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Reply #16: Unless there is an unimpeachable witness who will say the the dead dog actually [View All]

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petronius Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-04-10 07:00 PM
Response to Original message
16. Unless there is an unimpeachable witness who will say the the dead dog actually
threatened the officer, then I think this gunslinger needs to spend some time in jail...
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  -Dog shot to death at dog park by Federal Officer before owner could leash RamboLiberal  Aug-04-10 05:23 PM   #0 
  - It's not even hold his own -- dogs will play roughly  xchrom   Aug-04-10 05:31 PM   #1 
  - And even if it is a fight unless your dog is getting injured seriously  RamboLiberal   Aug-04-10 06:00 PM   #6 
  - If there is any silver lining to be had here.. poor bear bear got shot before Officer Moron had  ddeclue   Aug-05-10 02:27 AM   #71 
  - Poor puppeh and his family. :^(  GreenPartyVoter   Aug-04-10 05:32 PM   #2 
  - Dumb fucking pig.  Hassin Bin Sober   Aug-04-10 05:42 PM   #3 
  - This is one of the few times in a 'cops gone amuck' thread that I completely  Obamanaut   Aug-04-10 07:32 PM   #24 
  - truly, unfuckin believable  mrs_p   Aug-04-10 05:53 PM   #4 
  - 2 Radio interviews with Bear-Bear's Owners at bottom of this link  RamboLiberal   Aug-04-10 05:57 PM   #5 
  - The officer was obviously a totally unstable egocentric psychopath  Lorien   Aug-05-10 01:15 PM   #78 
  - If I had been there, I have little doubt that ass would have shot me...  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 06:01 PM   #7 
  - Not a gun issue. The man was LEO  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 06:51 PM   #15 
     - I repeat...  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 07:22 PM   #17 
     - So you expect the police to disarm?  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 07:26 PM   #19 
        - I addressed the police officer previously..  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 07:31 PM   #22 
           - So the part about the police being disarmed? you missed that part  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 07:36 PM   #26 
              - The officer was off duty... he should not have had a gun.  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 07:49 PM   #29 
                 - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-04-10 07:54 PM   #32 
                 - That is absolutely unacceptable to compare my views to racist  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 08:04 PM   #46 
                    - Social issue. RIGHT. Upheld by 2 court cases.  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:11 PM   #50 
                       - I have debated civilly with you.  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 08:34 PM   #57 
                          - Lets return to reality. Police officers carry off duty. They are subject  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:42 PM   #60 
                             - This Federal "officer" needs to be held responsible... and face  hlthe2b   Aug-04-10 08:44 PM   #61 
                                - 100 percent. He should be convicted of Felony animal cruelty  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:47 PM   #63 
                 - I used to date a communication PR guy from a local PD  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 07:59 PM   #38 
                 - Many LEOs are required to carry when off duty  hack89   Aug-05-10 06:14 AM   #75 
     - It IS a gun issue  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 07:48 PM   #28 
        - i agree totally.  nashville_brook   Aug-04-10 07:52 PM   #31 
        - Police carry off duty. Nothing to do with concealed carry. However rules apply  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 07:56 PM   #34 
        - I am a huge supporter of guns rights and I agree, this man should not be carrying a gun  Kurska   Aug-04-10 08:02 PM   #43 
        - +1,000,000,000  northernlights   Aug-04-10 08:04 PM   #47 
  - Arundel police open investigation into dog park shooting  RamboLiberal   Aug-04-10 06:03 PM   #8 
  - Of course the pig will claim he feared for his safety and his wife's safety.  Hassin Bin Sober   Aug-04-10 06:31 PM   #12 
  - They will  TorchTheWitch   Aug-04-10 08:15 PM   #52 
     - Siberian Huskies have a unique form of play.  LibertyLover   Aug-04-10 08:49 PM   #64 
     - no they don't  TorchTheWitch   Aug-05-10 01:32 AM   #68 
     - Oh I don't doubt that they COULD bite.  Hassin Bin Sober   Aug-04-10 10:53 PM   #66 
