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Reply #17: They can write in Lisa M and get away with it as long as they fill [View All]

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roguevalley Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-17-10 03:54 PM
Response to Reply #6
17. They can write in Lisa M and get away with it as long as they fill
in the dot. if they don't fill in the dot it doesn't count. she really, really, *REALLY* hates palin.
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  -Murkowski Will Run As Write-In jefferson_dem  Sep-17-10 03:25 PM   #0 
  - OH OH...The Baggers are ralphing  opihimoimoi   Sep-17-10 03:27 PM   #1 
  - she's the biggest entitlement queen in america and the IDEA that  roguevalley   Sep-17-10 03:52 PM   #15 
  - So will that bode well for McAdams or not?  hlthe2b   Sep-17-10 03:28 PM   #2 
  - PPP had a poll indicating that she actually hurts the Dem more  WI_DEM   Sep-17-10 03:32 PM   #3 
  - Early polls said not good for McAdams.  jefferson_dem   Sep-17-10 03:32 PM   #4 
     - I actually think this is going to split the GOP vote.  ProSense   Sep-17-10 03:42 PM   #8 
  - This is going to be very interesting. The GOP warned her yesterday not to do it.  Cognitive_Resonance   Sep-17-10 03:36 PM   #5 
  - I think you are correct.  jefferson_dem   Sep-17-10 03:41 PM   #7 
     - Your identification of the bigger narrative is spot on.  theothersnippywshrub   Sep-17-10 05:12 PM   #22 
  - Spelling may be important  dragonlady   Sep-17-10 03:40 PM   #6 
  - I heard that, but it is hard to believe that many people from Alaska dont know how to spell it  Mass   Sep-17-10 03:51 PM   #14 
  - They can write in Lisa M and get away with it as long as they fill  roguevalley   Sep-17-10 03:54 PM   #17 
     - No way!  LisaM   Sep-17-10 07:04 PM   #23 
        - Please run!  True_Blue   Sep-17-10 07:57 PM   #24 
        - BWAHAHA! You would get my vote! LOL!  roguevalley   Sep-18-10 07:57 PM   #26 
  - let the games begin!  Aramchek   Sep-17-10 03:44 PM   #9 
  - Good opportunity to send a contribution to Scott McAdams. He's got a shot. Link:  Cognitive_Resonance   Sep-17-10 03:45 PM   #10 
  - Thanks, CR~  Cha   Sep-17-10 04:24 PM   #18 
  - Run, Lisa, Run!!  Phx_Dem   Sep-17-10 03:48 PM   #11 
  - The GOP's Lieberman  ProSense   Sep-17-10 03:49 PM   #12 
  - lieberkowski!  unblock   Sep-17-10 03:49 PM   #13 
  - I can see November from my house //  golfguru   Sep-17-10 03:53 PM   #16 
  - Now we can make this race compeditive.  craigmatic   Sep-17-10 04:35 PM   #19 
  - Good news  HughMoran   Sep-17-10 04:39 PM   #20 
  - Can Alaskans spell "Murkowski"?  FirstTimeVoterAt37   Sep-17-10 04:57 PM   #21 
  - Lisa is suffering from that old DC malady  classysassy   Sep-18-10 03:04 AM   #25 

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