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Reply #17: It's like Statistical posted on post #10 [View All]

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Uncle Joe Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-26-10 04:42 PM
Response to Reply #15
17. It's like Statistical posted on post #10

"I would also add open access. If green energy tech is monopolized to the benefit of the few and the expenses of the masses it wouldn't be useful."

Of those things you listed, the situation with water and land would improve with sustainable green energy technologies versus the environment/resource destroying use of fossil fuels.

Metals translating to wealth translating to energy and the same held/holds true for enslaved peoples.

Re: Coveting what others have, I believe that to be part of the same genetic code of aggression and violence which led early humans to hunt for food which translated to energy.

If sustainable green energy technologies are to work as a deterrent against war, it must be a collaborative global effort leaving every nation feeling as a winner.

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  -Do you believe the motivation for war would be reduced if the world had perfected Uncle Joe  Jul-26-10 03:07 PM   #0 
  - "Do you believe the motivation for war would be reduced if the world had perfected  RUMMYisFROSTED   Jul-26-10 03:16 PM   #1 
  - Absolutely but that wasn't the question in the poll. n/t  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 03:20 PM   #2 
     - if if was a skiff we'd all go for a boat ride  RUMMYisFROSTED   Jul-26-10 03:24 PM   #4 
  - Yes. And, the middle east would be an ignored backwater rather than a hotspot for wars.  Tierra_y_Libertad   Jul-26-10 03:23 PM   #3 
  - But it wouldn't prevent someone from going to war because he wanted to be a "war president"  wildflower   Jul-28-10 04:45 PM   #60 
     - If you're thinking of Bush by your example, he wouldn't have run for *election  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 05:13 PM   #63 
  - War has always been the tool by which one takes something from another. From  T Wolf   Jul-26-10 03:25 PM   #5 
  - I believe agression and violence are in our DNA due to a need to obtain energy in one form  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 03:48 PM   #7 
     - An interesting documentary on the Lost Pyramids of Caral  Ichingcarpenter   Jul-28-10 10:35 AM   #37 
        - Thanks for the links, Ichingcarpenter  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 05:40 PM   #65 
  - I voted other.  FiveGoodMen   Jul-26-10 03:28 PM   #6 
  - That's why I didn't say the motivation would be eliminated, just "reduced"  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 04:05 PM   #12 
  - No. Not all wars are resource wars...  Ozymanithrax   Jul-26-10 03:50 PM   #8 
  - That begs the question, why were those governments subjugating their own people?  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 04:13 PM   #13 
  - No governments subjugate people because they are allowed to...  Ozymanithrax   Jul-26-10 06:00 PM   #21 
     - Even during the Bronze Age they fought over energy but it was food (caloric) or people energy,  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 06:14 PM   #23 
  - They were a competition between powers for resources.  Radical Activist   Jul-28-10 04:06 PM   #57 
  - Reduced but certainly not cured by any means  TheKentuckian   Jul-26-10 03:51 PM   #9 
  - Reduced yes. Eliminated no.  Statistical   Jul-26-10 03:52 PM   #10 
  - Thank you, I agree on all counts but I would add the caveat that  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 04:19 PM   #14 
  - Yes, but people would still fight over ridiculous things like religion  slackmaster   Jul-26-10 03:54 PM   #11 
  - I consider religion to be just a mask for war as a means to demonize the other peoples,  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 04:27 PM   #16 
  - What did we fight over before  drmeow   Jul-26-10 04:24 PM   #15 
  - It's like Statistical posted on post #10  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 04:42 PM   #17 
     - "leaving every nation feeling as a winner"  drmeow   Jul-26-10 07:02 PM   #24 
        - I agree, but I believe the switchover to sustainable green energy technology can lead  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 07:12 PM   #25 
        - Absolutely n/t  drmeow   Jul-27-10 02:12 PM   #27 
           - My biggest regret in the title of this OP was in making it past tense,  Uncle Joe   Jul-27-10 02:18 PM   #28 
              - If that's your greatest regret for a post  drmeow   Jul-27-10 04:40 PM   #29 
        - We have unlimited water.  Statistical   Jul-26-10 10:46 PM   #26 
  - No  Broke In Jersey   Jul-26-10 04:59 PM   #18 
  - Reduced yes, eliminated no.  dtexdem   Jul-26-10 05:34 PM   #19 
