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Reply #13: "Hiroshima" [View All]

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zanne Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-27-07 08:48 AM
Response to Original message
13. "Hiroshima"
The most important book on the high school reading list. Horrifying and a must-read. I read it in civics class.
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  -Do kids still read 'Animal Farm' & '1984'? Philosoraptor  May-27-07 03:47 AM   #0 
  - I read 1984 for the 1st time last year n/t  LSK   May-27-07 03:50 AM   #1 
  - I would suspect that Loyal Bushies are working as hard as possible to suppress  tom_paine   May-27-07 03:53 AM   #2 
  - 'Farenheit 451' and 'Brave New World'  Philosoraptor   May-27-07 04:03 AM   #4 
  - Starting to...? 'raptor I have felt that way almost since 12/12/2000  tom_paine   May-27-07 04:21 AM   #5 
     - I'm a stranger in a strange, brave new world.  Philosoraptor   May-27-07 04:36 AM   #6 
  - You Forgot "The Jungle"  iamjoy   May-27-07 07:25 AM   #11 
  - that is probably the most influential book of my junior high years  leftchick   May-27-07 03:22 PM   #36 
  - Don't forget "Lord Of The Flies"  TahitiNut   May-27-07 10:41 AM   #21 
  - Mine was required to read both books  blogslut   May-27-07 03:53 AM   #3 
  - Also Have They Heard The Songs That Dealt With War Etc?  send in the clowns   May-27-07 05:11 AM   #7 
  - That's a great question. I hope parents of school age children will  OregonBlue   May-27-07 06:37 AM   #8 
  - Both are worth re-reading with some experience applied when you're older.  no_hypocrisy   May-27-07 06:38 AM   #9 
  - In California, novels are no longer read in the classroom unless the teacher is really motivated.  ellisonz   May-27-07 06:46 AM   #10 
  - How sad. I found one paragraph of that story especially telling.  BerryBush   May-27-07 08:41 AM   #12 
     - It's a servile economy!  ellisonz   May-27-07 02:21 PM   #29 
  - "Hiroshima"  zanne   May-27-07 08:48 AM   #13 
  - In my little corner of the world,  JitterbugPerfume   May-27-07 08:58 AM   #14 
  - Nothing wrong with Harry Potter, though  brentspeak   May-27-07 09:14 AM   #15 
     - Absolutely not!  JitterbugPerfume   May-27-07 10:04 AM   #16 
        - You must be a Tom Robbins fan  brentspeak   May-27-07 11:21 AM   #27 
           - yes I am!  JitterbugPerfume   May-27-07 01:41 PM   #28 
  - I was required to read "Animal Farm"...  jtg33   May-27-07 10:06 AM   #17 
  - Yes, in the Lehigh Valley, PA (Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area).  WinkyDink   May-27-07 10:37 AM   #18 
  - We read "Animal Farm" in 7th grade and we read "1984" in 10th grade  tinfoil tiaras   May-27-07 10:38 AM   #19 
  - It's required in Florence, AL at our county school.  MelissaB   May-27-07 10:40 AM   #20 
  - I still have a paper back copy of '1984' from my kids' school days.  OurVotesCount-Ohio   May-27-07 10:49 AM   #22 
  - In high school I never heard of these books. I found them myself years later.  Beelzebud   May-27-07 10:55 AM   #23 
  - I tried reading 1984 for a book report in high school...  derby378   May-27-07 11:00 AM   #24 
  - "Animal Farm"  LWolf   May-27-07 11:05 AM   #25 
  - Animal Farm is required reading by the Freshman in my school  Ishoutandscream2   May-27-07 11:07 AM   #26 
  - Americans don't know how to read. Or think.  BlooInBloo   May-27-07 02:23 PM   #30 
  - Not my children ...  etherealtruth   May-27-07 02:26 PM   #31 
  - Mine did  TrogL   May-27-07 02:27 PM   #32 
  - All three of mine read these books I think it was in grade 8. n/t  buzzard   May-27-07 02:32 PM   #33 
  - I read both on my own and loved them  uberllama42   May-27-07 02:51 PM   #34 
  - I read those, as well as "Fahrenheit 451" and "Brave New World" my first year in middle school  Swamp Rat   May-27-07 03:00 PM   #35 

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