        - hooo boy, been there done that  TorchTheWitch   Aug-05-10 05:18 AM   #72 
  - Uh huh, and so that's why Anne Arundel County Animal Control  LibertyLover   Aug-04-10 08:30 PM   #56 
  - If he did this to a dog playing, imagine what he could do to a person.  EFerrari   Aug-04-10 06:04 PM   #9 
  - ...Or has done, already.  Ignis   Aug-04-10 07:34 PM   #25 
  - I have a Tennessee Walker mixed  tinymontgomery   Aug-04-10 06:07 PM   #10 
  - if the husky owner had brought a gun too, and shot that cop dead,  provis99   Aug-04-10 06:29 PM   #11 
  - Unless the man was in uniform  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 06:49 PM   #14 
     - Even in uniform. nt  Critters2   Aug-04-10 07:58 PM   #37 
        - Harder (impossible) to get no billed if he was in uniform.  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:03 PM   #45 
  - Serious jail time is warranted.  tabasco   Aug-04-10 06:41 PM   #13 
  - Unless there is an unimpeachable witness who will say the the dead dog actually  petronius   Aug-04-10 07:00 PM   #16 
  - Federal officer shot to death by angry dog owner...  27inCali   Aug-04-10 07:26 PM   #18 
  - Not angry, person who feared for their life  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 07:28 PM   #20 
  - There is no excuse for this  blogslut   Aug-04-10 07:30 PM   #21 
  - Sickening. I hope the SOB's lady friend was duly impressed with his manliness.  Gidney N Cloyd   Aug-04-10 07:31 PM   #23 
  - If that were me watching bear-bear, I would have been arrested for assault and battery  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 07:40 PM   #27 
  - Assault and battery? Try murder, I will shoot the piece of shit that shoots my dog.  Kurska   Aug-04-10 07:57 PM   #36 
  - Not murder if you were in compliance with the laws  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:00 PM   #40 
  - Thats why I carry, COPS DON'T HAVE TO PROTECT YOU, infact they can turn a blind eye ignore you and  Kurska   Aug-04-10 08:07 PM   #48 
     - Agree. This is an outrageous case and is a disgrace  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:13 PM   #51 
        - You keep mentioning "LEO" - I missed what that stands for.  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 08:22 PM   #54 
           - Law Enforcement Officer(nt)  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:24 PM   #55 
              - He works for DoD - what "LEO" rights does that give him out of uniform?  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 08:37 PM   #58 
                 - Federal Agents can carry in FAR more places than CCW  Pavulon   Aug-04-10 08:45 PM   #62 
  - Physical attack - I don't own a gun.  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 08:03 PM   #44 
     - You have every right to be pissed, you should be pissed.  Kurska   Aug-04-10 08:10 PM   #49 
  - I totally agree. He would have had to shoot me too  Lorien   Aug-05-10 01:13 PM   #77 
  - in a way, this has ruined our night...this is so infuriating. and horrible.  nashville_brook   Aug-04-10 07:51 PM   #30 
  - I can't go to the links - I know as much as I care to about this. Can anyone tell me  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 07:56 PM   #33 
  - I checked the links. His name hasn't been released, and he hasn't been charged  Critters2   Aug-04-10 07:57 PM   #35 
     - He is just going to LIE LIE LIE about the dog being wild and attacking when in reality the dogs were  Kurska   Aug-04-10 08:00 PM   #39 
     - Thanks for looking.  Ruby the Liberal   Aug-04-10 08:01 PM   #41 
  - Subhuman pig scum. The only things pigs are good at is violence and lying about it afterwards. n/t  backscatter712   Aug-04-10 08:01 PM   #42 
  - Recent events in my own life have caused me to come to the same conclusion.  Critters2   Aug-04-10 08:16 PM   #53 
  - You got THAT right!!! Egomaniacs!!!  Fire1   Aug-04-10 09:14 PM   #65 
  - Thank you for the follow up -  LibertyLover   Aug-04-10 08:39 PM   #59 
  - Look, if I'm that supervisor at Ft. Myers, I gotta wonder if this  msanthrope   Aug-05-10 01:40 AM   #69 
  - Look, if I'm that supervisor at Ft. Myers, I gotta wonder if this  msanthrope   Aug-05-10 01:40 AM   #70 
  - Why do I read these stories?  The Midway Rebel   Aug-05-10 12:08 AM   #67 
  - I am going to post on facebook  Bryn   Aug-05-10 05:19 AM   #73 
  - I shot him with a 9mm. He should be fine! *facepalm*  chrisa   Aug-05-10 06:06 AM   #74 
  - Another photo of beautiful Bear-bear  Lorien   Aug-05-10 01:07 PM   #76 
  - I have relatives in law enforcement who have to shoot dogs all the time.  cbdo2007   Aug-05-10 01:21 PM   #79 

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