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Reply #15: Love the color [View All]

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PBS Poll-435 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-31-10 10:49 PM
Response to Reply #14
15. Love the color
That is HOT.
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  -Chevy to dealers: Let Cruze shoppers test-drive competitors DainBramaged  Aug-31-10 09:50 PM   #0 
  - If they come out with a hatchback, I'd like to get one  tabasco   Aug-31-10 09:53 PM   #1 
  - Photo of the Cruze:  Rage for Order   Aug-31-10 10:48 PM   #14 
     - Love the color  PBS Poll-435   Aug-31-10 10:49 PM   #15 
     - Like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers!  earcandle   Sep-01-10 09:00 AM   #47 
     - The Toyota Echo looks like crap by comparison.  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:09 AM   #24 
        - We waste our breath  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:11 AM   #27 
        - Echo/MR2/Last-Gen Celica was the precursor to the Scion brand  PBS Poll-435   Sep-01-10 08:13 AM   #30 
           - Sort of. Scion was created to shed some of Toyota's dowdy image, due in part to cars like Echo.  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:20 AM   #34 
              - The ignored stalker experts show up to spew shit they know nothing about  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 09:33 AM   #51 
              - You're kidding... the Scion was created to rid the Toy of its dowdy image?  Kalyke   Sep-01-10 09:45 AM   #54 
                 - Pie wagons  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 10:01 AM   #55 
                 - Lol, what do you know?  Xithras   Sep-01-10 11:44 AM   #58 
        - When was the last time that Toyota made the Echo?  PBS Poll-435   Sep-01-10 08:12 AM   #28 
           - 2005, according to Edmunds (Ancient history, though still within the Statute of Limitations!)  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:17 AM   #33 
           - Nah. Trial and Error. And on what planet is 36 MPG highway crap?  PBS Poll-435   Sep-01-10 08:21 AM   #36 
              - Compared to the current crop of cars in its class, its poor. (And hideous, while being poor)  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:29 AM   #38 
                 - Some times the 'experts' show up in these threads  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:36 AM   #39 
                    - LOL!  PBS Poll-435   Sep-01-10 08:41 AM   #41 
                    - And right on cue, there they are except the best part is I ONLY see  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 09:40 AM   #52 
                    - With only 160,000 registered users, I'm surprised there is anyone left  Obamanaut   Sep-01-10 11:53 AM   #59 
                    - And the same sorry attention whores return, like moths to a flame  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 12:59 PM   #60 
                    - You do know all auto companies have their good and bad cars...  snooper2   Sep-01-10 09:41 AM   #53 
           - To be fair, Chevrolet stuck with the name Cavalier for about 20 years.  JVS   Sep-01-10 09:32 AM   #50 
  - The Toyota dealer next door to where I worked did this  tammywammy   Aug-31-10 09:54 PM   #2 
  - Pretty decent HP/Torque specs out of that displacement  PBS Poll-435   Aug-31-10 09:54 PM   #3 
  - I wonder how many of the available cars will be US assembled:  Indydem   Aug-31-10 09:54 PM   #4 
  - Probably a 85%/15% mix with most being produced here and the rest from South Korea  PBS Poll-435   Aug-31-10 09:56 PM   #6 
  - Love how you make things up on the spot. nt  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:10 AM   #25 
  - All of them  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 12:56 AM   #16 
  - Let me re-emphasize, ALL of the production will be from Lordstown Ohio  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:04 AM   #21 
  - Didn't Cadillac do this not so long ago?  flvegan   Aug-31-10 09:55 PM   #5 
  - More of the "Let the best car win" strategy. nt  PBS Poll-435   Aug-31-10 09:58 PM   #7 
  - Honda delayed the next Civic to improve it so they wouldn't be embarrassed  divideandconquer   Aug-31-10 10:00 PM   #8 
     - If Ford brought their Focus RS stateside...  flvegan   Aug-31-10 10:06 PM   #10 
        - What do you consider stateside? Focus is assembled in Wayne, Michigan  NNN0LHI   Sep-01-10 07:59 AM   #20 
           - Stateside, meaning here in the US.  flvegan   Sep-01-10 11:23 AM   #57 
  - From what I'm hearing about it, it may be my next vehicle.  HughBeaumont   Aug-31-10 10:00 PM   #9 
  - Sounds like a good idea and I hope it works out  doc03   Aug-31-10 10:10 PM   #11 
  - Of course, 33 years ago and still hold a grudge against Chevy  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 12:57 AM   #17 
  - I'll definitely consider the Cruze...  blue_onyx   Aug-31-10 10:10 PM   #12 
  - This should have been done DECADES ago  Canuckistanian   Aug-31-10 10:16 PM   #13 
  - (sigh) And you should have been President decades ago and everything would be Swiss cheese  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 01:00 AM   #18 
  - No, I meant the idea of keeping a competitior's car for comparison  Canuckistanian   Sep-01-10 07:55 AM   #19 
     - mmmm, ok.  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:05 AM   #22 
        - Look, I want American car companies to succeed  Canuckistanian   Sep-01-10 07:52 PM   #61 
           - OK  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:00 PM   #62 
  - Uh, a couple decades ago I watched my aunts Honda rust away right before my eyes in about 2 years  NNN0LHI   Sep-01-10 08:08 AM   #23 
     - So you're saying someone who has a bad experience with a car..  Fumesucker   Sep-01-10 08:11 AM   #26 
        - He said his aunt was an idiot  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:12 AM   #29 
           - I was asking a question..  Fumesucker   Sep-01-10 08:16 AM   #32 
  - The current Ford Fiesta is a far better car than the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit...  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:13 AM   #31 
  - The Suzuki Alto beats all of them  depakid   Sep-01-10 08:21 AM   #35 
     - That's a ridiculous statement, unless you're comparing a US legal version of all cars.  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:28 AM   #37 
        - It's a factual statement  depakid   Sep-01-10 08:38 AM   #40 
           - You don't even know what you don't know. Waste. of. Time.  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:48 AM   #42 
              - Facts suck, huh?  depakid   Sep-01-10 08:54 AM   #43 
                 - You are an emotional cripple--you attack because you desire a response.  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:56 AM   #44 
                 - Project away  depakid   Sep-01-10 08:59 AM   #46 
                 - Now ALERT! ALERT! I've gone too far in my response to your unprovoked attacks!  Romulox   Sep-01-10 08:57 AM   #45 
                 - Why come in this thread and start shit over a car not even SOLD here?  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 09:28 AM   #49 
                    - I don't know whether it's sold in the US or not  depakid   Sep-01-10 08:35 PM   #63 
                       - We don't interfere or spew our opinion in Australian Internet forums AGAINST  DainBramaged   Sep-01-10 08:45 PM   #64 
                          - This is a message board- not a PR wire for the big three automakers  depakid   Sep-01-10 09:26 PM   #65 
                             - Meh  DainBramaged   Sep-02-10 07:04 AM   #66 
  - But hey ya all.....  madmom   Sep-01-10 09:21 AM   #48 
  - I pray one day that we can have a car thread without baseless personal attacks. nt  PBS Poll-435   Sep-01-10 10:38 AM   #56 

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