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Reply #96: Does a dead dolphin get devoured by sharks? [View All]

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Cetacea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-30-10 12:42 PM
Response to Reply #92
96. Does a dead dolphin get devoured by sharks?
I think so. They are their only natural enemies. And BP was counting on it.
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  -Florida DEP finds no detectable oil along coastline DCBob  Jul-30-10 06:46 AM   #0 
  - i godda bridge...  Hannah Bell   Jul-30-10 06:47 AM   #1 
  - keep it.. nobody is interested..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 06:51 AM   #2 
     - evidentally someone, for starters...  Hannah Bell   Jul-30-10 06:55 AM   #5 
     - its called biology dear..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:01 AM   #9 
        - it's called corporate pr, "dear"  Hannah Bell   Jul-30-10 07:04 AM   #11 
        - yeah...cause no one else can go test it... n/t  ProdigalJunkMail   Jul-30-10 07:05 AM   #13 
        - If you believe  dipsydoodle   Jul-30-10 07:29 AM   #27 
           - i think someone on the coast who can actually verify  ProdigalJunkMail   Jul-30-10 07:33 AM   #30 
        - you didnt even read the article did you?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:11 AM   #16 
        - keep smokin the good stuff.  zonkers   Jul-30-10 08:48 AM   #61 
        - i'm v. excited by this news  pitohui   Jul-30-10 02:34 PM   #136 
     - Nothing to see here, just move along, eh, Bob? NOAA disagrees with you.  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:10 AM   #15 
        - There are still plenty of issues and potential environmental problems but clearly its not as bad..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:12 AM   #17 
        - And, no doubt, we'll find out the long-term effects are FAR WORSE that some are claiming.  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:19 AM   #20 
        - Do you have evidence/reports that support you claim about the "damage underwater"?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:28 AM   #26 
           - After the Exxon Valdez accident, follow-up tests showed that 30 percent of the oil remained on the  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:43 AM   #36 
              - of course the Gulf is not Alaska but I am sure there will be some long term effects..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:57 AM   #38 
                 - which you are basing on observations made 600 miles away  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 12:34 PM   #93 
        - you grant that things are bad in one message out of 20  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 11:39 AM   #72 
        - Really? Can you tell me how many..."sea mammals" were killed?  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:00 PM   #84 
        - the closest point on the FL coast to the spill site  ProdigalJunkMail   Jul-30-10 07:14 AM   #18 
           - As I said immediately above:  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:25 AM   #24 
              - indeed...  ProdigalJunkMail   Jul-30-10 07:27 AM   #25 
                 - 30 precent settled to the bottom. The rest has evaporated or is still dispersed in the water  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:38 AM   #34 
                    - So you dismiss the effect of microorganisms? Most scientists would disagree with you.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:09 AM   #42 
                       - Before you celebrate Gulf algae growth, read below about red tides, hypoxia, and dead zones.  leveymg   Jul-30-10 08:27 AM   #50 
                          - so is there a red tide in the Gulf??  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:30 AM   #52 
                             - The Gulf has a huge hypoxic dead zone, now much more so.  leveymg   Jul-30-10 09:58 AM   #66 
                                - Here's link to a map of current areas of "dead zones".. they are no where near the spill site..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 11:21 AM   #70 
                                   - and you are posting about places 600 miles away as evidence that things aren't so bad  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 12:41 PM   #95 
                                   - Do you have any evidence to support your claims of "dead zones" near the spill site?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:52 PM   #101 
                                      - do you have evidence to say that the oil spill site was not negatively impacted?  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 12:55 PM   #103 
                                         - of course it was negatively impacted.. any idiot knows that.. you are claiming "dead zones"..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:58 PM   #104 
                                            - there are dead zones in the Gulf  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:01 PM   #107 
