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Reply #59: You keep going on about these investigations into Mark Madoff, yet are either unwilling [View All]

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Coventina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-11-10 04:18 PM
Response to Reply #51
59. You keep going on about these investigations into Mark Madoff, yet are either unwilling
or unable to submit any proof of them.

So if Madoff's secretary is sitting on retirement funds or real estate purchased with income from the business s/he shouldn't be required to return them? Just want to understand where you are coming from. Right now you seem to be saying that it's OK for middle/low income people to profit unknowingly from illegal activity, but not rich people.

ONCE AGAIN, it might turn out that Mark Madoff was knowingly involved in his father's crimes. But right now that is not something that has been proven.
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  -One of Bernie Madoff's sons (Mark) found dead malaise  Dec-11-10 08:08 AM   #0 
  - Two days to the date of his father's arrest  malaise   Dec-11-10 08:34 AM   #1 
  - sadly he was raised to think the money was worth more than anything else  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 08:39 AM   #2 
     - You nailed it  malaise   Dec-11-10 08:58 AM   #6 
        - he had a two year old son right there when he did it, misplaced priorities...  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:32 AM   #18 
           - He was a greedy thoughtless bastard  malaise   Dec-11-10 04:02 PM   #49 
           - Would a parent do something like that ... ? hmmmm ...  defendandprotect   Dec-11-10 11:32 PM   #74 
  - Could this have been a hit?  Flubadubya   Dec-11-10 08:43 AM   #3 
  - If so, it was done by professionals.  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-11-10 09:04 AM   #8 
     - BWHaaa! You are too funnee! nt  morningglory   Dec-11-10 09:13 AM   #11 
     - Oh, wow ... funny --  defendandprotect   Dec-11-10 11:31 PM   #73 
  - I'm trying to rustle up some sympathy...  HipChick   Dec-11-10 08:46 AM   #4 
  - You're on your own  malaise   Dec-11-10 08:57 AM   #5 
  - I remember hearing a report on NPR about how Bernie's sons  Coventina   Dec-11-10 09:04 AM   #7 
  - thank you. nt  inna   Dec-11-10 09:08 AM   #10 
  - Thank you... I never knew that. n/t  demmiblue   Dec-11-10 09:16 AM   #12 
  - what I read was, that this was legally their best tactic because they had huge cash payments from  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:19 AM   #13 
  - I'd like to read what you read. Can you point me there?  Coventina   Dec-11-10 09:21 AM   #14 
     - It was a few days ago, prolly the NYT when news of the investigation hit-  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:28 AM   #16 
        - Very few people who kill themselves do it out of "selfishness".  Coventina   Dec-11-10 09:33 AM   #19 
           - have family suicides and attempts- not getting into that w/ you.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:40 AM   #21 
           - Here's a snip from today's NYT:  Coventina   Dec-11-10 09:52 AM   #25 
              - he was under the cloud of an acitve investigation, as is his uncle and brother.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 10:04 AM   #26 
              - Please send me a link to the details of this active investigation  Coventina   Dec-11-10 10:36 AM   #28 
                 - you're right about the rate of returns being off the chart, if the sons didn't see the red flags....  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 10:54 AM   #31 
                    - Well, the "articles" I've read, which are equally valid to your "articles"  Coventina   Dec-11-10 11:08 AM   #33 
                       - the fact that he is under investigation they are trying to recover BIG money from him is  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 12:05 PM   #36 
                          - Again, all speculation with no proof. n/t  Coventina   Dec-11-10 01:22 PM   #42 
                          - there;s a paper trail of Madoff giving him incredible amounts of money  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 03:24 PM   #45 
                             - Dirty money is dirty money, whether it goes to a manager or a janitor.  Coventina   Dec-11-10 03:42 PM   #47 
                                - No, all WE have is active investigations and no I don;t think the janitor should pay  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 04:10 PM   #51 
                                   - You keep going on about these investigations into Mark Madoff, yet are either unwilling  Coventina   Dec-11-10 04:18 PM   #59 
                                      - his inner circle is different from the janitor you spoke about  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 04:32 PM   #61 
                                         - Perhaps you've simply misunderstood what is being asked of you. I'll give it a try: Proof, got some?  apocalypsehow   Dec-11-10 04:42 PM   #62 
                                         - um,, do you not understand the nature of "ongoing investigations" and lawsuits or how to google?  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:10 PM   #64 
