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Reply #106: Did you live in Florida in 2000? [View All]

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suzie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-02-10 04:14 PM
Response to Reply #14
106. Did you live in Florida in 2000?
Have you spent a lot of time among Florida Democrats who voted in 2000? Because I have, and I can tell you that Clinton was a problem for a lot of them.

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  -If Huff/Ham et. al. are so RIGHT, why isn't Kucinich or Nader President? RBInMaine  Jan-01-10 04:43 PM   #0 
  - Because what's right doesn't always win. Another silly question answered.  Kurt_and_Hunter   Jan-01-10 04:46 PM   #1 
  - Also because the vast majority of Americans don't think those candidates are best  stray cat   Jan-01-10 04:48 PM   #2 
  - Right ! Like it or not, this is a moderate nation on balance. On the other side, few teabaggers  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:50 PM   #4 
  - The VIEWS on actual issues of Nader and Kucinich are not radical  Armstead   Jan-01-10 05:12 PM   #19 
  - Fine. So why can't they WIN on the power of their VIEWS?  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:39 PM   #32 
     - Let me put this very simply one last time  Armstead   Jan-01-10 06:31 PM   #61 
        - IF they do not have the political skills to convince the polity they are correct  WeDidIt   Jan-01-10 09:20 PM   #72 
        - By your logic, Joe Biden was a radical because he got skunked in thr primary  Armstead   Jan-01-10 10:48 PM   #74 
        - You are saying that Kucinich has no political skills? I have seen him put audiences on their feet.  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 12:09 PM   #88 
        - I love the way you alwats put the word "progressives" in quotes  Armstead   Jan-02-10 05:39 PM   #118 
        - thats not the reason  mkultra   Jan-04-10 10:32 AM   #128 
  - CORRECTION  WeDidIt   Jan-01-10 09:19 PM   #71 
     - So marshal the progressive forces and go out and re-educate them to left of center.  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 12:35 PM   #92 
  - And because our corporate owned media picks a few candidates  dflprincess   Jan-01-10 09:14 PM   #70 
     - Cop out  WeDidIt   Jan-01-10 09:21 PM   #73 
        - Pay attention to which candidates get what kind of coverage in 2012  dflprincess   Jan-01-10 10:51 PM   #75 
  - Total cop out. They very very rarely win. Plenty of energy to naysay but can't win elections? Hm..  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:48 PM   #3 
  - No, in a democracy  quaker bill   Jan-02-10 03:30 PM   #101 
  - Because of the evil new world order corporatocracy.  HiFructosePronSyrup   Jan-01-10 04:50 PM   #5 
  - Are those the same ones who faked the Apollo moon landings?  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:53 PM   #7 
     - Yes.  HiFructosePronSyrup   Jan-01-10 04:53 PM   #8 
        - Yeah, I heard the "moon" is really just a high tech movie projection now that the real one is gone.  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:56 PM   #10 
  - Well, Nader did do a great job  BeatleBoot   Jan-01-10 04:52 PM   #6 
  - No one got elected. Bush got APPOINTED, and the Supreme Court did THAT job.  Jim Sagle   Jan-01-10 04:56 PM   #9 
  - No appointment necessary  BeatleBoot   Jan-01-10 04:58 PM   #13 
  - No appointment necessary if not for people who voted for Bush  ima_sinnic   Jan-01-10 05:54 PM   #44 
     - You're Right.  BeatleBoot   Jan-01-10 06:31 PM   #60 
     - Did I miss where the Supreme Court intervened?  suzie   Jan-02-10 12:35 PM   #93 
        - Yeah, it had nothing to do with the Dems running another weak centrist with a tool of a running mate  jgraz   Jan-02-10 02:59 PM   #99 
        - how did "Nader & his voters" "cost us" anything?  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 03:00 PM   #100 
           - Well, I lived in Florida at the time, also.  suzie   Jan-02-10 04:10 PM   #105 
              - no, people chose not to vote for Gore--what is so hard to accept about that?  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 04:22 PM   #108 
                 - Nader is not a progressive, he's simply a shill for Republicans.  suzie   Jan-02-10 05:05 PM   #112 
                    - ...  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 05:25 PM   #114 
                       - Sorry if it angered you that I feel a little more knowledgeable about the numbers  suzie   Jan-02-10 08:51 PM   #122 
                       - unfortunatley for you and your boy Nader  mkultra   Jan-04-10 10:35 AM   #129 
  - True, but the nutty Nader candidacy didn't help.  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:59 PM   #14 
  - Without Nader in FL SCOTUS would never had any reason to intervene.  elocs   Jan-01-10 05:08 PM   #16 
  - Washington DC is a state?  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 06:13 PM   #53 
  - Tennessee, isn't that a state? Wasn't Gore a Senator from Tennessee?  elocs   Jan-01-10 06:42 PM   #65 
     - If he had actually been FROM TN then you'd expect him to win here...  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 07:06 PM   #66 