                                            - you are making the "extraordinary claim" of "dead zones" near the well.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 01:04 PM   #109 
                                               - actually i'm not  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:09 PM   #110 
                                               - Ok. I give up.. but lets wait and see what comes back from the next sampling by Dr Joye's team..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 01:13 PM   #111 
                                               - YES! Wait and see the oxygen data before you declare that it's not so bad  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:18 PM   #112 
                                               - never mind.. you are hopeless.. I suspect you will be trashing Dr Joye..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 01:20 PM   #114 
                                               - not hopeless, it's my hope that people can see through your arguments  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:24 PM   #117 
                                            - but you are making just a few posts admitting that it's a disaster  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:22 PM   #115 
                                   - There have been a slew of articles on the recent expansion of Gulf dead zones  leveymg   Jul-30-10 01:32 PM   #120 
                                      - I am talking about reports of measurements since the gusher was capped..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 01:37 PM   #121 
                                         - Here's a CBS reference to Dead Zone from 07/28:  leveymg   Jul-30-10 02:18 PM   #128 
                                            - The report says: "One worry? So-called undersea dead zones where oil starves oxygen from the water"  DCBob   Jul-30-10 02:25 PM   #134 
                                               - Here's a better article in Nature (07/27) - substantial disagreement about latest data  leveymg   Jul-30-10 02:48 PM   #139 
                                                  - interesting article. yes, even the scientists are disagreeing..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 03:12 PM   #144 
  - This is really weird to me; have they skimmed the bottom?  babylonsister   Jul-30-10 06:52 AM   #3 
  - The article doesnt say.. but there was another article yesterday that mentioned they found no oil..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 06:58 AM   #6 
  - Sounds way too 'convenient' for me. nt  babylonsister   Jul-30-10 06:59 AM   #8 
  - Its bit hard to imagine a massive conspiracy here with state & fed scientists faking test results...  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:05 AM   #12 
  - ALL that oil has been consumed by microorganisms in a matter of weeks?  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 07:02 AM   #10 
     - read this and you tell me..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:06 AM   #14 
        - you beat me to it - i read this after I posted & just edited my post. to reflect that  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 07:17 AM   #19 
           - I hear ya. There has to be some long term negative impact considering the massive amount of oil..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:23 AM   #23 
              - what ABOUT the animals?  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 08:23 AM   #47 
                 - Dead fish, dolphins, turtles,etc. would float to the surface and would be obvious..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:31 AM   #54 
                    - not true - plenty was written about this back in May & June  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 08:46 AM   #59 
                    - Quite alot of dead fish were reported washing ashore back in May and June but none recently.. afaik.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 11:13 AM   #69 
                       - My guess is that everything was and is DEAD-nothing to wash to shore.  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 11:44 AM   #76 
                       - My guess is that you are wrong...  DCBob   Jul-30-10 11:48 AM   #79 
                          - You think dolphins are swimming around there?  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 12:27 PM   #91 
                             - Does a wild dolphin pee in the Gulf?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:34 PM   #92 
                                - Does a dead dolphin get devoured by sharks?  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:42 PM   #96 
                                - now you're being silly - guess that means you're out of ammo  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 12:42 PM   #97 
                                   - out of patience..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:52 PM   #102 
