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Reply #25: They said they want news to come from Petraeus only [View All]

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Canuckistanian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-09-07 07:02 PM
Response to Original message
25. They said they want news to come from Petraeus only
In terms of the WH and the president himself, "there is no longer any credibility"....

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  -BREAKING: 11 GOP CONGRESSMEN MEET WITH BUSH, ROVE, GATES, RICE.... DeepModem Mom  May-09-07 06:37 PM   #0 
  - Candid eh?  mmonk   May-09-07 06:38 PM   #1 
  - "candid"  seemslikeadream   May-09-07 06:39 PM   #2 
  - Shit, too bad it wasn't GOLDWATER and company....  MADem   May-09-07 06:39 PM   #3 
  - Is it an intervention or do they have arrest warrants?  Venus Dog   May-09-07 06:41 PM   #4 
  - good question  proud patriot   May-09-07 06:42 PM   #5 
  - I'd be happy with either, but would prefer the latter!  DeepModem Mom   May-09-07 06:42 PM   #6 
  - Were they wearing lifejackets?  Lastlaughin08   May-09-07 06:43 PM   #7 
  - That's what Jeff Gannon said.  Clark2008   May-10-07 11:37 AM   #82 
  - Russert was spinning this like mad. "Bush doesn't want to leave this war in the hands of another  Beausoir   May-09-07 06:44 PM   #8 
  - HUH??? When did that happen? I thought the "plan"  Raksha   May-09-07 06:49 PM   #14 
  - Someone here at DU posted a brilliant insight into this. I think it was called "Zero Sum Game".  Beausoir   May-09-07 06:52 PM   #19 
  - Russert was quoting Bush as saying these things in the meeting. nt  DeepModem Mom   May-09-07 06:54 PM   #21 
  - I took that to mean that  Nite Owl   May-09-07 08:24 PM   #53 
  - Amen. When they want the word out, they always go to good ole Timmy Russert.  BurtWorm   May-09-07 09:12 PM   #55 
     - everyone is banking on Petraeus the very same guy who is  alyce douglas   May-10-07 07:22 AM   #68 
        - which is silly because  Jacobin   May-10-07 07:54 AM   #73 
  - video here  CatWoman   May-09-07 06:44 PM   #9 
  - i refuse to down load another MS product.  antifaschits   May-09-07 06:48 PM   #13 
     - I was going to install Windows on my iMac but...  sellitman   May-09-07 08:34 PM   #54 
        - if you do, DO NOT BUY  antifaschits   May-10-07 07:02 AM   #67 
           - I already have Open Office.  sellitman   May-10-07 10:53 AM   #78 
           - Hey you MAC people. I just entered the fold.  EnviroBat   May-10-07 11:11 AM   #79 
              - if you wanna spend (waste) $350+ on MSORFICE for the mac  antifaschits   May-10-07 11:35 AM   #80 
  - Mr President, It is time for your and your entire administration to resign  liberal N proud   May-09-07 06:46 PM   #10 
  - This COULD get very interesting very fast.  Raksha   May-09-07 06:46 PM   #11 
  - You can watch a Brian Williams/Tim Russet video discussing this meeting  Purveyor   May-09-07 06:46 PM   #12 
  - Who were the Congress members? Has anyone gotten names? n/t  seafan   May-09-07 06:51 PM   #15 
  - Led by Reps. Charlie Dent and Mark Kirk. nt  DeepModem Mom   May-09-07 06:52 PM   #18 
     - Thanks, DMM. This is looking good. It's Nixon all over again. And then some.  seafan   May-09-07 07:27 PM   #39 
        - Olbermann referenced the Nixon meeting in reporting this meeting. nt  DeepModem Mom   May-09-07 07:39 PM   #45 
  - Who's blinking now???...n/t  Virginia Dare   May-09-07 06:51 PM   #16 
  - Calm down...  misanthrope   May-09-07 06:51 PM   #17 
  - I agree. This is all part of the Gooper plan. And, as usual, Russert lapped it up.  Beausoir   May-09-07 06:53 PM   #20 
     - I don't think it's part of any party "plan"...  misanthrope   May-09-07 06:59 PM   #23 
  - (rubs hands together)  cliss   May-09-07 06:56 PM   #22 
  - This is disgusting, pathetic, immoral  senseandsensibility   May-09-07 07:00 PM   #24 
  - They are a putrid lot, aren't they? More concerned about keeping their  Ilsa   May-09-07 07:07 PM   #31 
  - Putrid, indeed.  senseandsensibility   May-09-07 07:22 PM   #37 
  - Both of you are absolutely correct, sadly...  misanthrope   May-09-07 07:32 PM   #41 
  - You know, there are days when I see how a group could  Ilsa   May-09-07 09:28 PM   #57 
  - this is all about them and re election efforts, they are trying to  alyce douglas   May-10-07 07:25 AM   # 
  - this is all about them and re election efforts, they are trying to  alyce douglas   May-10-07 07:25 AM   #69 
