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Reply #1: I think there is one, but I forget what it's called. n/t [View All]

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Ian David Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-16-10 07:01 PM
Response to Original message
1. I think there is one, but I forget what it's called. n/t
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  -This may sound crazy, but a question, can we start lonestarnot  Apr-16-10 07:00 PM   #0 
  - I think there is one, but I forget what it's called. n/t  Ian David   Apr-16-10 07:01 PM   #1 
  - There are unions that represent many fields of employment and smaller unions  havocmom   Apr-16-10 07:05 PM   #4 
  - Yes, I know, but not one that I've heard about that represents any and every kind of worker.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:25 PM   #5 
  - One for all types of workers?  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:27 PM   #7 
  - It's been done (and pretty well undone of late)  havocmom   Apr-16-10 07:02 PM   #2 
  - Going to. Thanks.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:25 PM   #6 
  - Excellent Idea!  Naturalist111   Apr-16-10 07:03 PM   #3 
  - Check out SEIU.  jody   Apr-16-10 07:39 PM   #8 
  - Thanks Jody, but they don't cover all workers.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:41 PM   #9 
     - SEIU and Wal-Mart joined forces to support health care reform. n/t  jody   Apr-16-10 07:50 PM   #13 
        - And SEIU represents Walfarters?  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:06 PM   #18 
           - OP asked for "a union that is not specific to any one employment". SEIU is one such union . Have a  jody   Apr-16-10 08:18 PM   #23 
           - SEIU started Walmart Watch  Omaha Steve   Apr-16-10 10:37 PM   #33 
  - You want the wobblies.  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 07:46 PM   #10 
  - No just members in the United States. No other countries.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:49 PM   #12 
     - Oh, I thought you were into solidarity...sorry.  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 07:52 PM   #14 
     - Because I'm tired of corporate outsourcing of jobs and receiving a benefit for doing so.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:05 PM   #17 
        - That makes no sense.  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 08:08 PM   #20 
           - Not if law is changed to stop making beneficial payments to corporations for outsourcing and with  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:15 PM   #21 
              - I'm stuck in one place? What?  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 08:21 PM   #24 
                 - Well do you believe there is power in numbers or don't you?  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:24 PM   #25 
                    - Yes, but you evidently don't. n/t  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 08:29 PM   #26 
                       - We already have a problem with Chinese ability to influence American elections due to last fucking  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:32 PM   #27 
                          - I think I understand where you are coming from.  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 08:35 PM   #28 
                             - I did not say any such thing you did.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:43 PM   #29 
                                - But American labor deserves higher wages than those in other countries?  TransitJohn   Apr-16-10 09:13 PM   #30 
                                   - No, but our fucking workers need jobs! WTF!  lonestarnot   Apr-17-10 12:09 PM   #40 
     - FAIL! The only way to stop outsourcing is INTERNATIONAL unionism.  Odin2005   Apr-16-10 10:30 PM   #31 
        - Explain please.  lonestarnot   Apr-17-10 12:10 PM   #41 
           - There are two choices, either capitulation to Corporatist depressing of wages, or...  Odin2005   Apr-17-10 07:42 PM   #44 
              - How are unions fairing in China and Japan?  lonestarnot   Apr-18-10 09:59 AM   #45 
  - Freelancers Union?  BrklynLiberal   Apr-16-10 07:46 PM   #11 
  - Cool.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 07:53 PM   #16 
  - Sounds like a good choice  Omaha Steve   Apr-16-10 10:56 PM   #36 
  - The answer is yes any union can organize any workers that want to be organized.  GrantDem   Apr-16-10 07:53 PM   #15 
  - It didn't used to be that way  Omaha Steve   Apr-16-10 10:52 PM   #34 
  - IWW?  Tierra_y_Libertad   Apr-16-10 08:08 PM   #19 
  - above. Thanks.  lonestarnot   Apr-16-10 08:17 PM   #22 
  - The WOBBLIES!!!  Odin2005   Apr-16-10 10:30 PM   #32 
  - I like that idea. Sorta a AARP for working people?  applegrove   Apr-16-10 10:56 PM   #35 
  - Yes, but I clearly missed global opportunism for workers. I'm being educated here though.  lonestarnot   Apr-17-10 12:15 PM   #43 
  - Since most large corporations don't pay any taxes that  Naturalist111   Apr-16-10 10:59 PM   #37 
  - In favor off international unions  Omaha Steve   Apr-16-10 11:02 PM   #38 
     - They've globalized capital, we have to globalize labor,  EFerrari   Apr-16-10 11:06 PM   #39 
     - ah... finally some sense to international unions appears. Thanks OS!  lonestarnot   Apr-17-10 12:13 PM   #42 

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