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Reply #47: The only "investors" left on Wall Street are institutional and required by law [View All]

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Greyhound Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-29-10 06:03 PM
Response to Reply #41
47. The only "investors" left on Wall Street are institutional and required by law
to participate, the rest are gamblers betting on nothing more than short-term fluctuations in a rigged game.

Futures contracts are another gamble, as opposed to an investment, and while they do serve a purpose for the producers, there are so many less risky, more efficient means of addressing the vagaries of nature, that the overall result is still negative. And don't even try to conflate futures contracts with derivatives, the derivatives are nothing but side bets and are of no benefit to the producers.

The so-called financial industry is simply a gigantic thug raking 30% off the top of everybody's work.

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  -Does Wall Street produce ANYTHING? Why not have a 'War on Wall Street'? AnArmyVeteran  Apr-29-10 11:25 AM   #0 
  - The last time Wall Street took a hit, unemployment on "main street' shot up to ten percent.  HiFructosePronSyrup   Apr-29-10 11:26 AM   #1 
  - LOL! That's hilarious. If we base the economy only on tangible assets, it's done for.  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 11:28 AM   #2 
  - Yeah, but I've never heard of a violinist conspiring to make money on a bad performance  KansDem   Apr-29-10 11:44 AM   #5 
  - Your analogy is flawed,  naaman fletcher   Apr-29-10 11:54 AM   #9 
  - Not really...  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:18 PM   #14 
     - Your example here is one of fraud...  naaman fletcher   Apr-29-10 12:46 PM   #22 
  - Ah, so you have an idealized notion of everyone on Wall Street as evil and selfish,  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 12:13 PM   #13 
     - You're delusional  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:26 PM   #16 
     - Wow - I'm unwilling to broadbrush the entire modern (as of about 4000 years ago) economy  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 12:30 PM   #18 
        - If you think the economy today is like it was 4,000 years ago, you're delusional...  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:33 PM   #20 
        - 4,000 years ago?  Chulanowa   Apr-29-10 01:04 PM   #27 
           - Yes, it seems to have been about 4000 years ago (maybe earlier?) that we left the barter system  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 05:45 PM   #39 
              - Okay so I just want to be sure I understand  Chulanowa   Apr-30-10 12:22 AM   #51 
                 - LOL  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-30-10 08:04 AM   #52 
     - So, what does Wall St. produce that benefits  sabrina 1   Apr-29-10 04:23 PM   #34 
        - You ever buy anything with money? Ever get paid for a job?  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 05:57 PM   #44 
  - They provide a useful service  arikara   Apr-29-10 11:53 AM   #8 
  - No useful service? really? You seriously believe that?  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 12:11 PM   #12 
     - Do you think money circulated through Wall Street banks 4000  izzybeans   Apr-29-10 12:46 PM   #23 
        - Obviously, there was no Wall Street until Wall Street itself became a street in Manhattan.  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 06:03 PM   #48 
  - Allow me to explain for you  Chulanowa   Apr-29-10 01:02 PM   #26 
     - Since "tangible" means "touchable", it therefore means something physically real.  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 05:44 PM   #38 
        - That's one definition  Chulanowa   Apr-30-10 08:44 AM   #56 
  - Does the alphabet say anything?  zipplewrath   Apr-29-10 11:29 AM   #3 
  - But...but...Wall Street is capitalism and capitalism gives us freedom!  KansDem   Apr-29-10 11:36 AM   #4 
  - We need a regulated, open, system where people can buy and sell shares of stock.  pnwmom   Apr-29-10 11:49 AM   #6 
  - Wall street provides capital formation.  naaman fletcher   Apr-29-10 11:52 AM   #7 
  - I should be able to borrow from the government  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:28 PM   #17 
  - Well I agree..  naaman fletcher   Apr-29-10 12:48 PM   #24 
  - "Local banker?"  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:57 PM   #25 
     - That was my point..  naaman fletcher   Apr-29-10 01:06 PM   #28 
     - LOL! That's funny.  Rabrrrrrr   Apr-29-10 10:33 PM   #50 
        - I understood completely  KansDem   Apr-30-10 10:41 AM   #57 
  - you can to an extent  dem mba   Apr-29-10 01:28 PM   #31 
     - Aren't these loans made by private interests...  KansDem   Apr-30-10 10:45 AM   #58 
  - I'm not ignorant, I just reject Capitalkism.  Odin2005   Apr-29-10 05:34 PM   #36 
     - Bravo! +1  scarletwoman   Apr-29-10 05:52 PM   #42 
  - Yes, we should! nt  raccoon   Apr-29-10 12:06 PM   #10 
  - I could not disagree more with your post  taught_me_patience   Apr-29-10 12:06 PM   #11 
  - "They facilitate the flow of money from those who want to invest to those that need money to invest"  KansDem   Apr-29-10 12:30 PM   #19 
  - Ok, it's a given you either 'work on Wall Street' or someone in your family does...  AnArmyVeteran   Apr-29-10 03:16 PM   #33 
     - +1000 nt  laughingliberal   Apr-29-10 05:43 PM   #37 
     - Ok, it's a given you either 'work on Wall Street' or someone in your family does...  taught_me_patience   Apr-29-10 06:02 PM   #46 
  - externalities  Alcibiades   Apr-29-10 12:21 PM   #15 
  - This may be the most uninformed economic post I've ever seen on here.  cbdo2007   Apr-29-10 12:35 PM   #21 
  - What, you expect government officials to bite the hands that feed them?  MadHound   Apr-29-10 01:09 PM   #29 
  - K&R, no. n/t  Greyhound   Apr-29-10 01:23 PM   #30 
  - read this first, then let's talk  dem mba   Apr-29-10 01:38 PM   #32 
  - They create misery and poverty via the investor class stealing wealth from workers.  Odin2005   Apr-29-10 05:32 PM   #35 
  - Every minute of every day they go to work, they make the world worse.  Greyhound   Apr-29-10 05:49 PM   #40 
  - Wall Street gives the means for companies to purchase tangible goods and services  gravity   Apr-29-10 05:51 PM   #41 
  - The only "investors" left on Wall Street are institutional and required by law  Greyhound   Apr-29-10 06:03 PM   #47 
     - Futures decrease risks for farmers  gravity   Apr-29-10 06:15 PM   #49 
  - It's perfectly plausible to have a life without Wall St.  Canuckistanian   Apr-29-10 05:55 PM   #43 
  - The economy should be based on tangible assets, and tertiary services....  Ardent15   Apr-29-10 05:57 PM   #45 
  - Didn't you hear? We did....  RagAss   Apr-30-10 08:17 AM   #53 
  - Wall Street is a Casino for the rich. And you have to accept it as that  conspirator   Apr-30-10 08:19 AM   #54 
  - Wall Street DOES produce  SoCalDem   Apr-30-10 08:28 AM   #55 
  - K&R  The Damned   Apr-30-10 10:47 AM   #59 

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