  - Putrid is the perfect description. n/t  myrna minx   May-10-07 08:07 AM   #76 
  - Their mouths can't cover the checks that their asses cashed..  Virginia Dare   May-09-07 07:21 PM   #36 
  - They said they want news to come from Petraeus only  Canuckistanian   May-09-07 07:02 PM   #25 
  - woo fuckin hoo  NightWatcher   May-09-07 07:03 PM   #26 
  - Good!!! I hope the GoOPer party tears itself limb from limb.  roamer65   May-09-07 07:03 PM   #27 
  - Question: Isn't the "magic number" for override 290?  roamer65   May-09-07 07:06 PM   # 
  - Watch Countdown  hnmnf   May-09-07 07:04 PM   #28 
  - Bet Bush won't go along  illinoisprogressive   May-09-07 07:06 PM   #29 
  - So "Plan B" is to get your own party to come in and say...  rasputin1952   May-09-07 07:06 PM   #30 
  - Too late Rethugs to late  malaise   May-09-07 07:08 PM   #32 
  - 4 nouns and a verb  jimshoes   May-09-07 07:17 PM   #33 
  - Rove?  salinen   May-09-07 07:18 PM   #34 
  - how did THEY get to see the pres?  seemslikeadream   May-09-07 07:20 PM   #35 
  - Political theater, nothing more. These GOP politicians need to position  Marr   May-09-07 07:23 PM   #38 
  - Yup, and Timmy was selected as the megaphone. He clearly didn't learn anything from  Skidmore   May-09-07 08:14 PM   #50 
  - Precisely.  Beausoir   May-09-07 10:00 PM   #63 
  - Ha! Ha! He doesn't give a shit what they think either! He's not running in '08. Why the hell  in_cog_ni_to   May-09-07 07:31 PM   #40 
  - So the Republicans are going to come in and save the day  Horse with no Name   May-09-07 07:33 PM   #42 
  - My heart cries for them. Their 'Candor' isn't about our soldiers dying it's about re-election.  spanone   May-09-07 07:36 PM   #43 
  - too little too late  warrior1   May-09-07 07:36 PM   #44 
  - Has to be because of the two generals speaking out  eleny   May-09-07 08:03 PM   #46 
  - Question? Did this occur today?  spanone   May-09-07 08:07 PM   #47 
  - This occurred yesterday, and was reported by NBC, apparently exclusively, today. nt  DeepModem Mom   May-09-07 08:12 PM   #49 
     - How odd. No mention from NYTimes, CNN, Washington Post?? What's this shit?  spanone   May-09-07 08:15 PM   #52 
        - MSNBC IS General Electric  nadinbrzezinski   May-09-07 10:05 PM   #65 
  - Now, just imagine if we had some impeachment proceedings going on  Morgana LaFey   May-09-07 08:10 PM   #48 
  - I thought they were waiting until September to see if "the surge" worked....  Postman   May-09-07 08:14 PM   #51 
  - Interesting that at the same time, Cheney is in Baghdad....  speedoo   May-09-07 09:13 PM   #56 
  - K&R  Canuckistanian   May-09-07 09:52 PM   #58 
  - It was good to see  mvd   May-09-07 09:54 PM   #59 
  - "Bush doesn't want to leave this war in the hands of another president...  NastyRiffraff   May-09-07 09:56 PM   #60 
  - Bush doesn't want to pass this off to the next President?  progressoid   May-09-07 09:57 PM   #61 
  - Some of what Bush leaves the next President.  Theduckno2   May-09-07 11:02 PM   #66 
  - ah yes, I can smell the coffee 1974 at many levels  nadinbrzezinski   May-09-07 09:58 PM   #62 
  - k&r. i was just looking this up--  orleans   May-09-07 10:03 PM   #64 
  - Russert's report on this was vomit inducing  MadJohnShaft   May-10-07 07:40 AM   #70 
  - How ironic that the laziest president of all time is being done in  Sentinel Chicken   May-10-07 07:45 AM   #71 
  - This morn on msnbc  watercolors   May-10-07 07:51 AM   #72 
  - "I'm an ASSHOLE"  lonestarnot   May-10-07 08:00 AM   #74 
  - Mark Kirk (R - Scared Shitless)  KharmaTrain   May-10-07 08:03 AM   #75 
  - could NOT happen to two more deserving guys, except the Fat Hasturd.  antifaschits   May-10-07 11:37 AM   #81 
  - Rumor Has It...  KharmaTrain   May-10-07 02:17 PM   #85 
  - Sorry, but that is the BEST creative state designation ever! LOL!  DeepModem Mom   May-10-07 08:16 PM   #89 
  - Everything the chimp* has touched has turned to shit  catmandu57   May-10-07 08:26 AM   #77 
  - Who was it that met with Nixon to tell him that it's over?  The Backlash Cometh   May-10-07 01:26 PM   #83 
  - Barry Goldwater. n/t  PegDAC   May-10-07 02:36 PM   #86 
  - And today in his very public speech, Bush gives them all the middle finger  Generator   May-10-07 02:10 PM   #84 
  - Bush could care less about the GOP  JTFrog   May-10-07 02:42 PM   #87 
  - GOP Congressman Dent  JPZenger   May-10-07 02:53 PM   #88 
  - kick  wicket   May-10-07 09:09 PM   #90 

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