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Reply #26: I'm on labor's side on this one. It's analogous to a strike, where the community is the employer. [View All]

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BlooInBloo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-28-07 05:16 PM
Response to Original message
26. I'm on labor's side on this one. It's analogous to a strike, where the community is the employer.
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  -Fire Crews Respond, Then Sit & Watch Home Burn, Family Forced To Pay DeSwiss  May-28-07 04:25 PM   #0 
  - Ten grand for those guys to sit on their asses? I believe this happened  acmavm   May-28-07 04:29 PM   #1 
  - I believe you mis read the story  ashling   May-28-07 06:36 PM   #75 
     - Oh, I guess I got my less than worthless jackasses mixed up.  acmavm   May-28-07 06:54 PM   #81 
        - That's easy to do these days  ashling   May-28-07 08:05 PM   #94 
  - Why not offshore THAT labor too? If they're that late...  HypnoToad   May-28-07 04:29 PM   #2 
  - Why not just disband the whole thing?  The_Casual_Observer   May-28-07 04:35 PM   #4 
  - Thank you HypnoToad. I borrowed your logic if you don't mind.  Gentle Giant   May-28-07 04:47 PM   #7 
     - Why the Mesa FD?  petersjo02   May-28-07 04:53 PM   #9 
     - Why?  dbackjon   May-28-07 05:02 PM   #14 
     - Self-del  HypnoToad   May-28-07 05:50 PM   #37 
     - Why's that?  YellowRubberDuckie   May-28-07 06:56 PM   #83 
        - because they chose not to pay the taxes which  ellenfl   May-28-07 07:18 PM   # 
        - Yes, they are funded through taxes...  YellowRubberDuckie   May-28-07 07:43 PM   #92 
           - ?  ellenfl   May-28-07 08:14 PM   #99 
              - I didn't say all of them...I said this particular family.  YellowRubberDuckie   May-28-07 09:26 PM   #119 
        - delete - dupe  ellenfl   May-28-07 07:18 PM   #91 
     - Wowzers.  HypnoToad   May-28-07 05:44 PM   #34 
  - Pull up your lawn chair, get out the marshmallows...  liberal N proud   May-28-07 04:33 PM   #3 
  - Welcome to Republikkkan Amerika!  tabasco   May-28-07 04:41 PM   #5 
  - SCOTUS has said government is not obligated to protect an individual unless she/he is in custody.  jody   May-28-07 04:46 PM   #6 
  - I'm about as rural as you can get.  tabasco   May-28-07 05:41 PM   #32 
     - I believe in helping others but I was talking about government, not people. n/t  jody   May-28-07 05:51 PM   #38 
        - Is the government where you live comprised of robots from different jurisdictions?  tabasco   May-28-07 05:56 PM   # 
           - No more so than bystanders ignoring the assault while Deontae Bradley savagely beat a 91 yr old man.  jody   May-28-07 06:32 PM   #71 
  - Good Samaritans!  tenaciousradical   May-28-07 04:51 PM   #8 
  - See DU thread "Forestry Service Firefighters: "We're Not Going To Die For Property"  jody   May-28-07 04:59 PM   #10 
  - I understand why they didn't fight the fire, but I don't understand the charge  orangepeel68   May-28-07 04:59 PM   #11 
  - Two different fire Departments  dbackjon   May-28-07 05:01 PM   #13 
     - oh, okay. So the dept. that refused isn't the one billing.  orangepeel68   May-28-07 05:12 PM   #23 
     - Yeah, this has happened in other areas, too -- I remember when it happened in Greensboro/Guilford Co  LostinVA   May-28-07 05:15 PM   #25 
  - Not sure why ANYONE is upset about this  dbackjon   May-28-07 04:59 PM   #12 
  - sounds like this is a complicated issue  jollyreaper2112   May-28-07 05:04 PM   #16 
  - Not really very complicated  dbackjon   May-28-07 05:08 PM   #19 
  - This is exactly why volunteer fire departments are formed.  A HERETIC I AM   May-28-07 05:14 PM   #24 
  - Problem with that is that most are scattered and separated  dbackjon   May-28-07 05:18 PM   #28 
  - Equipment can be acquired through donations or grants...  A HERETIC I AM   May-28-07 05:31 PM   #30 
  - There are many volunteer fire districts in AZ that serve  Tansy_Gold   May-28-07 05:58 PM   #45 
  - was the choice to annex into Gilbert or Chandler  Clovis Sangrail   May-28-07 05:27 PM   #29 
  - Each island could vote, and individual property owners could Annex  dbackjon   May-28-07 05:53 PM   #40 
  - If they participate in a mutual aid contract  mtnester   May-28-07 06:17 PM   #61 
     - No mutual aid in existance  dbackjon   May-28-07 06:19 PM   #63 
     - As far as I know, there has NEVER been a county-wide  Tansy_Gold   May-28-07 06:30 PM   #70 
  - It also sounds dickish to get mad at people for not risking their lives for your property for free.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 05:12 PM   #22 