  - and if he had let Clinton campaign for him  spiritual_gunfighter   Jan-02-10 07:08 AM   #85 
  - If he'd let Clinton campaign, he would have lost as many voters as it would  suzie   Jan-02-10 12:37 PM   #94 
     - What are you talking about  spiritual_gunfighter   Jan-02-10 01:21 PM   #97 
        - Did I miss where we were talking about Florida in 2000?  suzie   Jan-02-10 05:11 PM   #113 
  - no, if more people had CHOSEN to vote for Gore, SCOTUS would not have had a reason  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 04:25 PM   #109 
  - Picking Joseph Leiberman for Vice-President was a brilliant move!  Better Believe It   Jan-01-10 05:10 PM   #18 
  - Lieberman gave us Florida  BeatleBoot   Jan-01-10 06:28 PM   #59 
     - 9 votes in each county.  suzie   Jan-02-10 12:38 PM   #95 
  - Did you live in Florida in 2000?  suzie   Jan-02-10 04:14 PM   #106 
  - Nader opened that door for the Supreme Court.  suzie   Jan-02-10 12:31 PM   #90 
     - keep spinning that crap, instead of admitting some people DID NOT WANT to vote for Gore  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 05:30 PM   #116 
        - how much cash does Nader take from the republicans?  mkultra   Jan-04-10 10:36 AM   #130 
  - Gore did get Bush elected by running a disastrous campaign.  DutchLiberal   Jan-02-10 09:13 PM   #124 
  - Money.  ipaint   Jan-01-10 04:57 PM   #11 
  - So go raise money. C'mon, You should be able to do that with your armies of followers.  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 04:58 PM   #12 
  - Yes, of course we have the same resources as walmart ceos,  noamnety   Jan-01-10 05:25 PM   #24 
  - Obama raised like $200 million from regular people EOM  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:39 PM   #35 
  - He did it with the backing of corporate media and the DLC  noamnety   Jan-01-10 06:10 PM   #52 
     - now the $200 million was small donors, he raised much more than this  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 07:37 PM   #68 
  - So go change it. You mean you can't raise enough to get your message out in the netroots? Excuses  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:57 PM   #48 
     - This is one of those times I wish I could rec a post...  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 06:17 PM   #54 
     - Great post!  Colobo   Jan-01-10 11:53 PM   #79 
     - +1  Kaleva   Jan-02-10 12:57 AM   #81 
     - Looking at the thread, they have no interest in anything other than  treestar   Jan-02-10 07:46 PM   #121 
  - Both parties agreed to steal the debates away from the league of women voters  ipaint   Jan-01-10 06:41 PM   #64 
  - You asked.  ipaint   Jan-01-10 06:25 PM   #58 
  - I don't think Dennis Kucinich could even get elected as a Senator in Ohio  elocs   Jan-01-10 05:06 PM   #15 
  - But why is that if he is so right on the issues? Or, for MOST Americans, is he?  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:25 PM   #23 
     - I highly doubt that most voters in Ohio believe he is so right on the issues,  elocs   Jan-01-10 06:38 PM   #63 
        - America is a centrist nation, with moderate swings to the right or to the left.  Colobo   Jan-01-10 11:56 PM   #80 
  - Um, because they were not good presidential candidates apart from their views?  Armstead   Jan-01-10 05:08 PM   #17 
  - No. Uh uh. For "progressives" it is ALL about POLICY, not style, or flash, etc. And Nader would  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:18 PM   #20 
  - Nader is a jackass. Kuciniuch can be a jackass. But what they stand for...  Armstead   Jan-01-10 05:44 PM   #37 
  - i know better than that  mkultra   Jan-04-10 10:39 AM   #131 
  - Correct and exactly the problem.  quaker bill   Jan-02-10 03:33 PM   #102 
  - I think one of the big issues, at least on DU, is why aren't the Democrats following  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:28 PM   #26 
     - Thanks for a thoughtful reply. Win hearts and minds in America, and stop trashing Dems.  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:34 PM   #30 
     - I would suggest you look at what they actually stand for  Armstead   Jan-01-10 05:39 PM   #34 
     - I have already done that in reference to Nader  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:43 PM   #36 
     - Post of the week...  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 06:18 PM   #55 
     - Thank you  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 07:36 PM   #67 
     - It is supposed to be the job of politicians to lead  Armstead   Jan-01-10 11:16 PM   #76 
  - Kucinich isn't President?  HughMoran   Jan-01-10 05:20 PM   #21 
  - Because cash rules the universe.  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:20 PM   #22 
  - First, I am no where close to right wing, Nice try. Next, explain why if you are so right why you  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:28 PM   #27 
  - You're shitting me.  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:35 PM   #31 
     - Obama raised like $200 million from regular people EOM  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:39 PM   #33 
