcasm. I'm dying here. n/t  vaberella   Sep-20-10 02:23 AM   #134 
     - I'm being silly, but I'm dead serious...  Clio the Leo   Sep-20-10 10:10 AM   #143 
        - Tweety ..ahaha..  vaberella   Sep-20-10 10:43 AM   #145 
           - I love over the top people....  Clio the Leo   Sep-20-10 01:28 PM   #148 
  - Her grandmother Madonna must be proud.  rocktivity   Sep-19-10 10:14 PM   #122 
  - ouch  AtomicKitten   Sep-20-10 12:35 PM   #146 
  - Huge Gaga fan, and she is right here. n/t  stevenleser   Sep-19-10 11:05 PM   #123 
  - It's only a coincidence that her next single to drop is partially about GLBTQ rights.  boppers   Sep-20-10 01:17 AM   #128 
  - Gaga has some fun songs and is talented, but it's all about marketing with her.  Dawgs   Sep-20-10 07:39 AM   #137 
  - Hold on there, big fella  SoxFan   Sep-20-10 10:12 AM   #144 
  - KnR for Lady Gaga  Uzybone   Sep-20-10 01:10 PM   #147 

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