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Reply #50: You project more than a multiplex. [View All]

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Touchdown Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-10 06:12 PM
Response to Reply #40
50. You project more than a multiplex.
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  -When did Apple become uncool? Elmore Furth  May-15-10 10:48 AM   #0 
  - "When did cool become, um, uncool?" - Steeley Mike (R)  SpiralHawk   May-15-10 10:53 AM   #1 
  - Apple was never cool.  MattBaggins   May-15-10 10:54 AM   #2 
  - ALWAYS been way cooler than Microsoft.  ncteechur   May-15-10 08:18 PM   #94 
  - It became uncool from the start...  TampaAnimus2010   May-16-10 12:56 PM   #135 
  - They are not that uncool after selling 1 million I-Pads in under a month  flamingdem   May-15-10 10:56 AM   #3 
  - when they released the colored iMacs  Moochy   May-15-10 10:58 AM   #4 
  - I still have my Apple ][e, monitor, disk drives...  RC   May-15-10 11:45 AM   #8 
  - Nice!  Moochy   May-15-10 11:55 AM   #11 
  - I had an Apple ][+ before that and I did the wire for the proper shift key function.  RC   May-15-10 12:07 PM   #16 
  - Still running our old Cube as a music server.  Dappleganger   May-15-10 01:25 PM   #24 
  - When I was doing my undergrad they issued comps to the history profs...  Posteritatis   May-15-10 02:01 PM   #36 
  - Apple is still very cool!  donheld   May-15-10 11:06 AM   #5 
  - When they started working for the shareholders instead of the users  tularetom   May-15-10 11:38 AM   #6 
  - Me too and I had no idea apple was now uncool  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 01:16 PM   #21 
  - I've never understood the Mac/PC wars.  Blue-Jay   May-15-10 11:44 AM   #7 
  - Apple doesn't really make computers anymore  Dreamer Tatum   May-15-10 11:51 AM   #10 
  - That is just a really dumb thing to say.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:06 PM   #49 
  - It's inaccurate because the Macs are still real computers.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 06:52 PM   # 
     - Ah! I see. Sort of like Glenn Beck saying "SOCIALISM/NAZIS!"  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:58 PM   #78 
        - Well, maybe the poster was disingenuous and conveniently "forgot" the Macs.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 07:04 PM   #83 
           - Your in an Apple thread. Those that come here have no doubt.  Touchdown   May-15-10 08:18 PM   #95 
  - Apple's still the standard in media industries**nm  misanthrope   May-16-10 11:32 PM   #154 
  - And I've owned Macs only for nearly 20 years  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 01:27 PM   #26 
  - The dickishness isn't happening in the Macs, but in the iPhones and iPads.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 07:05 PM   #84 
     - And I don't feel dicked around.  Touchdown   May-15-10 07:21 PM   #91 
     - 2 iPhones and an iPad and no problems at all  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 10:18 PM   #109 
        - But you just don't know your iLife isn't whole without the Baby Shaker App.  Touchdown   May-15-10 10:42 PM   #115 
           - Generalization FAIL  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-16-10 11:52 PM   #156 
              - Using message board cliches FAIL!  Touchdown   May-17-10 11:30 AM   #158 
                 - You only read subject lines, don't you? Try addressing the body of the post. -nt  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-17-10 11:58 AM   #162 
                    - Body of your post is irrelevant.  Touchdown   May-17-10 01:11 PM   #165 
                       - I wasn't implying any of that, but hey, if the shoe fits...  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-17-10 01:14 PM   #166 
                          - Find my shoe!  Touchdown   May-17-10 01:25 PM   #168 
  - Art and commerce. Apple became the tool of choice by artist and publishers.  alfredo   May-15-10 07:12 PM   #86 
  - When they showed themselves to be Just Another Corporation.  Odin2005   May-15-10 11:47 AM   #9 
  - Apple is The Man, and The Man ain't cool.  Iggo   May-15-10 11:58 AM   #12 
  - They have always wanted to be the MAN, and now they are  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 12:08 PM   #17 
  - I've only recently started thinking they were uncool.  Marr   May-15-10 11:59 AM   #13 
  - When they became the new Microsoft  Arkana   May-15-10 12:00 PM   #14 
  - Huzza whatnow?  gmoney   May-15-10 09:31 PM   #102 
     - The serious restrictions have nothing to do with outside copyrights  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 10:37 PM   #114 
  - When oh when will the stupid OS wars stop?  nadinbrzezinski   May-15-10 12:05 PM   #15 
  - Its not about the OS wars for me, its their post sales restrictions they insist on  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 12:12 PM   #18 