  - we'd be fighting over the green shit  spanone   Jul-26-10 05:58 PM   #20 
  - So long as the sun shines and the wind blows, once the green shit is up and running there would be  Uncle Joe   Jul-26-10 06:07 PM   #22 
  - We'd find new motivations.  MilesColtrane   Jul-27-10 05:07 PM   #30 
  - I'm sure there will be other motivations to fight for but oil isn't really new if you look at it as  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 10:06 AM   #31 
  - No way. There is a will to destruction behind the war, and the most craven greed.  Romulox   Jul-28-10 10:08 AM   #32 
  - Greed is the seed of war.  Hubert Flottz   Jul-28-10 10:12 AM   #33 
  - But craven greed is an addiction to personal energy in the form of money or wealth.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 10:24 AM   #35 
  - We are the problem because violence and aggression was a required component for survival  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 10:22 AM   #34 
     - Indeed, we are a product of our evolution (both genetically and culturally.)  Romulox   Jul-28-10 10:28 AM   #36 
     - Yes and of those things you listed, how many of those needs and fears could be reduced or eliminated  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 10:47 AM   #39 
     - Men will even fight for the love of love.  Hubert Flottz   Jul-28-10 10:44 AM   #38 
        - Mankind is young on the scene, I don't believe we've come close to tapping  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 11:02 AM   #41 
  - We have an unlimited desire for energy  harun   Jul-28-10 10:50 AM   #40 
  - From what I gather, Kardashev's scale only rates capabilities of harnessing energy, not desire.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 11:42 AM   #42 
     - My point was simply that if we had a green way to provide for the  harun   Jul-28-10 12:06 PM   #46 
        - The way I see it, if we had perfected a green environmentally friendly way to use energy,  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 12:47 PM   #49 
           - I agree, and there are plenty of very green alternatives.  harun   Jul-28-10 01:38 PM   #51 
  - We wage war because there is money to be made, resources to plunder  killbotfactory   Jul-28-10 11:47 AM   #43 
  - The primary resource is "energy," without it modern society couldn't exist.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 12:09 PM   #47 
  - It seems to me that cheap and easy to obtain energy...  Llewlladdwr   Jul-28-10 11:54 AM   #44 
  - That's why it must be a monopolistic free, global, collaborative effort.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 12:31 PM   #48 
  - The Great Game.  Octafish   Jul-28-10 11:56 AM   #45 
  - That's a nice circle of links, Octafish.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 12:51 PM   #50 
  - Thank you, Uncle Joe!  Octafish   Jul-28-10 03:03 PM   #53 
  - What a dummy I am...  Octafish   Jul-28-10 03:00 PM   #52 
  - No. MIC spending is the major impetus. n/t  nyc 4 Biden   Jul-28-10 03:06 PM   #54 
  - MIC spending has drastically increased as a direct result of competition for energy.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 03:59 PM   #56 
  - Yes in the short term  malaise   Jul-28-10 03:22 PM   #55 
  - If humanity had abundant green, renewable, cheap or free energy, other resources  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 04:26 PM   #58 
  - Maybe, but we'd have an even greater environmental impact  The2ndWheel   Jul-28-10 04:34 PM   #59 
  - That's why I used the adjective "perfected."  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 04:59 PM   #62 
     - We don't get to perfect things  The2ndWheel   Jul-29-10 09:46 AM   #66 
        - From a technological standpoint as perfect as humanity is capable of making it.  Uncle Joe   Jul-29-10 10:43 AM   #67 
           - Not that we need to fly  The2ndWheel   Jul-29-10 07:04 PM   #72 
              - Not that we need anything except fire, water, food and a nice cave.  Uncle Joe   Jul-29-10 07:39 PM   #74 
  - Other...see my post (#60) above  wildflower   Jul-28-10 04:46 PM   #61 
  - See my post #63 above.  Uncle Joe   Jul-28-10 05:15 PM   #64 
  - this isnt a War For Oil anymore, it's a War For Defense Contractors  NightWatcher   Jul-29-10 10:45 AM   #68 
  - The Defense Contractors wouldn't be making the money if it weren't for the oil.  Uncle Joe   Jul-29-10 10:51 AM   #69 
     - no one poses a threat to us, they have manufactured the "threat"  NightWatcher   Jul-29-10 10:55 AM   #70 
        - Every administration at least for over the past 40 years  Uncle Joe   Jul-29-10 11:56 AM   #71 
  - we're fighting over ideology  pitohui   Jul-29-10 07:07 PM   #73 
     - We're fighting because corporations make mega bucks and because oil is the lifeblood  Uncle Joe   Jul-29-10 07:58 PM   #75 

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