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Reply #7: I dont think we spend way too much, but it is definately being mismanaged... [View All]

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Jack_DeLeon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-10-07 12:09 AM
Response to Reply #3
7. I dont think we spend way too much, but it is definately being mismanaged...
Especially the big chunk in Iraq.

IMO Congress does alot of things that are not specifically mentioned in the US constitution, but national defense is definately in there. Esentially it and the legal sytem are among the few things the Consitution explicity allows the federal government to create.
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  -The military industrial complex needs to end when it consumes 50% our taxes. IChing  May-09-07 11:32 PM   #0 
  - minimal expenditure on a standing military....  mike_c   May-09-07 11:44 PM   #1 
  - I wish the person that voted 50% would defend that vote.........  IChing   May-09-07 11:52 PM   #2 
     - I voted it.  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:16 AM   #16 
        - If we even doubled what they spend we would be safe.  IChing   May-10-07 12:23 AM   #18 
           - "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:37 AM   #20 
              - Was That Latin Phrase Coined  lligrd   May-10-07 01:58 AM   #29 
                 - That doesnt make the phrase any less correct...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 02:03 AM   #30 
                    - I Say It Made It Suspect  lligrd   May-10-07 02:25 AM   #32 
  - I don't think it should be based off a percentage of our taxes  gravity   May-10-07 12:02 AM   #3 
  - I dont think we spend way too much, but it is definately being mismanaged...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:09 AM   #7 
  - Who and what are you defending gravity?  IChing   May-10-07 12:09 AM   #8 
     - Personally...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:12 AM   #12 
     - We need to defend our country and our interest  gravity   May-10-07 12:19 AM   #17 
        - Total world budget in military expenditures is a little over 1 trillion dollars...  Solon   May-10-07 01:21 AM   #27 
  - The military is only 17% of the budget.  scrinmaster   May-10-07 12:05 AM   #4 
  - me your link  IChing   May-10-07 12:07 AM   #5 
  - He's right.  Kelly Rupert   May-10-07 12:10 AM   #10 
  - Does that include Iraq?  gravity   May-10-07 12:08 AM   #6 
  - No, of course not  IChing   May-10-07 12:14 AM   #14 
  - Yeah I've heard that...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:10 AM   #9 
  - thanks for your thoughts  IChing   May-10-07 12:34 AM   #19 
     - Ever do your income taxes...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:38 AM   #21 
     - That pie chart omits the fact that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Unemployment aren't...  Selatius   May-10-07 12:45 AM   #23 
        - Thank you.........n/t  IChing   May-10-07 12:48 AM   #24 
        - They are still taxes that are paid by someone...  Jack_DeLeon   May-10-07 12:49 AM   #26 
     - I've provided one a bit lower in the thread.  Kelly Rupert   May-10-07 12:48 AM   #25 
  - OASDI/HI should always be stated separately ... it pays for itself and isn't discretionary.  TahitiNut   May-10-07 12:14 AM   #15 
  - 50% of our taxes? Sorry, but no.  Kelly Rupert   May-10-07 12:12 AM   #11 
  - Read #23. Says it all.  Alexander   May-10-07 02:25 AM   #31 
     - No, it doesn't.  Kelly Rupert   May-10-07 02:44 PM   #35 
  - I think the government takes in roughly 2 trillion dollars a year in total revenue.  Selatius   May-10-07 12:14 AM   #13 
  - I voted for 30% on a personal level .  IChing   May-10-07 12:45 AM   #22 
  - Far lower than 10%, that much is sure...  Solon   May-10-07 01:28 AM   #28 
  - What is the current percentage might be a good place to start the discussion from  Solo_in_MD   May-10-07 07:57 AM   #33 
  - around 20%, IMO  Odin2005   May-10-07 08:15 AM   #34 

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