                       - And quite a lot of "sea mammals" weren't reported  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 11:56 AM   #83 
                    - They are not dolphins. They are "sea mammals". Media 101  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:03 PM   #86 
                       - What are you talking about?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:14 PM   #90 
                       - Nice pictures. Try googling news reports.  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:40 PM   #94 
                       - why do you think there are only 2 species of mammal in the gulf? therre are 28 species  pitohui   Jul-30-10 02:42 PM   #137 
                          - Because they are all dolphins and whales. And a wayward manatee or two  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 03:20 PM   #145 
  - Next we wil hear that the oil spill actually improved the oceans. This is total BS.  zonkers   Jul-30-10 08:55 AM   #63 
  - Remember that the EPA told us the air was safe in NYC after 9/11  Fumesucker   Jul-30-10 06:55 AM   #4 
  - Wasn't a report posted on DU that Corexit was in the water mix in the Keys & on Fl's SE. Coast?  Mika   Jul-30-10 06:58 AM   #7 
  - It isn't that hard to believe (despite the doomers) I mean think about it.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 07:21 AM   #21 
  - yeah, that's what the scientists are saying, but the gloom and doomers dont like it.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:30 AM   #28 
  - ftr, I'm not a doom and gloomer and hope this is accurate.  babylonsister   Jul-30-10 07:32 AM   #29 
  - I know you are not.. and I was not referring to you...  DCBob   Jul-30-10 07:34 AM   #32 
  - i thought the worst oil spill in this hemisphere ever was reason for doom and gloom.  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 10:59 AM   #68 
  - Thanks for the thread.  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:08 PM   #89 
  - That's misleading. Oil doesn't naturally gush at a rate of 100,000 bbls/day from a particular site.  leveymg   Jul-30-10 07:34 AM   #31 
  - so where's all the dead stuff and oiled beaches many were predicting?  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:00 AM   #39 
  - Here's oil on Pensacola beach..  Fumesucker   Jul-30-10 08:06 AM   #41 
  - those vids are more than a month old.. the gusher was still gushing then..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:10 AM   #43 
     - And the oil has all miraculously disappeared?  Fumesucker   Jul-30-10 08:24 AM   #48 
        - I dont know about "miraculously", but yes, it disappeared..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 08:28 AM   #51 
           - There's nothing to debate, the EPA's lies are a matter of record..  Fumesucker   Jul-30-10 08:35 AM   #56 
  - you keep moving the goalposts to focus on one aspect of environmental damage  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 11:30 AM   #71 
  - Nobody said anything about it not being toxic.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 08:03 AM   #40 
     - Those algal blooms aren't all that beneficial. Ever heard of red tides, hypoxia, and dead zones?  leveymg   Jul-30-10 08:16 AM   #44 
        - There is one big difference.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 08:27 AM   #49 
           - And, you think there's no nitrogen in crude oil?  leveymg   Jul-30-10 08:32 AM   #55 
              - No that wasn't the point.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 08:37 AM   #57 
  - I've been reading the same argument that falsely compares this oil spill to natural seeps  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 11:52 AM   #81 
  - once this is pointed out, yes, it does seem logical  pitohui   Jul-30-10 02:48 PM   #138 
  - apparently the oil was abducted by aliens  spanone   Jul-30-10 07:21 AM   #22 
  - Perhaps Cheney used his earthquake machine to open up a huge hole in the Gulf...  trotsky   Jul-30-10 07:36 AM   #33 
  - Someone call Arizona. n/t  Statistical   Jul-30-10 08:49 AM   #62 
  - LOL.  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 12:46 PM   #99 
  - It's all about the bribed people in charge picking the sample location upwind and away. (nt)  w4rma   Jul-30-10 07:39 AM   #35 
  - This is great news!  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 07:57 AM   #37 
  - Read above about red tides, hypoxia, and the Gulf Dead Zone  leveymg   Jul-30-10 08:21 AM   #45 
  - Good news to coastal wildlife  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 08:31 AM   #53 
  - This is very interesting  NoNothing   Jul-30-10 08:22 AM   #46 
  - Very good idea.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 08:40 AM   #58 
  - "Selectively bred . . . with shorter lifespan" - sounds like the subplot to "Blade Runner"  leveymg   Jul-30-10 08:55 AM   #64 
  - i heard plans for growing oil-eating bacteria in the 1980s  pitohui   Jul-30-10 02:52 PM   #141 