  - All the apps I have on my iPhone and iPad are free  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 01:33 PM   #28 
  - I did not say user costs, its post purchase control by Apple  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 02:44 PM   #38 
  - THIS. It's NOT about the Macs.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 06:54 PM   #74 
  - And your point?  nadinbrzezinski   May-16-10 09:50 PM   #150 
  - Apple already lost the OS war  EvolveOrConvolve   May-15-10 01:22 PM   #23 
     - The only OS wars are in the small heads of immature users...  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:18 PM   #56 
     - Actually, the current evil by Apple isn't in the Macs.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 06:47 PM   #68 
        - I just wonder if you can come up with a more inflammatory term.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:55 PM   #75 
           - You're right, I was lazy. The more accurate term would be "dickish". Or perhaps "assholish".  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 07:06 PM   #85 
           - Laughing my ass off! It's as if Apple cause the oil platform explosion.  Touchdown   May-15-10 07:18 PM   #89 
              - And flipping somebody the bird isn't the My Lai massacre.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-16-10 11:30 PM   #153 
           - Actually evil just about covers their post sales control of hardware they no longer own  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 10:36 PM   #113 
              - If you say so.  Touchdown   May-15-10 10:44 PM   #116 
                 - Clearly my comments are pointed at the iPhone/iPad  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 10:48 PM   #117 
                    - No. Clearly I have it figured out.  Touchdown   May-15-10 11:00 PM   #119 
                       - I see you got the clairvoyancy app on your iPad  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 11:35 PM   #120 
                          - Projection of your delusions doesn't help you.  Touchdown   May-15-10 11:42 PM   #122 
                             - Why is Steve Job's allowed to control the use of H/W Apple no longer owns?  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 11:45 PM   #123 
                                - Apple never stops owning it.  Touchdown   May-16-10 12:03 AM   #125 
                                   - Legally they no longer own it, but they still control its use  ProgressiveProfessor   May-16-10 01:03 AM   #130 
                                      - Legally? You are so full of it!  Touchdown   May-16-10 03:16 PM   #139 
     - Apparently you know nothing of the nearly identical nature of the  cliffordu   May-16-10 12:29 AM   #127 
        - Apparently, you know nothing at all about me  EvolveOrConvolve   May-16-10 10:10 AM   #133 
           - If you were me, you'd be awesome, too.  cliffordu   May-16-10 02:22 PM   #137 
           - Talk about smug.  Touchdown   May-16-10 03:25 PM   #144 
              - Yep - I popped a little chubby over that one myself....  cliffordu   May-16-10 04:05 PM   #148 
  - Apple is the Red Sox...  Davis_X_Machina   May-15-10 12:20 PM   #19 
  - Nah, everybody....  KatyMan   May-15-10 07:00 PM   #80 
  - I think it's when they created a 10-mile dome, built a town inside, and legally adopted an infant so  MisterP   May-15-10 01:09 PM   #20 
  - The Question Is Pointless  Forrest Greene   May-15-10 01:21 PM   #22 
  - Winnah! (nm)  Book Lover   May-15-10 06:28 PM   #60 
  - My brother-in-law just made the switch over to Mac, he's part-owner of a software company.  Dappleganger   May-15-10 01:27 PM   #25 
  - I like this part as it's similar to what my friends say when they dumped Windows PCs for Apple.  Elwood P Dowd   May-15-10 01:40 PM   #32 
     - Let me tell you, he has been very anti-Apple over the years.  Dappleganger   May-15-10 01:45 PM   #33 
  - iPad is ordered,  Call Me Wesley   May-15-10 01:30 PM   #27 
  - Got my iPad for Mothers Day  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 01:34 PM   #29 
  - How is the typing?  Dappleganger   May-15-10 01:38 PM   #30 
  - Excellent!  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 05:44 PM   #43 
  - They're coming out here May, 28.  Call Me Wesley   May-15-10 01:50 PM   #34 
     - For a lightweight computer to read email and surf the net, the iPad can't be beat  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 06:40 PM   #66 
  - I got an iPhone for admin day  tammywammy   May-15-10 08:37 PM   #96 
  - when they became "the man" , i would say the ipod started it but the iphone did it in  La Lioness Priyanka   May-15-10 01:39 PM   #31 
  - About the time conservativism became popular.  Jakes Progress   May-15-10 01:56 PM   #35 
  - Was it when they started charging 2-4 times as much for laptops?  Taitertots   May-15-10 02:10 PM   #37 
