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Reply #91: This Is A Point I've Made Over And Over And Over: If You Constantly Attack [View All]

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Beetwasher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-19-10 03:56 PM
Response to Reply #90
91. This Is A Point I've Made Over And Over And Over: If You Constantly Attack
It loses it's effectiveness. It's newsworthy NOW because he doesn't do it all the time.
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  -The Sublime Brilliance Of Obama's Political Instinct: It's The TIMING Baby! Beetwasher  Jul-17-10 01:05 PM   #0 
  - I agree with your analysis  MadMaddie   Jul-17-10 01:11 PM   #1 
  - I Would Also Like To Add That If He Had Been Attacking All Along  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:13 PM   #2 
     - You are absolutely right  MadMaddie   Jul-17-10 01:19 PM   #6 
  - this picture is worth 1000 of your words...  corkhead   Jul-17-10 01:17 PM   #3 
  - I read in some book that Obama himself loved this photo and caption during the campaign.  Diane R   Jul-17-10 01:39 PM   #19 
  - well he is losing many of us!! Letter from ACLU today.........  flyarm   Jul-17-10 01:17 PM   #4 
  - Man, That's Obnoxiously Off-Topic  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:19 PM   #5 
  - I think the on-topic point was about political instincts and timing -- thus, why the restrictions  villager   Jul-17-10 01:24 PM   #7 
  - No It Wasn't, It's Obnoxious Spam  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:27 PM   #8 
     - Your "replies" seem to be the most obnoxious things in this thread...  villager   Jul-17-10 01:31 PM   #11 
     - Only If We Can Discuss It In 180 Point, Velvet Font  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:33 PM   #12 
        - Can we "discuss" it... at all?  villager   Jul-17-10 01:35 PM   #14 
           - Sure, Start A Thread About Your Topic And Discuss Away!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:37 PM   #16 
              - Your thread is about the "brilliance" of Obama's political instincts, which surely include  villager   Jul-17-10 01:40 PM   #21 
                 - CAUTION!!!!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:42 PM   #23 
                 - Desperate avoidance of direct answers...  villager   Jul-17-10 01:51 PM   #29 
                    - Inappropriate Response In The Wrong Font  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:53 PM   #31 
                       - Boy, you're worrying that font thing like a terrier with a bone...  villager   Jul-17-10 01:59 PM   #33 
                          - I LOVE Talking Font, And We Haven't Even Gotten Into My Opinions on BOLDING and ITALICS!!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:00 PM   #34 
                             - "I could go on"  villager   Jul-17-10 02:03 PM   #38 
                                - You Know Me So Well!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:04 PM   #40 
                                   - "And ye shall know them by their sig lines?"  villager   Jul-17-10 02:10 PM   #45 
                                      - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-17-10 02:15 PM   #49 
                 - The Hyde amendment wasn't struck down, last I checked  FrenchieCat   Jul-17-10 01:45 PM   #24 
                    - But if we elected more Democrats then how could we whine and complain about  suzie   Jul-17-10 01:49 PM   #26 
                       - Um, how many Democrats do we need to elect before we start to get Democratic  villager   Jul-17-10 01:52 PM   #30 
                          - A whole fucking more than what we have now.  FrenchieCat   Jul-17-10 02:38 PM   #55 
                          - Is that a joke?  suzie   Jul-17-10 03:37 PM   #61 
     - +1  JTFrog   Jul-17-10 04:05 PM   #62 
  - Ah, so all women's reproductive rights are now "garbage" eh?  MadHound   Jul-17-10 01:34 PM   #13 
  - Yes, That's Exactly What I Said, Bravo!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:35 PM   #15 
     - Well apparently you're implying that you don't give a damn about women's rights  MadHound   Jul-17-10 01:51 PM   #27 
        - I Think You Need To Stay On The Topic Which Is Clearly Font Size And Color  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:55 PM   #32 
           - Ah, there it is, the cutesey dismisal that you use to cover up for the fact that  MadHound   Jul-17-10 02:01 PM   #35 
              - I Was Looking Forward To Discussing Seraf's With You, But If You Must Leave, Alas!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:02 PM   #37 
                 - Wow, you can't even get your cutesey dismals right can you?  MadHound   Jul-17-10 02:06 PM   #42 
                    - Ahhh!!!!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!! They Break Out The Big Guns!!!!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:09 PM   #43 
  - "The Sublime Brilliance Of Obama's Political Instinct: It's The TIMING Baby!"  flyarm   Jul-17-10 01:38 PM   #17 
  - I Suggest A 250 Point, Auburn Font  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:40 PM   #20 
     - The word you're probably hoping for was  cornermouse   Jul-17-10 02:02 PM   #36 
        - Oooh!! Spelling Flames!!!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:03 PM   #39 
           - I guess you think redefining words and arguing about fonts, etc.  cornermouse   Jul-17-10 02:15 PM   #47 
              - No, I Think My Hypno Ray Will Make You Obedient  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:16 PM   #50 
                 - I see you should have listened to your science teacher also.  cornermouse   Jul-17-10 02:18 PM   #51 
                    - Teacher Don't You Fill Me Up With Your Rules!!!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:19 PM   #52 
