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Reply #2: I'd pull my old rifle-green beret out of the closet and don it again. [View All]

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arbusto_baboso Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-19-10 03:50 PM
Response to Original message
2. I'd pull my old rifle-green beret out of the closet and don it again.
It's been a long time.
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  -How would DU respond if Iran outlawed berets? branders seine  Jul-19-10 03:49 PM   #0 
  - Buy a new one.  Radical Activist   Jul-19-10 03:49 PM   #1 
  - I'd pull my old rifle-green beret out of the closet and don it again.  arbusto_baboso   Jul-19-10 03:50 PM   #2 
  - The beret must be banned  sharp_stick   Jul-19-10 03:51 PM   #3 
  - any culture that treasures Jerry Lewis  branders seine   Jul-19-10 03:53 PM   #6 
  - Full face berets designed to hide males due to superstition? Probably same as about burqas  dmallind   Jul-19-10 03:51 PM   #4 
  - Has any culture forced men to wear shrouds in public?  EFerrari   Jul-19-10 03:54 PM   #7 
     - Neither can I - which is why this comparison really isn't one. NT  dmallind   Jul-19-10 03:57 PM   #10 
     - Nope, most Muslim men don't even cover their head  LostinVA   Jul-19-10 05:23 PM   #22 
  - I'll support it only if they're raspberry  meegbear   Jul-19-10 03:52 PM   #5 
  - worn by the Ayatollah formerly known as, umm, Ayatollah?  branders seine   Jul-19-10 03:54 PM   #8 
  - Mine's purple  NV Whino   Jul-19-10 08:52 PM   #29 
  - Someone would find a way to twist it into proof that Christianity is just as bad as Islam  slackmaster   Jul-19-10 03:54 PM   #9 
  - ding ding ding.....  SB37   Jul-19-10 04:22 PM   #14 
  - Indifference - see the collective yawn to Iran banning some haircuts a few weeks ago  muriel_volestrangler   Jul-19-10 04:03 PM   #11 
  - Why would DU care if Iran baned berets?  NeedleCast   Jul-19-10 04:07 PM   #12 
  - Other  IndianaGreen   Jul-19-10 04:17 PM   #13 
  - Other  canetoad   Jul-19-10 04:23 PM   #15 
  - And Beatniks n/t  texastoast   Jul-19-10 04:32 PM   #16 
  - A loud YAWN  Cronus Protagonist   Jul-19-10 04:36 PM   #17 
  - Ha! Funny poll!  valerief   Jul-19-10 04:50 PM   #18 
  - humor on DU?  branders seine   Jul-19-10 05:14 PM   #20 
  - Do many Iranian minorities wear berets?  Old Troop   Jul-19-10 05:11 PM   #19 
  - lol  La Lioness Priyanka   Jul-19-10 05:16 PM   #21 
  - the funniest thing about this thread is the serious responses  branders seine   Jul-19-10 05:34 PM   #23 
     - yeah, racism toward muslim arabs in france is fucking hilarious. nt  La Lioness Priyanka   Jul-19-10 05:35 PM   #24 
        - see what I mean?  branders seine   Jul-19-10 05:46 PM   #26 
        - It's a typical authoritarian answer to an issue they don't understand.  Old Troop   Jul-19-10 06:46 PM   #28 
        - its a typical reaction of people who believe they are the better/smarter/more evolved  La Lioness Priyanka   Jul-19-10 08:57 PM   #30 
        - Not to mention the racism toward Muslim Arabs in Syria..  Fumesucker   Jul-19-10 09:02 PM   #31 
           - you know these things work different & for different reasons. so no need to be disengenuous  La Lioness Priyanka   Jul-19-10 09:06 PM   #32 
              - Should men also be allowed to completely cover everything but their eyes in public?  Fumesucker   Jul-19-10 09:11 PM   #33 
                 - were the laws created to target gender/religion in the US?  La Lioness Priyanka   Jul-19-10 09:13 PM   #35 
                    - That is not a responsive answer..  Fumesucker   Jul-20-10 04:02 AM   #39 
  - Indifferent, but I bet the French would be pissed!  DailyGrind51   Jul-19-10 05:40 PM   #25 
  - It'd be immediately posted in Beret-king News (nt)  Autumn Colors   Jul-19-10 06:27 PM   #27 
  - Remind me, which major religion is it that wears berets?  Motown_Johnny   Jul-19-10 09:12 PM   #34 
  - It's their country..  sendero   Jul-19-10 09:26 PM   #36 
  - I don't think I'd care at this point  Sta au   Jul-19-10 09:46 PM   #37 
  - Does the "other" option include 'alerting the Mods to an obviously pointless DISRUPTOR post'?  Richard Steele   Jul-19-10 09:51 PM   #38 

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