  - Actually the Mac laptops I have owned perform better and last longer  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 05:46 PM   #44 
     - My PC laptops are just as fast, and I have not had any problems with them  Taitertots   May-15-10 05:57 PM   #47 
        - Hubby and I both purchased laptops at the same time  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 06:38 PM   #64 
           - Well, everything I've ever seen contradicts that  Taitertots   May-15-10 06:52 PM   #71 
           - My sister has gone through two cheap Dell laptops the past five years.  Elwood P Dowd   May-15-10 07:02 PM   #81 
              - Dell is Jewish nt  jxnmsdemguy65   May-15-10 09:17 PM   #98 
                 - So if you have two Dell laptops you have three websites?  Raschel   May-15-10 09:22 PM   #100 
                 - Fox News didn't tell her. All she knows is that they give $$$ to repukes.  Elwood P Dowd   May-15-10 09:30 PM   #101 
                 - The Farmer screws his Dells  Touchdown   May-15-10 09:42 PM   #104 
  - It was a job decision.  KonaKane   May-15-10 02:49 PM   #39 
  - Never understood the apple fanboys  frustrated_lefty   May-15-10 02:58 PM   #40 
  - Mac OS is glitchy? Has it been 20 years since you even used one?  Elwood P Dowd   May-15-10 03:32 PM   #42 
  - Well I'm not the least bit wealthy  proud2BlibKansan   May-15-10 05:50 PM   #45 
  - Macs start off at $599. That is not expensive. It isn't something that will  alfredo   May-16-10 12:44 PM   #134 
  - You project more than a multiplex.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:12 PM   #50 
     - Ohhh, SNAP!  Codeine   May-16-10 09:54 PM   #151 
  - I don't have a problem with Apple trying to control their product.  earth mom   May-15-10 03:23 PM   #41 
  - I will let you know when it happens, but I don't see it doing so for a very, very  Sherman A1   May-15-10 05:51 PM   #46 
  - The first second they said they were cool.  Kurt_and_Hunter   May-15-10 05:58 PM   #48 
  - Can you look up that statement for me? I seemed to have missed that event  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:14 PM   #53 
     - how about when they started  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:17 PM   #55 
        - I'm not buying your rationalizing again.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:22 PM   #57 
           -'s homepage during the whole iPad release craze  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:25 PM   #58 
              - Well don't you think your just clever. I ask about where they said "Cool"  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:30 PM   #62 
                 - I think someone ELSE should be responding to your request  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:43 PM   #67 
                    - Oh' you're right.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:48 PM   #69 
                       - forgive me for intruding on your obviously private conversation  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:49 PM   #70 
                          - ...  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:53 PM   #73 
                             - reality...give it a try sometime...  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:58 PM   #77 
                                - It's a plan!  Touchdown   May-15-10 07:13 PM   #88 
                                   - ok...I'll come to you...  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 07:21 PM   #90 
                                   - Ok, big confession time.  Touchdown   May-15-10 07:23 PM   #92 
                                   - Windows 7 is faster  lazarus   May-16-10 02:10 AM   #131 
                                      - Google is doing the same thing with Android.  Touchdown   May-16-10 03:20 PM   #142 
  - Yeah, cause everybody knows that shaking babies is ultra-cool!  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:13 PM   #51 
  - what in the fuck are you yammering about??? babies? n/t  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:16 PM   #54 
  - An app that Apple pulled from the store.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:26 PM   #59 
     - tacky...yep...something we agree on...  ProdigalJunkMail   May-15-10 06:28 PM   #61 
     - I see you're eager to reply to everything I post here... except post #79, just above.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-16-10 11:28 PM   #152 
     - I mean, below. -nt  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-17-10 11:59 AM   #163 
  - Neither Microsoft nor Linux can prevent PCs from running baby-shaking apps.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-15-10 06:59 PM   #79 
  - Replied. Happy now?  Touchdown   May-17-10 01:22 PM   #167 
     - Ah, jailbreaking. The process Apple goes to great lengths to punish you for.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-17-10 01:41 PM   #170 