     - Funny thing about the private property bit.  Selatius   May-28-07 06:48 PM   #79 
  - You're completely right -- no complaints from me  LostinVA   May-28-07 05:17 PM   #27 
  - Ah, now that makes sense.  HypnoToad   May-28-07 05:52 PM   #39 
  - Plus, if any of the firefighters gets killed or injured, they would be personally responsible  ComerPerro   May-28-07 06:11 PM   #53 
  - that was my first thought.  FLDem5   May-28-07 06:57 PM   #84 
  - Having lived in unincorporated areas most of my life,  LWolf   May-29-07 06:47 AM   #125 
  - What for?  Spangle   May-28-07 05:03 PM   #15 
  - i'd tell them to cram that 10 grand up their asses....  Blue_Tires   May-28-07 05:05 PM   #17 
  - oh, this is rich  jollyreaper2112   May-28-07 05:06 PM   #18 
  - The lawn chairs...they're sending a deliberate message.  flvegan   May-28-07 05:10 PM   #20 
  - I thought that too.  Gormy Cuss   May-28-07 06:11 PM   #55 
     - Perhaps they wanted to make sure the fire didn't spread into the town?  petronius   May-28-07 11:13 PM   #121 
  - Penny wise, pound foolish  WolverineDG   May-28-07 05:11 PM   #21 
  - I'm on labor's side on this one. It's analogous to a strike, where the community is the employer.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 05:16 PM   #26 
  - Suppose someone had died in that fire.  Skidmore   May-28-07 05:46 PM   #35 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   May-28-07 05:49 PM   #36 
     - I repeat, people's lives were going up in smoke.  Skidmore   May-28-07 05:54 PM   #42 
        - lol! Just makin shit up as you go - damn the facts! Full speed ahead! lolol!  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 05:56 PM   #43 
           - I'm not just assuming that all people living there are doing so because  Skidmore   May-28-07 06:09 PM   #50 
              - In the context of the story as reported, it's a stupid point.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:11 PM   #54 
                 - Not stupid at all. It's a commentary on how preoccupied this society  Skidmore   May-28-07 06:13 PM   #57 
                    - That's a fine rephrasing of the stupid point.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:15 PM   #58 
                       - I take it that you could calmly sit in a lawnchair and watch  Skidmore   May-28-07 06:16 PM   #59 
                          - After verifying that no one's life was at risk, and after they refused to to pay for my services?  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:19 PM   #62 
  - So, the family with a home on fire is "the corporation" then?  flvegan   May-28-07 07:11 PM   #90 
     - Yes, taxpayers who vote for/against incorporation ARE the employer...  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 08:02 PM   #93 
        - How did that family vote?  flvegan   May-28-07 08:12 PM   #96 
           - Full circle. Addressed that issue in my post.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 08:15 PM   #101 
              - Considering how "all over the place" you are  flvegan   May-28-07 08:36 PM   #107 
  - This is a continuing and increasingly serious problem in AZ  Tansy_Gold   May-28-07 05:36 PM   #31 
  - Its not like a property owner can sign a contract, and boom, they are annexed by a city...  Solon   May-28-07 05:59 PM   #46 
  - Please read the links to the Town of Gilbert I provided above  dbackjon   May-28-07 06:02 PM   #47 
  - Annexation in Arizona is a strange thing, and even "contiguous"  Tansy_Gold   May-28-07 06:08 PM   #49 
     - Actually, in my area, we have the opposite problem, especially in regards to contiguous areas...  Solon   May-28-07 06:30 PM   #69 
        - In Arizona we have "strip-annexation," in which  Tansy_Gold   May-28-07 06:46 PM   #78 
           - I think, technically, that its the same in my area...  Solon   May-28-07 07:02 PM   #85 
  - What a truly backward system.  Gormy Cuss   May-28-07 06:09 PM   #51 
  - When I lived in Oregon, there was a rather large community  igil   May-28-07 05:42 PM   #33 
  - *Personal* responsibility, libertarian jackasses. You got nothing to bitch about.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 05:53 PM   #41 
  - LOL  ComerPerro   May-28-07 06:11 PM   #56 
  - firefighters  joshdawg   May-28-07 05:57 PM   #44 
  - Excuse me?  dbackjon   May-28-07 06:03 PM   #48 
  - Seems more likely to me that the freeloaders could've sued the firefighters...  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:10 PM   #52 
  - Oh frigging brother  LostinVA   May-28-07 06:32 PM   #73 
  - ...  sniffa   May-29-07 06:28 AM   #123 
  - Republican Lawmakers now want to FORCE Gilbert to provide Fire Service  dbackjon   May-28-07 06:16 PM   #60 
