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Reply #3: "Taxed Enoughed" [View All]

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JuniperLea Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-15-10 05:39 PM
Response to Original message
3. "Taxed Enoughed"
But not near enough schooling, apparently.
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  -Tea Party Rally - pics Kadie  Apr-15-10 05:35 PM   #0 
  - Only hot young women should be allowed to wear a Wonder Woman outfit  bluestateguy   Apr-15-10 05:38 PM   #1 
  - How progressive of you. eom  ShortnFiery   Apr-15-10 05:48 PM   #8 
  - If camels had to walk on toes like that it would take a long time  rzemanfl   Apr-15-10 06:39 PM   #28 
  - lol, my eyes burned when I saw that one  krabigirl   Apr-18-10 04:40 PM   #38 
  - Portaits of stupidity.  lutefisk   Apr-15-10 05:39 PM   #2 
  - "Taxed Enoughed"  JuniperLea   Apr-15-10 05:39 PM   #3 
  - Looks more like a nut party  liberal N proud   Apr-15-10 05:40 PM   #4 
  - OMG! Warning! Graphic content! First pic is very disturbing.  Webster Green   Apr-15-10 05:40 PM   #5 
  - Undemocratic, racist, gun-centric fucks.  onehandle   Apr-15-10 05:43 PM   #6 
  - I can't help but to feel sorry for some of these folks. The repukes are using them just as they  county worker   Apr-15-10 05:46 PM   #7 
  - They are willfully ignorant.  tabasco   Apr-15-10 06:26 PM   #26 
  - Let's see...  Hell Hath No Fury   Apr-15-10 05:48 PM   #9 
  - Man, Linda Carter has really let herself go.  Forkboy   Apr-15-10 05:48 PM   #10 
  - k/r  ccharles000   Apr-15-10 05:49 PM   #11 
  - Wonder Woman's Grandmother??  flakey_foont   Apr-15-10 05:49 PM   #12 
  - They can't bitch about being called teabaggers.  ChimpersMcSmirkers   Apr-15-10 05:49 PM   #13 
  - lol note to self ...... don't drink coffee and open these pic links ever again ... n/t  polly7   Apr-15-10 05:54 PM   #14 
  - imagine, if you will  onethatcares   Apr-15-10 05:59 PM   #15 
  - For all their talk about personal freedom and liberty they really make a point of dissin' the gay  kitkat65   Apr-15-10 06:00 PM   #16 
  - Your average racist, right-wing tea bagger family?!! WTF?!!  nc4bo   Apr-15-10 06:00 PM   #17 
  - "Stop spending money?" Ah, another pro-recession tea-bagger.  muntrv   Apr-15-10 06:01 PM   #18 
  - Well after that first pic  shedevil69taz   Apr-15-10 06:01 PM   #19 
  - So...the real question to ask teabaggers still remains  Urban Prairie   Apr-15-10 06:06 PM   #20 
  - That first pic made me scream so loud my family came running  Generic Other   Apr-15-10 06:15 PM   #21 
  - Who excused that child from school today?? She needs to do more spelling practice.  proud2BlibKansan   Apr-15-10 06:17 PM   #22 
  - Very likely home-schooled.  kentauros   Apr-15-10 06:38 PM   #27 
  - I almost tossed my cookies coming into this thread.  liberalmuse   Apr-15-10 06:18 PM   #23 
  - Darwin's Nightmare  marmar   Apr-15-10 06:18 PM   #24 
  - WHAT? Is she wearing a FANNY PACK with her Wonder Woman costume?  Fleshdancer   Apr-15-10 06:24 PM   #25 
  - American Maid would have been more appropriate, anyway  kentauros   Apr-15-10 06:44 PM   #29 
  - Incredible collection of brain-dead losers.... wow.  Owl   Apr-15-10 06:46 PM   #30 
  - I want to tea bag Palin  underpants   Apr-15-10 06:48 PM   #31 
  - ew n/t  Control-Z   Apr-15-10 07:03 PM   #33 
  - Wonder "Woman" really has let himself, er ... whoops, "her"self  zbdent   Apr-15-10 06:54 PM   #32 
  - Some people simply have no self-respect...  The_Commonist   Apr-15-10 07:07 PM   #34 
  - Now those are some well educated people  IDemo   Apr-15-10 08:14 PM   #35 
  - The stupidest species on the planet  graywarrior   Apr-15-10 08:16 PM   #36 
  - Gary Snow-Brine RACIST software engineer Wells, Maine  realamerica2   Apr-18-10 04:29 PM   #37 
  - Laughable that these religious bigots speak in front of photos of Paine and Jefferson ro  krabigirl   Apr-18-10 04:41 PM   #39 

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