                       - Your latest tactic isn't going to work.  cornermouse   Jul-17-10 02:35 PM   #54 
                          - Tactic? I Thought We Were Flirting  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 03:08 PM   #56 
                             - You probably want to go back to the drawing board.  cornermouse   Jul-17-10 03:25 PM   #59 
                                - No Thanks! I Knows What I Likes!  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 03:27 PM   #60 
  - A letter from the ACLU is "garbage?"  Ignis   Jul-19-10 04:00 PM   #92 
     - The Post Is Obnoxiously Off Topic, Screamed In Giant Red Clown Letters  Beetwasher   Jul-19-10 05:13 PM   #94 
        - How is it off topic? It appears to address your point rather directly.  Ignis   Jul-19-10 05:18 PM   #95 
           - No, Actually, It Doesn't, It Would Be More Direct With A 175pt Maroon Font  Beetwasher   Jul-19-10 05:19 PM   #96 
  - Jeezuz. Big red letters.  geckosfeet   Jul-17-10 01:28 PM   #9 
  - I thought he never had you.  Jane Austin   Jul-17-10 01:30 PM   #10 
  - +1000  JTFrog   Jul-17-10 04:06 PM   #63 
  - he had my vote..but he never had me fooled! eom  flyarm   Jul-17-10 04:22 PM   #66 
     - Well, if you voted for him, technically he did "fool" you.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jul-19-10 03:37 PM   #88 
  - I forgot to send in my dues to renew my membership...  eleny   Jul-17-10 02:13 PM   #46 
  - He'd have to have known they were going to cap the well and that FinReg was going to pass  eleny   Jul-17-10 01:39 PM   #18 
  - Uhh, No. He Knew HOW He'd Attack And Waited For The Right Moment  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:41 PM   #22 
     - If the well wasn't capped and FinReg didn't pass would he still be waiting for the right moment?  eleny   Jul-17-10 01:49 PM   #25 
        - Probably, Yes, He Would Wait A Bit Longer  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 01:51 PM   #28 
           - There's no time like the present to fight Republican arguments  eleny   Jul-17-10 02:10 PM   #44 
              - Honestly, I Don't Know About The Reid Comment  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 02:15 PM   #48 
  - Hey, Beet, thanks for this. I've been in "close family member death" mode for the last 10 days...  Hekate   Jul-17-10 02:06 PM   #41 
  - Oh, I'm so sorry. I went through that in February and you're right. One just can't bear  SharonAnn   Jul-19-10 03:54 PM   #89 
  - This is just another paean to Conciliation in the guise of Compromise.  bertman   Jul-17-10 02:34 PM   #53 
  - Somehow, Despite Diebold, Obama Got Elected And Dems Have Control Of Both Houses  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 03:10 PM   #57 
     - I think you're right that it is not insurmountable, BW. But it requires  bertman   Jul-17-10 06:19 PM   #67 
        - No, He's Not Driving Away "Us Left Wingers"  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 06:25 PM   #68 
           - LOL. Crawl in a "whole"?? come on, now. And "despondent cynicism"?? Please.  bertman   Jul-17-10 11:13 PM   #70 
              - Yup, Despondent Cynicism, I Suggest You Just Give Up  Beetwasher   Jul-18-10 01:32 PM   #73 
              - Beetwasher, I'm struck by the fact that Bertman made the effort  truth2power   Jul-19-10 10:27 AM   #85 
                 - I Don't Buy It  Beetwasher   Jul-19-10 10:35 AM   #87 
                    - Diebold machines can be hacked. Our elections are no place for  truth2power   Jul-20-10 12:45 PM   #97 
                       - I Suggest You Start A Thread About These "Serious Discussions", Since There Not Relevant To The OP  Beetwasher   Jul-20-10 12:51 PM   #98 
              - I appreciate your efforts, Bertman. Please see my response  truth2power   Jul-19-10 10:30 AM   #86 
  - We know he has some golf size balls but he needs to grow a pair of  southernyankeebelle   Jul-17-10 03:23 PM   #58 
  - And where do you propose we "hear him loud and clear"? Through  Tarheel_Dem   Jul-17-10 04:12 PM   #64 
  - In light of the past 18 months  eilen   Jul-17-10 04:17 PM   #65 
  - You've Got A Very Weird View Of Progress  Beetwasher   Jul-17-10 07:01 PM   #69 
     - For one, health care was not reformed.  eilen   Jul-18-10 07:29 AM   #72 
        - It's Clear That You Like To Define Things Any Way You See Fit  Beetwasher   Jul-18-10 01:35 PM   #74 
           - I guess it depends on your perspective  eilen   Jul-18-10 07:12 PM   #76 
              - And BY "Perpetrated" You Mean "Gaseous"  Beetwasher   Jul-18-10 09:03 PM   #79 
  - I enjoy it when O goes into Onslaught mode nt  flamingdem   Jul-17-10 11:17 PM   #71 
  - The negative responses to this explain why progressives have trouble keeping power  stevietheman   Jul-18-10 03:20 PM   #75 
  - No, it shows that unlike the right- progressives have working bullshit detectors  depakid   Jul-18-10 07:14 PM   #77 
  - you need to calibrate those detectors..  DCBob   Jul-18-10 09:13 PM   #80 
     - They're calibrated just fine  depakid   Jul-18-10 09:45 PM   #82 
  - The fallback for apologists is this tell:  eilen   Jul-18-10 07:15 PM   #78 
     - I absolutely agree with everything you've said. Thanks for  Lindsey   Jul-18-10 09:39 PM   #81 
        - Thanks. I have always enjoyed your posts too nt  eilen   Jul-19-10 08:34 AM   #84 
  - Yes, I love it when he's always way ahead of the curve of even some us on our side. Everything at...  ProgressOnTheMove   Jul-18-10 10:48 PM   #83 
  - He can make partisan attacks with more credibility because he reached out to Republicans  Radical Activist   Jul-19-10 03:54 PM   #90 
  - This Is A Point I've Made Over And Over And Over: If You Constantly Attack  Beetwasher   Jul-19-10 03:56 PM   #91 
  - Yes, in sharp contrast to Bush  JNelson6563   Jul-20-10 08:35 PM   #99 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jul-19-10 04:06 PM   #93 

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