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Reply #20: No. [View All]

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DURHAM D Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-18-07 12:50 PM
Response to Reply #19
20. No.
If the VP is impeached he would resign - allowing the President to select his replacement. Bush would probably pick McCain or Romney. Either one would be approved for fear of a complete constitutional meltdown -someone has to be prepared to pickup the "football". This would allow McCain or Romney to run for the top spot from the sweet spot of the vice-presidency during a time of war.

If Bush is impeached then Romney or McCain will become President - allowing them to run as incumbents for the top position in 2008.

Frankly, some party (rethugs) people are hoping for a Cheney impeachment. They see it as the only way to save their party.
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  -Do we really want impeachment / President Pelosi? Rosemary2205  May-18-07 11:59 AM   #0 
  - YES! Truth matters!  blm   May-18-07 12:02 PM   #1 
  - If we can get 67 Senators so impeachment can do some good....  GOTV   May-18-07 12:03 PM   #2 
  - Regardless if we get a conviction in the Senate, the trial is the right thing to do.  Old and In the Way   May-18-07 01:47 PM   #31 
  - If Bush and Cheney are both impeached that does not  DURHAM D   May-18-07 12:07 PM   #3 
  - No flames here.  Ghost in the Machine   May-18-07 12:08 PM   #4 
  - "President Pelosi"  earthside   May-18-07 12:09 PM   #5 
  - Um, yah? Duh.  BlooInBloo   May-18-07 12:10 PM   #6 
  - it's about the not only seeking real justice in the present --  xchrom   May-18-07 12:11 PM   #7 
  - It's the Constitution .... stu.... nah. I won't say it.  lonestarnot   May-18-07 12:12 PM   #8 
  - Maybe I'm missing something.  Rosemary2205   May-18-07 12:16 PM   #10 
     - bwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa  lonestarnot   May-18-07 12:28 PM   #15 
     - You know what  Rosemary2205   May-18-07 12:31 PM   #17 
        - It looks as though others are trying. All you have to do is read  lonestarnot   May-18-07 12:35 PM   #18 
           - Actually  Rosemary2205   May-18-07 01:00 PM   #22 
              - US Constitution, Article II, Section 4:  lonestarnot   May-18-07 07:14 PM   #43 
              - That text does not obligate the house to impeach.  Rosemary2205   May-18-07 08:26 PM   #48 
              - You would sacrifice  DearAbby   May-18-07 07:52 PM   #46 
     - If there was ever a president who deserved to be impeached, it's this one  Beaverhausen   May-18-07 02:18 PM   #34 
  - If Nancy makes it to the Oval Office...Honor and Dignity will finally make their presence known  opihimoimoi   May-18-07 12:15 PM   #9 
  - extend that cesspool not to only the Oval office but to our country.  alyce douglas   May-18-07 01:34 PM   #29 
     - BushCo has been COUNTER PRODUCTIVE TO THE POINT OF MAJOR L O S S  opihimoimoi   May-18-07 05:20 PM   #35 
  - Impeachment does NOT lead to a "President Pelosi." That's a fictional straw man.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 12:17 PM   #11 
  - I do believe  Rosemary2205   May-18-07 12:23 PM   #13 
  - What if Cheney is impeached first and the VP nominated isn't approved and * is then impeached in the  helderheid   May-18-07 12:38 PM   #19 
  - No.  DURHAM D   May-18-07 12:50 PM   #20 
  - We could quibble over who'd be the most likely VP to replace Cheney.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 02:14 PM   #33 
  - It wouldn't even make a decent plot in a novel.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 01:17 PM   #26 
  - Actually, your scenerio is a little unrealistic  Freddie Stubbs   May-18-07 01:10 PM   #23 
  - Whether or not the Senate votes to remove does NOT preclude impeachment.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 01:29 PM   #28 
     - Exactly right, TahitiNut!  Old and In the Way   May-18-07 01:53 PM   #32 
  - So every other DA can indict in parallel EXCEPT the HoR?  BlooInBloo   May-18-07 01:12 PM   #24 
  - It's not a matter of "can" - it's a matter of "would".  TahitiNut   May-18-07 01:22 PM   #27 
     - Your first post kind of implied "can"  lynyrd_skynyrd   May-18-07 05:51 PM   #37 
        - I don't know but I doubt it. I know of no case in history where more than one person was impeached.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 08:23 PM   #47 
  - But it's much more fun to ignore the facts  tammywammy   May-18-07 07:36 PM   #45 
     - Indeed. I personally think it stinks of blind partisanship, quite frankly.  TahitiNut   May-18-07 08:27 PM   #49 
  - Yes  proud2Blib   May-18-07 12:17 PM   #12 
  - Not about Pelosi, it's about justice  Loge23   May-18-07 12:24 PM   #14 
  - Absolutely! n/t  snappyturtle   May-18-07 12:28 PM   #16 
  - She would make one damn good president  watercolors   May-18-07 12:55 PM   #21 
  - Is this a trick question? HELL YES. nt  blondeatlast   May-18-07 01:14 PM   #25 
  - You may have a point, but.....  alkaline9   May-18-07 01:45 PM   #30 
  - I don't give a flying F%^& if Charlie Manson  Nunyabiz   May-18-07 05:25 PM   #36 
  - Purely because it's the right thing to do  goddess40   May-18-07 05:54 PM   #38 
  - I would have no problem with a President Pelosi. Nor much of one with "Speaker Hoyer"  Bucky   May-18-07 05:55 PM   #39 
  - Yup. It's what I want.  Redstone   May-18-07 05:56 PM   #40 
  - If we have the votes  bigwillq   May-18-07 05:56 PM   #41 
  - You bet we really want it.  Jack Rabbit   May-18-07 06:00 PM   #42 
  - Ongoing support of Bush may be politically damaging for some Republican  ISUGRADIA   May-18-07 07:27 PM   #44 
  - Yes. I support the constitution and my constitutional rights.  mmonk   May-18-07 08:48 PM   #50 
  - We the People defined the succession.  pat_k   May-19-07 09:17 AM   #51 

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