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Reply #20: The Prius is much smaller than my Mustang and I wouldn't [View All]

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Clark2008 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-27-07 12:04 PM
Response to Reply #13
20. The Prius is much smaller than my Mustang and I wouldn't
Edited on Sun May-27-07 12:06 PM by Clark2008
own a Toyota if they paid me.

Sorry. I don't like Japanese cars. Never have.

In any case, my Mustang is mid-sized. The Prius is on the larger side of small.

P.S. My Mustang also cost about $4,000 - $5,000 less than a Prius. I couldn't afford one even if I liked it. When are they going to make hybrids more reasonable in price?
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  -Forget the Prius: MINI Cooper D to get 72.4 mpg Jonathan50  May-27-07 10:36 AM   #0 
  - You don't want to be in a head-on collision in a Mini  slackmaster   May-27-07 10:39 AM   #1 
  - I suspect that would be true in a Prius as well..  Jonathan50   May-27-07 10:41 AM   #2 
  - You don't want to be in a head on collision in any sensible car  Warpy   May-27-07 11:03 AM   #8 
  - Amen - that's been my No. 1 complaint about these hybrids.  Clark2008   May-27-07 11:06 AM   #10 
     - The current Prius is considered a mid-sized car  wuushew   May-27-07 11:12 AM   #13 
     - This 1973 Mustang was a whale too...  rusty_parts2001   May-27-07 11:18 AM   #14 
     - I like that car - looks like a shark.  Clark2008   May-27-07 12:08 PM   #22 
     - the current shelby gt500  Blue_Tires   May-27-07 11:59 AM   #18 
     - The Prius is much smaller than my Mustang and I wouldn't  Clark2008   May-27-07 12:04 PM   #20 
     - The Mini is somewhat like a motorcycle..  Jonathan50   May-27-07 12:05 PM   #21 
     - my prius is roomier inside than my corolla was  bleedingheart   May-27-07 12:08 PM   #23 
     - But, you see... I don't like them.  Clark2008   May-27-07 12:14 PM   #24 
        - Here is a picture of the Dymaxion, designed by Buckminster Fuller.  Jonathan50   May-27-07 12:29 PM   #25 
        - All cars look the same because all cars are converging on the same aero shapes...  Tesha   May-27-07 04:33 PM   #27 
        - I don't think the Prius is attractive either  Poiuyt   May-27-07 05:47 PM   #29 
     - I looked at the Mini, too  Warpy   May-27-07 12:48 PM   #26 
     - well shoot, I'm entertaining getting another motorcycle at my advanced age  frogcycle   May-27-07 05:51 PM   #30 
  - Head-on collisions are likely injurous in any car.  ContraBass Black   May-27-07 11:11 AM   #12 
  - Is the MPG based on American or British gallon?  wuushew   May-27-07 10:41 AM   #3 
  - If you read the article you will know as much as I do..  Jonathan50   May-27-07 10:51 AM   #4 
  - Looks like an Imperial gallon...  TreasonousBastard   May-27-07 10:58 AM   #6 
     - I would definitely say so; note this is a diesel  muriel_volestrangler   May-27-07 11:57 AM   #17 
  - All that for only $60,000  spotbird   May-27-07 10:54 AM   #5 
  - Am I missing something?  yibbehobba   May-27-07 10:58 AM   #7 
  - And what does the Mini Cooper cost?  proud2Blib   May-27-07 11:05 AM   #9 
  - They are expensive  Jonathan50   May-27-07 11:09 AM   #11 
  - It's a neat little car  proud2Blib   May-27-07 11:27 AM   #15 
  - diesil mini not coming to the US  natrat   May-27-07 11:34 AM   #16 
  - Base sticker is $18,050, nicely equipped, but...  TreasonousBastard   May-27-07 06:19 PM   #31 
  - Cool, but totally out of my budget  OnionPatch   May-27-07 12:03 PM   #19 
     - I get that on my Civic on Hwy.  trashcanistanista   May-27-07 05:46 PM   #28 

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