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Reply #20: If I wished to make an inquiry into the tenets of the ministry of Jesus, Ken [View All]

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saltpoint Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-18-10 07:39 AM
Response to Original message
20. If I wished to make an inquiry into the tenets of the ministry of Jesus, Ken
Blackwell would be among the very last people I would consult.

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  -Blackwell accuses Obama of 'anti-Christian pogrom' Enrique  Feb-17-10 11:29 PM   #0 
  - Well Kenny boy, don't cheapen the struggle and terror that the Jewish  WCGreen   Feb-17-10 11:31 PM   #1 
  - it's more about fear that she'll reverse the radical lawlessness of the Bush Admin  dmr   Feb-18-10 02:50 AM   #17 
  - Normally I would guess that he just doesn't know what that word means  Chulanowa   Feb-17-10 11:33 PM   #2 
  - You know, everything I read makes me want to vomit these days  frazzled   Feb-17-10 11:33 PM   #3 
  - It does read like a very bad  Cha   Feb-17-10 11:37 PM   #5 
  - It's really not the world  obxhead   Feb-17-10 11:58 PM   #7 
  - ditto nt  Flying Dream Blues   Feb-19-10 11:20 AM   #22 
  - I swear, his brains have softened even more...  CaliforniaPeggy   Feb-17-10 11:34 PM   #4 
  - This sort of dialogue must stop. If it continues  asjr   Feb-17-10 11:56 PM   #6 
  - And it won't end until there is, for the first time, a religious war in this country.  RaleighNCDUer   Feb-18-10 01:25 AM   #11 
     - Oh, yes, we are headed that way.  asjr   Feb-18-10 01:33 AM   #12 
     - The fundies choose not to remember that the reason the "Pilgrims"  old mark   Feb-18-10 02:48 AM   #16 
  - Idiot right wing decievers. Any lie to try to keep people angry  Go2Peace   Feb-18-10 12:03 AM   #8 
  - I like to think of it more as a procedural Holocaust  rockymountaindem   Feb-18-10 12:20 AM   #9 
  - "...and to deny public funding to groups that won't admit gays to the mass murder of Jews."  krispos42   Feb-18-10 01:38 AM   #13 
  - Someone, get him a WAAAAAAHmbulence!  sakabatou   Feb-18-10 01:43 AM   #14 
  - Well he kinda dropped off the face of the Earth, didn't he? Haven't heard that name since '04-'05.  DRoseDARs   Feb-18-10 02:25 AM   #15 
  - Gretchen Carlson needs to show him how to Google words to find out what they really mean.  tanyev   Feb-18-10 07:34 AM   #18 
  - Isn't it amazing how the "party of life" tends to draw those who would  zbdent   Feb-18-10 07:34 AM   #19 
  - If I wished to make an inquiry into the tenets of the ministry of Jesus, Ken  saltpoint   Feb-18-10 07:39 AM   #20 
  - Wingnuts are "Solutions In Search Of Problems" / "Heroes In Search Of A Villain"  troubledamerican   Feb-18-10 09:40 PM   #21 
  - This jerkoff's 15 minutes were up 4 yrs ago. nt  Guy Whitey Corngood   Feb-19-10 11:38 AM   #23 
  - The stupid, it BURNS!!!  Odin2005   Feb-19-10 03:44 PM   #24 
  - Superstitionalism at its finest  zulchzulu   Feb-19-10 04:47 PM   #25 
  - Oh, the poor, persecuted, uneducated, majority...  boppers   Feb-19-10 04:51 PM   #26 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-19-10 06:26 PM   #27 
        - Oh for fuck's sake, what the hell?  DRoseDARs   Feb-19-10 08:03 PM   #28 

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