     - Yes he did. Any democratic candidate would have. He'll make it again.  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:47 PM   #38 
        - Until the party is stronger, sometime the best you can do  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:51 PM   #40 
        - Right on !  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:51 PM   #42 
        - Tell that to the Union guys.  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:55 PM   #46 
           - I would be happy to, I just hope they are willing to listen  NJmaverick   Jan-01-10 05:57 PM   #47 
        - Having inherited the worst mess since FDR, does he get some TIME? Please be real.  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:51 PM   #41 
           - I'm looking at the seeds being sown...  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:54 PM   #45 
              - Naysay naysay naysay. Give the man a chance. He is working on a new small business-driven stimulus  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 06:00 PM   #49 
     - I'm a local Dem party officer but not a member of the DLC. And Obama raised multi-millions in small  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:48 PM   #39 
     - Shit...I guess you just have the numbers then.  YOY   Jan-01-10 05:52 PM   #43 
        - Wake up on the wrong side of the world today?  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 06:01 PM   #50 
     - in 2008 Kucinich spent 2.4 million, his repub opponent spent $380,000  onenote   Jan-01-10 06:36 PM   #62 
     - If you are really so wedded to this concept  treestar   Jan-02-10 07:41 PM   #119 
  - Come on down here to Tennessee...  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 06:21 PM   #57 
  - Why does Maine continue to elect dyed in the wool Republicans  depakid   Jan-01-10 05:26 PM   #25 
  - We have two R's and two D's nationally. Gov. is D. Legislature is D. Also,  RBInMaine   Jan-01-10 05:33 PM   #28 
  - Nader is a very perceptive man who has very close to zero influence over  saltpoint   Jan-01-10 05:33 PM   #29 
  - Because they're just not cute enough...  Clio the Leo   Jan-01-10 06:10 PM   #51 
  - A lot of getting elected president is just pure charisma, & that's ideologically neutral.  burning rain   Jan-01-10 06:20 PM   #56 
  - Here's Why:  bvar22   Jan-01-10 07:38 PM   #69 
  - so why don't the corp interests finance a challenger to DK?  onenote   Jan-02-10 06:52 AM   #83 
  - spot on.  shopgreen   Jan-02-10 06:55 AM   #84 
  - spot off  onenote   Jan-02-10 04:33 PM   #110 
  - So ORGANIZING has nothing to do with it? Wellstone would be pretty ashamed of these excuses.  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 11:57 AM   #87 
  - Why does money talk so much then?  treestar   Jan-02-10 07:42 PM   #120 
  - Kucinich isn't President because he's an ineffective, self-absorbed dork  zulchzulu   Jan-01-10 11:47 PM   #77 
  - No, it is because they are too far to the left for the broad American electorate, plain and simple.  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 12:32 PM   #91 
  - Well gosh, why did GWB get elected twice?  Hello_Kitty   Jan-01-10 11:49 PM   #78 
  - And how would Nader or Kucinich have fared against W? Nice try. Try again.  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 12:18 PM   #89 
     - Your OP, and subsequent posts defending it, is nothing but a bullshit strawman  Hello_Kitty   Jan-02-10 12:41 PM   #96 
  - Because America is too goddamned timid and uneducated to be right.  Orsino   Jan-02-10 06:45 AM   #82 
  - Then get out there and"educate" them with your armies of enlightened people. (Excuses Excuses...)  RBInMaine   Jan-02-10 11:55 AM   #86 
  - Because Corporate Candidates  Hatchling   Jan-02-10 02:25 PM   #98 
  - then why haven't the corporate interests funded a candidate to knock out DK from the house?  onenote   Jan-02-10 04:34 PM   #111 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-02-10 03:53 PM   #103 
  - You do a lot of talking down to progressives, for someone from a state with 2 Republican senators...  LooseWilly   Jan-02-10 04:02 PM   #104 
  - It's hard to break into the Gang of Five here.  timeforpeace   Jan-02-10 04:20 PM   #107 
  - I've explained this many, many times on DU  Lydia Leftcoast   Jan-02-10 05:27 PM   #115 
  - take your patronizing crap and shove it--notice that ME still has 2 repuke senators  ima_sinnic   Jan-02-10 05:34 PM   #117 
  - Because only politicians who are willing to get bribed by corporations ever get president...  DutchLiberal   Jan-02-10 09:09 PM   #123 
  - Kind of the like the office for Pope - Pre-Reformation  martymar64   Jan-04-10 08:41 AM   #126 
  - it may be for the same reasons Bush won twice...........  winyanstaz   Jan-02-10 09:27 PM   #125 
  - Weak apologetics. Kerry lost but had better ideas than Bush.  freddie mertz   Jan-04-10 09:01 AM   #127 
  - This is like saying, "If Citizen Kane is so good, why did the Spice Girls Movie..."  ClassWarrior   Jan-04-10 10:58 AM   #132 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-04-10 11:11 AM   #133 

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