  - There are indeed microbes used for that purpose.  TZ   Jul-30-10 11:46 AM   #77 
  - I'm very skeptical about evolution happening yet.  TZ   Jul-30-10 11:43 AM   #75 
     - No, evolution of microbes in the gulf over a long period  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 11:54 AM   #82 
        - More efficient still does NOT mean that they are perfectly evolved for this situation  TZ   Jul-30-10 12:07 PM   #88 
           - Of course it took time.  Statistical   Jul-30-10 12:47 PM   #100 
           - hopefully the sea life can "hold their breath" until the temporary reduction of oxygen passes  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 01:00 PM   #105 
           - This is not a situation that has occured in thousands of years though  TZ   Jul-30-10 02:07 PM   #124 
              - Yet the evidence right now suggests a rather rapid recovery  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 02:13 PM   #126 
                 - In some ways, yes..  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 04:18 PM   #155 
           - Perhaps I'm not being clear  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 02:10 PM   #125 
  - It's probably all submerged because of the dispersents.  Odin2005   Jul-30-10 08:47 AM   #60 
  - That doens't mean that the water isn't dangerously polluted  rocktivity   Jul-30-10 09:04 AM   #65 
  - millions of gallons of oil remain below-MSM living in "parallel universe"  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 10:46 AM   #67 
  - OKay I'll tell you one thing  TZ   Jul-30-10 11:39 AM   #73 
  - .  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 11:41 AM   #74 
  - !  TZ   Jul-30-10 11:46 AM   #78 
  - !!  QC   Jul-30-10 11:52 AM   #80 
  - !!!  City Lights   Jul-30-10 12:01 PM   #85 
  - bunch of nitwits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DCBob   Jul-30-10 12:04 PM   #87 
  - ROFL !! Perfect !  K Gardner   Jul-30-10 02:51 PM   #140 
  - I don't get it  sakabatou   Jul-30-10 03:24 PM   #146 
  - It's not "sky is falling" news, so nobody will believe you...  SidDithers   Jul-30-10 12:43 PM   #98 
  - Sid. Read my concerns with this news.  TZ   Jul-30-10 01:01 PM   #106 
  - The detection readings are what they are...  SidDithers   Jul-30-10 01:19 PM   #113 
     - Yes, I do truly think they are not detecting oil  TZ   Jul-30-10 02:02 PM   #122 
        - I'd wager that it is certainly not all gone  Stuckinthebush   Jul-30-10 02:15 PM   #127 
  - and absolutely no reason to question....all news is true  spanone   Jul-30-10 01:01 PM   #108 
  - Disinfo and bullshit is what they are feeding us. Don't believe it people!  earth mom   Jul-30-10 01:24 PM   #116 
  - Good news for Florida what about the other States  BootinUp   Jul-30-10 01:24 PM   #118 
  - NASA time-lapse shows a decided southern trend  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 01:31 PM   #119 
  - Great! Let's all hear it for Charlie Crist's happy Corexit fish that will eat through our kidneys  Catherina   Jul-30-10 02:05 PM   #123 
  - so its a massive conspiracy involving NOAA, EPA, FDA, universities, state agencies, etc, etc...  DCBob   Jul-30-10 02:20 PM   #131 
     - Anything for money  Catherina   Jul-30-10 03:47 PM   #148 
        - So you really do believe this is a massive conspiracy across multiple organizations..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 03:58 PM   #150 
           - Dedicated thread with links  Cetacea   Jul-30-10 04:15 PM   #153 
           - Wow indeed. If it comes from DC, it must be true eh? n/t  Catherina   Jul-30-10 04:17 PM   #154 
  - "Has not developed into a megadisaster".. ??? That's sarcasm, right?  K Gardner   Jul-30-10 02:20 PM   #129 
  - no.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 02:21 PM   #132 
  - The deep-water pollution will show up in "other ways"  SoCalDem   Jul-30-10 02:20 PM   #130 
  - It amazes me when people have no clue they are being lied to.  asdjrocky   Jul-30-10 02:23 PM   #133 
  - It amazes me when people simply ignore science when it does not fit their opinion.  DCBob   Jul-30-10 02:30 PM   #135 
     - it's not scientific to say "prove it to me" on something that has an established causal link  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 02:55 PM   #142 
     - Opinion here, like current scientific opinion, appears to be split on critical issues - see above  leveymg   Jul-30-10 02:56 PM   #143 
  - bump for BS  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 03:36 PM   #147 
  - your bump is BS..  DCBob   Jul-30-10 03:54 PM   #149 
     - oh, you must be rested up  eowyn_of_rohan   Jul-30-10 05:26 PM   #156 
  - I am not sure folks understand this is FLORIDA  BootinUp   Jul-30-10 03:59 PM   #151 
     - good. maybe all these doom loonies will chill out now...  DCBob   Jul-30-10 04:02 PM   #152 
        - so you're saying that the lack of surface oil observed off Florida  CreekDog   Jul-30-10 06:23 PM   #157 

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