  - What we're seeing is a real-life, real-time reductio ad absurdum of libertarianism.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:21 PM   #65 
  - So, what happens when you're in an incorporated area.....  tyedyeto   May-28-07 06:24 PM   #66 
     - "blackmail" - what an "interesting" way to characterize the cost of labor....  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:26 PM   #67 
     - It is blackmail...  tyedyeto   May-28-07 06:32 PM   #72 
     - (shrug) Well, you have at your disposal all of the standard anti-labor techniques. Have fun.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:33 PM   #74 
     - Hey! I live within the township's borders...  tyedyeto   May-28-07 08:15 PM   #100 
     - That does not seem fair, either  dbackjon   May-28-07 06:26 PM   #68 
        - Who knows....  tyedyeto   May-28-07 08:11 PM   #95 
  - Living in southern Arizona within the city limits of an incorpoated town  tyedyeto   May-28-07 06:20 PM   #64 
  - I've heard of rural areas where people had to pay a  xmas74   May-28-07 06:39 PM   #76 
  - jesus - they recognized the validity of this even back in Socrates' day....  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:41 PM   #77 
     - From what I understood about the story  xmas74   May-28-07 06:49 PM   #80 
        - Then that's a bet the family chose to make. It's bizarre in the extreme to say...  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 06:55 PM   #82 
           - I sure hope you don't ever need help and can't afford it.  Skidmore   May-28-07 07:02 PM   #86 
           - No worries. I'll always choose to pony up my fair share of taxes so as to receive the benefits...  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 07:07 PM   #88 
           - What if the majority in your area votes against it?  flvegan   May-28-07 08:13 PM   #97 
              - Then it's my decision to live there or not. Duh. This is as old as Socrates.  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 08:16 PM   #102 
                 - Good thing you've got the money to be the decider.  flvegan   May-28-07 08:33 PM   #105 
                    - Yah - everybody is too poor to move, when they judge they're in imminent danger of...  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 08:41 PM   #110 
                       - That's a pretty fucking pathetic response.  flvegan   May-28-07 08:49 PM   #112 
                          - Not as pathetic as your entire anti-labor freeloader line of "thought".  BlooInBloo   May-28-07 08:51 PM   #113 
                             - Which doesn't begin to  flvegan   May-28-07 08:55 PM   #116 
                                - We share one on our ignore lists now.  xmas74   May-28-07 11:09 PM   #120 
           - Thank you!  xmas74   May-28-07 07:08 PM   #89 
           - That they couldn't afford that service?  xmas74   May-28-07 07:03 PM   #87 
  - Rural Metro has a, a-hem, checkered past re billing as I recall  havocmom   May-28-07 08:14 PM   #98 
  - what a fucked up country we have  Solly Mack   May-28-07 08:18 PM   #103 
  - I don't blame the firefighters at all  gollygee   May-28-07 08:20 PM   #104 
  - So then it seems what you're saying is that  flvegan   May-28-07 08:35 PM   #106 
     - They weren't risking their life and health sitting on lawn chairs  gollygee   May-28-07 08:37 PM   #108 
        - How did that family vote?  flvegan   May-28-07 08:40 PM   #109 
           - I don't care how they vote  gollygee   May-28-07 08:42 PM   #111 
              - So, even if they voted to be part of the municipality  flvegan   May-28-07 08:52 PM   #114 
                 - In AZ, voting isn't the issue when it comes to fire protection  tyedyeto   May-28-07 09:06 PM   #117 
                 - My response is influenced by the fact that I've seen this differently here  gollygee   May-29-07 06:37 AM   #124 
                 - If a firefighter had been injured or killed  dropkickpa   May-29-07 09:10 AM   #127 
  - This kind of thing has always been used as a joke against libertarians  Canuckistanian   May-28-07 08:54 PM   #115 
  - That's messed up  Nikia   May-28-07 09:19 PM   #118 
  - That's pretty shitty.  Elrond Hubbard   May-28-07 11:19 PM   #122 
  - The city firefighters who refused are not the ones charging.  orangepeel68   May-29-07 05:05 PM   #128 
     - I know it was the private company that sucks.  Elrond Hubbard   May-29-07 06:57 PM   #129 
        - Oh, sorry  orangepeel68   May-29-07 07:13 PM   #130 
  - Could they refuse the "service"? I know I would have.  Wcross   May-29-07 08:43 AM   #126 

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