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Reply #28: You're right. [View All]

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Lugnut Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-30-10 12:38 AM
Response to Original message
28. You're right.
I can't say anything nice about ole Jeff.
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  -Say sumpin nice about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions aka Gin Blossom Jeffie Stinky The Clown  Jun-29-10 09:25 PM   #0 
  - Ahh, isn't it nice that affirmative action has given a Keebler elf  hlthe2b   Jun-29-10 09:27 PM   #1 
  - He's sooo much taller when he wears that nice white hat  Bozita   Jun-29-10 09:27 PM   #2 
  - He hasnt been caught in diapers  DJ13   Jun-29-10 09:28 PM   #3 
  - Uh... NO?!1 But thanks anyway for the opportunity!1 BTW Elena KICKED HIS ASS!1 n/t  UTUSN   Jun-29-10 09:29 PM   #4 
  - He's a frequent guest at Sammy's Go Go in Birmingham,  QC   Jun-29-10 09:29 PM   #5 
  - "Boy, I say, son"  Toucano   Jun-29-10 09:29 PM   #6 
  - Why would anyone want to say something nice about J-Beau?  smokey nj   Jun-29-10 09:29 PM   #7 
  - No. I don't hafta and you can't make me.  Tansy_Gold   Jun-29-10 09:30 PM   #8 
  - No. I don't hafta and you can't make me.  Tansy_Gold   Jun-29-10 09:30 PM   #9 
  - He has an interesting taste in ties  nadinbrzezinski   Jun-29-10 09:32 PM   #10 
  - When he's silent he's not nearly as ugly as when he's talking.  blm   Jun-29-10 09:35 PM   #11 
  - For a Keebler Elf to rise to GOP hatchet man is IMPRESSIVE!  pinboy3niner   Jun-29-10 09:42 PM   #12 
  - In the right light his forehead shines like a mirror. n/t  Ozymanithrax   Jun-29-10 09:45 PM   #13 
  - He seems to be able to walk upright.  alfredo   Jun-29-10 09:45 PM   #14 
  - He has stopped beating his slaves  mitchum   Jun-29-10 09:46 PM   #15 
  - Nah... gah... dah...  Patsy Stone   Jun-29-10 09:47 PM   #16 
  - He's a wanker  pscot   Jun-29-10 09:49 PM   #17 
  - For a person as ignorant as he is, you'd think he'd drool more.  Ikonoklast   Jun-29-10 09:50 PM   #18 
  - He puts the myth of WASP supremacy to rest. . .  DinahMoeHum   Jun-29-10 09:51 PM   #19 
  - His head might be just what is needed  ashling   Jun-29-10 09:53 PM   #20 
  - He dresses real nice considering he shops in the boys section at Walmart.  BlueIdaho   Jun-29-10 09:55 PM   #21 
  - He makes me PROUD  MO_Dem   Jun-29-10 10:17 PM   #22 
  - He's a fairly effective carbon-sequestering object. N/T  ejbrush   Jun-29-10 10:38 PM   #23 
  - No.  TroglodyteScholar   Jun-29-10 10:39 PM   #24 
  - From the Simpsons  rpannier   Jun-29-10 10:39 PM   #25 
  - His voice is not as annoying or fey as Lindsey Graham=nice as I kin git eom  lunasun   Jun-29-10 11:30 PM   #26 
  - He's old. Hopefully getting closer to the end.  Zoeisright   Jun-29-10 11:34 PM   #27 
  - You're right.  Lugnut   Jun-30-10 12:38 AM   #28 
  - HE'S A PIECE OF SHIT!!  immoderate   Jun-30-10 12:47 AM   #29 

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