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rocktivity Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-25-10 10:55 AM
Response to Original message
25. .
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  -Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate frontrange  Oct-24-10 10:32 PM   #0 
  - take this shit  mitchtv   Oct-24-10 10:39 PM   #1 
  - The MSM doing their part to spread more crap around. n/t  Jefferson23   Oct-24-10 10:50 PM   #2 
  - That's why Democrats need an aggressive response  frontrange   Oct-24-10 10:55 PM   #3 
  - Democracy by Narrative?  Mosaic   Oct-24-10 11:04 PM   #4 
  - In 1948 ALL the polls had Dewey winning and a republican takeover of Congress.  Chipper Chat   Oct-24-10 11:37 PM   #5 
  - Yet another 1948 reference, gotta love 'em!  Ter   Oct-24-10 11:40 PM   #6 
  - The science of Statistics has come a long way since then.  Towlie   Oct-24-10 11:50 PM   #7 
     - If the House is in "Hell-no-you-cant"'s hands it won't change much.  Chipper Chat   Oct-25-10 12:00 AM   #8 
     - Maybe Towlie, but that was before Nate became part of the MSM.  savalez   Oct-25-10 12:09 AM   #9 
     - Simply because someone got it right once does not mean he is right all the time. n/t  wisteria   Oct-25-10 01:33 AM   #15 
     - It's Not Just Nate  DemocratSinceBirth   Oct-25-10 05:40 AM   #23 
     - I hope you're right but I know you're wrong.  Towlie   Oct-25-10 11:24 AM   #26 
     - We arent going to lose the house  Ramulux   Oct-25-10 01:34 AM   #16 
  - We have the Senate? Who knew?  aquart   Oct-25-10 12:20 AM   #10 
  - yup  Skittles   Oct-25-10 12:33 AM   #12 
  - LOL! Good one.  No Elephants   Oct-25-10 05:31 AM   #19 
  - Why doesn't the WP print the headline they really want: "Democrats, please don't bother voting."  PSPS   Oct-25-10 12:27 AM   #11 
  - Typical Presstitution from the Washington COMPOST!  Joe Bacon   Oct-25-10 12:36 AM   #13 
  - Blah, blah, blah another crystal ball prediction post.  wisteria   Oct-25-10 01:31 AM   #14 
  - Everywhere seems to agree that the GOP will win big and Dems are done.  Kablooie   Oct-25-10 01:37 AM   #17 
  - "Everywhere" seems to be controlled by the right.  No Elephants   Oct-25-10 05:33 AM   #20 
  - More than likely the Blues will swamp the Reds..mainly because the GOPers have myopia and negativity  opihimoimoi   Oct-25-10 03:25 AM   #18 
  - Why bother to vote,since it's going to be such a loss anyway?  HipChick   Oct-25-10 05:34 AM   #21 
  - Democrats will hold both--if Democrats vote.  No Elephants   Oct-25-10 05:39 AM   #22 
  - g o t v  struggle4progress   Oct-25-10 05:55 AM   #24 
  - .  rocktivity   Oct-25-10 10:55 AM   #25 

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