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Reply #8: Yes ... allegedly serving the people ... what's your point? [View All]

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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-26-10 10:30 PM
Response to Reply #7
8. Yes ... allegedly serving the people ... what's your point?
Edited on Tue Oct-26-10 10:31 PM by defendandprotect
It is NOT a decision which corporations which should be making ---

nor should taxpayers be subsidizing these adventures to "harvest slave labor."

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  -Feds approve largest-ever solar project in Calif. defendandprotect  Oct-26-10 12:03 AM   #0 
  - Because Borders are imaginary lines on a map.  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 12:06 AM   #1 
  - ... and Americans don't need jobs -- and can no longer make anything -- ?  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 04:22 PM   #2 
     - Humans need Jobs , not just Americans .n/t  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 05:25 PM   #3 
     - Well .... why be stingy ...? Why not ship ALL of our jobs overseas ... ????  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 06:42 PM   #4 
        - That is a decision for each individual company or business to make . Or a decision a government can  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 09:57 PM   #5 
           - No -- it's a decision for our CONGRESS to make ... re economic policy.....  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 10:02 PM   #6 
              - Last I checked , Congress is part of the "government"  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 10:08 PM   #7 
                 - Yes ... allegedly serving the people ... what's your point?  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 10:30 PM   #8 
                    - Well , they are right now , and Congress which is elected by the people is letting them  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 10:34 PM   #9 
                       - So -- you had no point and we're now discussing the corruption of Congress....  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 10:38 PM   #10 
                          - Ok , I got you , Congress is elected by computers  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 10:40 PM   #12 
                             - Unfortunately, REPUBLICAN computers ....  defendandprotect   Oct-26-10 10:42 PM   #13 
     - I will bet you that the Germans aren't working for cheaper than the americans  HEyHEY   Oct-27-10 03:34 AM   #19 
  - I hope it starts a boom for solar but NOT on federal lands.  Radical Activist   Oct-26-10 10:39 PM   #11 
  - I personally don't see the harm on appropriating , say 1% of federal land to Solar ?  UndertheOcean   Oct-26-10 10:42 PM   #14 
     - There's already very few true wilderness areas left.  Radical Activist   Oct-26-10 10:49 PM   #16 
  - The Germans do this just about better than anyone.  EFerrari   Oct-26-10 10:45 PM   #15 
  - centralization can approach higher efficiencies due to economies of scale.  Sirveri   Oct-27-10 03:16 AM   #18 
     - Well, centralization of energy production is a problem when it's privatized  EFerrari   Oct-27-10 01:16 PM   #20 
        - I agree, that's why regulation is so important. n/t  Sirveri   Oct-27-10 02:44 PM   #21 
           - Richard Wolff the economist burst my regulation bubble  EFerrari   Oct-27-10 03:23 PM   #22 
  - thanks for posting this  BigBearJohn   Oct-27-10 12:38 AM   #17 

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