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Reply #18: but she wouldn't support the prop 8 boycott -- that would cut off some income. [View All]

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Hannah Bell Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-13-10 11:12 AM
Response to Original message
18. but she wouldn't support the prop 8 boycott -- that would cut off some income.
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  -Lady Gaga's VMA Escorts All Victims of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy KingOfLostSouls  Sep-12-10 11:06 PM   #0 
  - not a Gaga fan but this is awesome  Skittles   Sep-12-10 11:14 PM   #1 
  - She is a standup GaGa!  immoderate   Sep-12-10 11:23 PM   #2 
  - i really didn't like her at first  eyeofdelphi   Sep-12-10 11:28 PM   #3 
  - like a rash.  Tunkamerica   Sep-12-10 11:41 PM   #7 
  - "If only she weren't so manufactured and plastic." Beggin' to disagree.  tuvor   Sep-13-10 01:53 AM   #11 
     - I'm not a huge fan, but I do recognize that she is quite sharp and talented.  Frank Cannon   Sep-13-10 08:49 AM   #13 
        - plastic as the Britney Spearses and Miley Cyruses  AlbertCat   Sep-13-10 06:20 PM   #29 
           - There's no comparison between Gaga and those two.  TexasObserver   Sep-14-10 12:41 AM   #52 
  - I don't like her music, but I like her statements. nt  Lisa0825   Sep-13-10 12:55 AM   #10 
     - ditto!!  CLANG   Sep-13-10 06:38 PM   #30 
     - I like her music and her statements  izquierdista   Sep-13-10 10:05 PM   #45 
        - I think she is very interesting, and I love what she has to say, but....  Lisa0825   Sep-13-10 10:27 PM   #49 
  - Findlay Ohio's  safeinOhio   Sep-12-10 11:33 PM   #4 
  - I am SO HAPPY Mz Thang gave KM a high profile.  Karenina   Sep-14-10 05:55 PM   #55 
  - Excellent idea.  krispos42   Sep-12-10 11:35 PM   #5 
  - She gave a shout out to them  KingOfLostSouls   Sep-12-10 11:36 PM   #6 
  - Can't say I'm a Lady Gaga fan  Wraith20878   Sep-13-10 12:25 AM   #8 
  - I'm very proud of her.  TexasObserver   Sep-13-10 12:51 AM   #9 
  - perhaps this is a new type of celebrity?  Javaman   Sep-13-10 08:34 AM   #12 
  - Lady Gaga's "DADT" Escorts ...  66 dmhlt   Sep-13-10 09:15 AM   #14 
  - I cannot stand her music I think her looks are silly but this is AWESOME!  xultar   Sep-13-10 09:18 AM   #15 
  - Don't they look Grand? Love me some GaGa! Nt  xchrom   Sep-13-10 09:09 PM   #39 
  - I love and adore Lady Gaga..I love to dance to her music and I love everything about her!!  flyarm   Sep-13-10 10:47 AM   #16 
  - "I lady Gaga"  awoke_in_2003   Sep-13-10 09:50 PM   #42 
  - You're not the only one  izquierdista   Sep-13-10 10:08 PM   #46 
  - wow just wow  dembotoz   Sep-13-10 11:00 AM   #17 
  - but she wouldn't support the prop 8 boycott -- that would cut off some income.  Hannah Bell   Sep-13-10 11:12 AM   #18 
  - I'm glad she has a social  femrap   Sep-13-10 12:34 PM   #19 
  - No one puts GaGa in anything.  Bluenorthwest   Sep-13-10 06:05 PM   #26 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Sep-13-10 07:36 PM   #32 
     - Well, you were dismissing the fact that her freaking date was  Bluenorthwest   Sep-13-10 08:43 PM   #35 
  - Do you mean the Alexander McQueen shoes?  eleny   Sep-13-10 09:00 PM   #36 
     - I don't know what they're called....  femrap   Sep-13-10 11:09 PM   #51 
     - I googled McQueen....  femrap   Sep-14-10 09:32 AM   #53 
        - McQueen died in February of this year  eleny   Sep-14-10 04:38 PM   #54 
           - Guess not. nt  femrap   Sep-14-10 06:02 PM   #56 
  - I can't say I know her music or even that I have heard any  ooglymoogly   Sep-13-10 12:53 PM   #20 
  - Huge Gaga fan here. Love the music, the fashion and her politics, like described here.  stevenleser   Sep-13-10 04:03 PM   #21 
  - She's miles ahead of Lady Blah-Blah  Blue Owl   Sep-13-10 04:49 PM   #22 
  - she is such a freaking media creation  Hamlette   Sep-13-10 04:57 PM   #23 
  - She's a very talented artist.  Bluenorthwest   Sep-13-10 06:19 PM   #28 
  - just because you worship her, doesnt mean the rest of us hafta.  iamthebandfanman   Sep-15-10 12:54 AM   #57 
     - She has a very good voice and it is strong.  TexasObserver   Sep-15-10 04:30 AM   #58 
  - Artist?  GreenArrow   Sep-13-10 09:02 PM   #37 
     - Gee, convincing argument  Bluenorthwest   Sep-13-10 09:10 PM   #40 
        - Well, I generally like your posts on political subjects  GreenArrow   Sep-13-10 11:06 PM   #50 
  - rejecting what she has to say because of her shoes is hilarious! hahaha  KakistocracyHater   Sep-13-10 05:54 PM   #24 
  - This was great of her to do, but  Lilyeye   Sep-13-10 05:54 PM   #25 
  - now if we can just get her to realize meat isnt meant for wearing n/t  iamthebandfanman   Sep-13-10 06:15 PM   #27 
  - YES! - K&R n/t  DeSwiss   Sep-13-10 07:10 PM   #31 
  - Breaking News: Reid to schedule senate DADT vote next week  Tx4obama   Sep-13-10 07:53 PM   #33 
  - K&R n/t  myrna minx   Sep-13-10 07:59 PM   #34 
  - Fuddy duddy here asking who? Good for her, whoever she is  uppityperson   Sep-13-10 09:04 PM   #38 
  - K&R  Jamastiene   Sep-13-10 09:13 PM   #41 
  - Sorry, Everytime I Think of Lady Gaga  iamjoy   Sep-13-10 09:51 PM   #43 
  - At least she is using her fame to promote good causes.  MrSlayer   Sep-13-10 10:02 PM   #44 
  - I love Rush, Queensryche, Dokken, etc. and I really like Bad Romance by her.  Divine Discontent   Sep-13-10 10:25 PM   #48 
  - AND she sang a sentence from an unknown song as part of her acceptance for the big award,  Divine Discontent   Sep-13-10 10:23 PM   #47 

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