                                         - So, your answer is "no, I don't have any evidence to substantiate my assertions." Gotcha.  apocalypsehow   Dec-11-10 11:23 PM   #69 
                                         - inner circle, outer circle, they ALL RECEIVED PROFITS.  Coventina   Dec-11-10 04:44 PM   #63 
                                         - I'm not going to apologise for knowing more about this man's finances than you do.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:14 PM   #65 
                                         - Really? Are you going to provide proof that you know more about  Coventina   Dec-11-10 09:56 PM   #66 
                                         - Nope, I'll just encourage you to read for yourself FFS, as you seem to lack an understanding of the  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 10:42 PM   #67 
                                         - I have not come across any PROOF that MARK is under investigation  Coventina   Dec-12-10 06:34 AM   #77 
                                         - dupe.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 11:01 PM   #68 
                                         - Oops - guess not.  apocalypsehow   Dec-11-10 11:29 PM   #72 
                                         - "Get real, and goodbye." - Really?  apocalypsehow   Dec-11-10 11:27 PM   #71 
                                         - "GOODBYE." - Really?  apocalypsehow   Dec-11-10 11:26 PM   #70 
                          - An apostrophe and semicolon are NOT  tallahasseedem   Dec-11-10 03:45 PM   #48 
                             - ha ha  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 04:11 PM   #52 
              - Your restraint is welcome...Depression  BeyondGeography   Dec-11-10 12:57 PM   #41 
                 - misplaced -  defendandprotect   Dec-11-10 11:39 PM   #75 
           - I think people consider it selfish  Dorian Gray   Dec-11-10 04:17 PM   #57 
              - What you say is very true. I just wish people who call it "selfish"  Coventina   Dec-11-10 04:22 PM   #60 
              - It strikes me the same way as people yelling "Don't Jump!" at people in burning buildings ....  defendandprotect   Dec-11-10 11:41 PM   #76 
  - Madoff's sons were the people that turned him in to the FEDs. nt  bluestate10   Dec-11-10 04:12 PM   #53 
     - yeah, it was a brilliant ploy alright.Bernie knew it was coming, what better way to do it? nt.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 04:13 PM   #54 
  - sad. disgusted at the apparent glee. "sins of the fathers"... nm.  inna   Dec-11-10 09:05 AM   #9 
  - and mothers, and he was under investigation. it seems it could have been a family thing.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:22 AM   #15 
  - "He was however profitting from it, and hoping to continue to do so."  inna   Dec-11-10 09:30 AM   #17 
     - I think he was pretty upset they were coming after the (not his) ill gotten money...  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:37 AM   #20 
  - Wow, a bunch of idiots on here this morning. Son had committed no crime!  KansasVoter   Dec-11-10 09:44 AM   #23 
     - no one said that, but the investigations and attempts to recover money from Mark are real and very  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 09:51 AM   #24 
     - worth him dying?  KansasVoter   Dec-11-10 10:42 AM   #30 
        - the son made that call, not us. Nice try.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 10:58 AM   #32 
           - And you celebrate it. Hope you feel the same if someone you know kills them self.  KansasVoter   Dec-11-10 12:50 PM   #40 
              - my brother killed himself and I never celebrated this death, but thanks for the sick sentiment  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 03:28 PM   #46 
     - are you sure?  amborin   Dec-11-10 12:44 PM   #39 
     - same is Dick Cheney, no prosecution thus no crime.  Johonny   Dec-11-10 01:26 PM   #43 
     - The crowd is just taking some time out from worshipping Julian Assange. nt.  bluestate10   Dec-11-10 04:14 PM   #55 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Dec-11-10 09:43 AM   #22 
  - It's sad to see so many people who are apparently giddy about this man killing himself.  NaturalHigh   Dec-11-10 10:13 AM   #27 
  - show me the bloodlust please, I missed it. discussing why it happened  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 10:38 AM   #29 
     - And I quote...  NaturalHigh   Dec-11-10 11:14 AM   #35 
        - i would say that means a person cares not. it;s not actually a call to string him up, is it?  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 12:07 PM   #37 
           - I didn't expect you would be.  NaturalHigh   Dec-11-10 04:07 PM   #50 
              - Kansas Voter should be ashamed most of all. Thatls some sick shit right there.  bettyellen   Dec-11-10 04:16 PM   #56 
  - A suicide is always tragic  nadinbrzezinski   Dec-11-10 11:13 AM   #34 
  - more importantly, the have IDed one of Bernie's co-conspirators, an Austrian banker...  amborin   Dec-11-10 12:42 PM   #38 
  - He was facing ruination and possible substantial jail time.  Nye Bevan   Dec-11-10 01:43 PM   #44 
  - From what I have seen and what I have been told  mstinamotorcity   Dec-11-10 04:17 PM   #58 

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