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Reply #13: Has she been to the Border OR on the View? [View All]

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Raine1967 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-30-10 01:25 PM
Response to Original message
13. Has she been to the Border OR on the View?
Has she allowed herself to be interviewed by anyone outside Faux nooz?

She is supremely consistently arrogant and hypocritical. She should no longer be given a platform by outlets like CBS until outlets like CBS actually interview her.
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  -Palin Criticizes Obama for Going on "View" - says he should have gone to US-Mexico border instead. jefferson_dem  Jul-29-10 09:46 PM   #0 
  - Oh Sarah have a Nice Cold Glass of STFU ...Geezzz!  lordcommander   Jul-29-10 09:47 PM   #1 
  - LOL.....  skeewee08   Jul-31-10 06:34 AM   #25 
  - She can see Mexico from Utah  itsrobert   Jul-29-10 09:48 PM   #2 
  - palin should go on the howard stern show and ride the sybian.  Warren Stupidity   Jul-29-10 09:52 PM   #3 
  - I love her so much.  Forkboy   Jul-29-10 09:53 PM   #4 
  - And if he DIDN'T go, Palin would've called him "arrogant" and "elitist."  jenmito   Jul-29-10 09:56 PM   #5 
  - Is that worse than quitting the job the people elected you to do,  Hansel   Jul-29-10 10:18 PM   #6 
  - What did you expect her to say?  lunatica   Jul-29-10 10:39 PM   #7 
  - Getting to be like Aryan Annie Coulter  The Wizard   Jul-31-10 05:48 AM   #23 
  - Why would he do that?  KingFlorez   Jul-29-10 10:42 PM   #8 
  - Palin using Twitter should be illegal! LOL  Jennicut   Jul-29-10 10:50 PM   #10 
     - ROFL  KingFlorez   Jul-31-10 12:13 AM   #22 
  - What about women too.. Palin should do to them too?  nmbluesky   Jul-29-10 10:42 PM   #9 
  - So now Ms No Brain is telling the president what to do.  Bitwit1234   Jul-29-10 11:13 PM   #11 
  - I wish Palin would go to the US-Mexican border...  ljm2002   Jul-30-10 01:20 PM   #12 
  - lol. nt  BootinUp   Jul-30-10 01:33 PM   #15 
  - Has she been to the Border OR on the View?  Raine1967   Jul-30-10 01:25 PM   #13 
  - Please go visit them and please stay awhile Sarah. nt  BootinUp   Jul-30-10 01:33 PM   #14 
  - She's a whitemare  BeyondGeography   Jul-30-10 01:34 PM   #16 
  - Mmm hmm, she should go to school...nt  NavyMom   Jul-30-10 09:27 PM   #17 
  - What is he supposed to do expose himself to the Mexican Mafia?  MadMaddie   Jul-30-10 09:32 PM   #18 
  - Why do you post Palin Shit? Who cares WTF she says. Everyone knows she's crazy estremist!  KoKo   Jul-30-10 09:39 PM   #19 
  - Hey Queen of Quit? What exactly should Obama do on the US-Mexico border?  zulchzulu   Jul-30-10 09:42 PM   #20 
  - Shut up, you painted empty headed piece of shit.  Zoeisright   Jul-30-10 11:43 PM   #21 
  - McCain just did  The Wizard   Jul-31-10 05:50 AM   #24 
  - At least he didn't quit his job  treestar   Jul-31-10 10:31 AM   #26 

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