  - I never actually figured out how they got the real baby into the phone.  HiFructosePronSyrup   May-16-10 02:13 AM   #132 
  - They were never cool to begin with?  Lyric   May-15-10 06:14 PM   #52 
  - Never was cool, but neither was Microsoft.  eShirl   May-15-10 06:30 PM   #63 
  - It wasn't a "mis-placed cellphone". It was stolen property.  Touchdown   May-15-10 06:40 PM   #65 
  - I never thought they were cool  Canuckistanian   May-15-10 06:52 PM   #72 
  - As soon as the guy on the ad started dating Drew Barrymore.  rucky   May-15-10 06:57 PM   #76 
  - after jobs and woz left the garage. n/t  miyazaki   May-15-10 07:02 PM   #82 
  - Apple became uncool as soon as I bought one  Generic Brad   May-15-10 07:13 PM   #87 
  - LOL  depakid   May-15-10 08:14 PM   #93 
  - +1  eShirl   May-15-10 10:15 PM   #108 
  - 1984 was a cautionary tale, Steve, not a user manual.  X_Digger   May-15-10 08:38 PM   #97 
  - Really? Room 101/O'Brien 1984? That one?  Touchdown   May-15-10 09:46 PM   #105 
     - So it was good enough for their commercial..  X_Digger   May-15-10 10:13 PM   #107 
        - It was an advertisement. Yours is an allegation alluding to actual tyrrany.  Touchdown   May-15-10 10:36 PM   #112 
           - Struck a nerve, eh?  X_Digger   May-16-10 03:03 PM   #138 
              - In order to strike a nerve, you'd have to say something reality based.  Touchdown   May-16-10 03:18 PM   #140 
  - When People Who Couldn't Do Business W/Jobs Got Pissed And Started a PR War  NashVegas   May-15-10 09:21 PM   #99 
  - Flash won't work on any portable device.  Touchdown   May-15-10 09:48 PM   #106 
  - WTF is this, anyway HIGHSCHOOL? I don't care about coolness. Just whether my computer works.  KittyWampus   May-15-10 09:35 PM   #103 
  - It's amazing that operating systems have become the next political parties.  KonaKane   May-15-10 10:22 PM   #110 
     - Its never was about the OS, at least for me. Apple really wasnt on the dark side unitl the iPhone  ProgressiveProfessor   May-15-10 11:47 PM   #124 
        - The Monsanto analogy is false.  Touchdown   May-16-10 12:16 AM   #126 
        - So Apple is just a HOA for the iPad then...  ProgressiveProfessor   May-16-10 12:56 AM   #128 
           - You don't have the high ground on this.  Touchdown   May-16-10 03:21 PM   #143 
        - For me it's just about what works best for the job. Pragmatism.  KonaKane   May-16-10 03:18 PM   #141 
  - Apple is forever cool  Sultana   May-15-10 10:35 PM   #111 
  - When IBM released the G5 processor. That thing ran too hot.  Touchdown   May-15-10 10:50 PM   #118 
  - Still cool and in the personal electronics world will always be the coolest.  bamacrat   May-15-10 11:42 PM   #121 
  - When conspicuous consumption by people with money to burn became uncool?  smalll   May-16-10 01:03 AM   #129 
  - Companies aren't cool--but products and commercials occasionally persuade us otherwise. n/t  Orsino   May-16-10 01:01 PM   #136 
  - Apple was cool? Buying ANYTHING because others think it's cool guarantees your uncoolness.  cherokeeprogressive   May-16-10 03:45 PM   #145 
  - Totally agree!!  Initech   May-16-10 03:48 PM   #147 
  - In about 1983, when they decided to go the proprietary route rather than open  slackmaster   May-16-10 03:48 PM   #146 
  - Yep. When the Mac came out was thinking of buying one - till I discovered that  panzerfaust   May-16-10 04:20 PM   #149 
  - My macbook was the worst performing computer I've ever owned  RedCappedBandit   May-16-10 11:44 PM   #155 
  - Using EFi-X you can build your own computer and run OS-X on it  TommyO   May-17-10 11:42 AM   #159 
     - Maybe even get sued by Apple too! Yeah! n/t  Statistical   May-17-10 11:54 AM   #161 
        - It hasn't happened in the 18 months that EFi-X has been around  TommyO   May-17-10 02:10 PM   #173 
           - You don't own OS X 10.6. You never have and never will.  Statistical   May-17-10 02:17 PM   #174 
              - And the chances of Apple filing suit against individual users is slim to none  TommyO   May-17-10 03:32 PM   #175 
                 - Chances of RIAA filing suit against people downloading songs is slim to..  Statistical   May-17-10 03:46 PM   #176 
  - Bought an Ipad for the wife, and another one for mom for mom's day.  Romulox   May-17-10 12:22 AM   #157 
  - just another corporate bully. nt  greencharlie   May-17-10 11:43 AM   #160 
  - Sounds like the author and OP don't actually know what "cool" means  CreekDog   May-17-10 12:20 PM   #164 
  - The answer to that quesiton is super simple  WeDidIt   May-17-10 01:37 PM   #169 
  - What is up with peoples brand worship?  TerribleLarryDingle   May-17-10 01:45 PM   #171 
  - All corporations end up being in love with greed over producing the product.  Jennicut   May-17-10 01:50 PM   #172 

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