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musette_sf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-04-07 04:01 PM
Response to Reply #26
30. since when
does relegating women to second class status = "integrity"?

of course, everyone else in the room also agreed with relegating women to second class status. except for equivocal Rudy with his "oh, it would be okay whether, or not, RvW were overturned". actually, that was worse than everyone else in the room.
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  -Ha Ha...MSNBC "Rate the GOP Candidates"....Ron Paul is winning blitzen  May-04-07 12:24 AM   #0 
  - Error: You don't have enough posts to recommend a thread  IamyourTVandIownyou   May-04-07 12:36 AM   #1 
  - thanks for trying, anyway...and keep on postin'  blitzen   May-04-07 01:02 AM   #3 
  - I gave this thread its 4th recommend  Mabus   May-04-07 01:04 AM   #4 
  - Ron Paul and Mittens were the big winners  Warpy   May-04-07 12:39 AM   #2 
  - Ha ha  nam78_two   May-04-07 01:09 AM   #5 
  - egad what a motley crew  frogcycle   May-04-07 01:19 AM   #6 
  - OMG!!! Check out Rudy and McCain before and after, THEY HATE THEM  Nimrod2005   May-04-07 05:16 AM   #7 
  - Not one of those men will be President...nt  and-justice-for-all   May-04-07 05:20 AM   #8 
  - Heehee, before the debate 72% of viewers had a positive rating. After, just 13%!  Liberty Belle   May-04-07 08:55 AM   #9 
  - I told you, Hagel Bloomberg & Thompson sat back and watched the rest implode...  Blackhatjack   May-04-07 09:16 AM   #10 
  - Exactly  Heywoodj   May-04-07 11:10 AM   #13 
  - Wow... you must not remember Ronald Reagan...  Clark2008   May-04-07 11:17 AM   #14 
  - Clark2008 I am SHOCKED, you mean you won't vote for Edwards? LOL  Blackhatjack   May-04-07 02:47 PM   #20 
  - BTW I think what I posted was accurate, Thompson is an actor... LINK  Blackhatjack   May-04-07 02:53 PM   #21 
  - I don't know why DUers think Repubs want an anti-war candidate  skipos   May-04-07 05:05 PM   #34 
  - And why is Ron Paul's picture so bad, and the rest so good on the MSNBC website?  Blackhatjack   May-04-07 09:20 AM   #11 
  - who long before they pull his name? nt  Javaman   May-04-07 10:27 AM   #12 
  - The freepers have a poll up too.  Sentinel Chicken   May-04-07 11:26 AM   #15 
  - What a shitty website!!! I love you, DU!  alstephenson   May-04-07 02:09 PM   #18 
  - DONE AND k&r  flyarm   May-04-07 11:33 AM   #16 
  - It's being slightly freeperized by Mittler Youth....but still funny  blitzen   May-04-07 11:34 AM   #17 
  - Vvery intresting. Thanks for posting.  cooolandrew   May-04-07 02:46 PM   #19 
  - Gingrich will jump in soon  knight_of_the_star   May-04-07 03:07 PM   #22 
  - I've been predicting Newt will be the Repo candidate for a while. now. The  John Q. Citizen   May-04-07 11:49 PM   #36 
     - Thankfully he's an easy target  knight_of_the_star   May-05-07 02:27 AM   #37 
        - Yep, he's already cooked.  John Q. Citizen   May-05-07 09:49 PM   #38 
  - Yeah, Ron Paul! Way to go. Can you imagine if they nom'ed him? nt  Ilsa   May-04-07 03:12 PM   #23 
  - good, cause hes batshit crazy.  lies and propaganda   May-04-07 03:41 PM   #24 
  - Capitalnews has a survey too.....  bentley   May-04-07 03:42 PM   #25 
  - People with libertarian leanings like participating in polls  slackmaster   May-04-07 03:46 PM   #26 
  - since when  musette_sf   May-04-07 04:01 PM   #30 
     - since when does saying Person A has more integrity than Person B  slackmaster   May-04-07 04:29 PM   #31 
        - well, aside from that No vote on the quagmire  musette_sf   May-04-07 04:38 PM   #32 
           - I measure traits like integrity and honesty on a continuum from -1 to +1  slackmaster   May-04-07 04:43 PM   #33 
  - This could be the bestest presidential campaign EVAR! Ron Paul vs. Mike Gravel!  scarletwoman   May-04-07 03:52 PM   #27 
  - Their front runner is a transgender?  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   May-04-07 03:53 PM   #28 
  - I voted for Brownback & Tancredo  depakid   May-04-07 03:55 PM   #29 
  - That was fun....  femrap   May-04-07 05:37 PM   #35 

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