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Reply #61: I'm sorry you can't open your mind long enough to realize [View All]

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Kalyke Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-12-10 11:43 AM
Response to Reply #39
61. I'm sorry you can't open your mind long enough to realize
it wasn't all about slavery.

Here's something simply put:

Most of the men who fought in the Civil War on the South were too poor to own slaves. Do you really think they were fighting for Mr. Richy Rich to own slaves? No. They were fighting for a cause they believed in - state's rights.

Now, there's a legitimate argument that can be made that the ruling elite in the South came up with the state's rights issues to lure in the poor as cannon fodder, but, these poor weren't fighting for slavery (or didn't believe they were) - they, in their minds, were fighting for state's rights.

FWIW, I don't think the Iraqi War was justified - and you totally missed my point. The point is that the US military cannot go into Iraq or Afghanistan LEGALLY and tear it apart and leave it for the native people to clean up. It's banned under the Geneva Convention. The North should have given similar consideration to the Southern people after their side surrendered (yes, I realize Geneva wasn't around, but it's cause makes good sense).
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  -Who is MS is more likely to have a rebel flag on their truck? terrell9584  Apr-12-10 10:36 AM   #0 
  - you pretend that these yahoos actually know their history...  lame54   Apr-12-10 10:40 AM   #1 
  - I am from Biloxi  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 10:44 AM   #3 
  - so he wants his reparations?  lame54   Apr-12-10 10:49 AM   #9 
     - What reparations?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 10:56 AM   #14 
        - But these same southerners can't see how they are currently being taken advantage of...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:02 AM   #19 
        - They are being taken advantage of  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:04 AM   #21 
           - They are just having rights taken and being driven deeper into poverty...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:08 AM   #27 
           - That's a great tactic  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:28 AM   #48 
              - The repukes lie to your face...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:48 AM   #66 
           - Who is ridiculing the south?  merh   Apr-12-10 11:45 AM   #64 
        - +1 nt  Obamanaut   Apr-12-10 11:03 AM   #20 
        - I don't regard anyone as a second class citizen.  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 11:07 AM   #24 
  - You pretend you know something about the South.  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:06 AM   #23 
     - If the red headed step child would stop fighting against his own best interest...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:15 AM   #34 
     - Well, if the red-headed step-child were given some educational tools -  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:26 AM   #42 
     - If the red -headed boy would stop voting republican...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:29 AM   #49 
        - I know this and you know this, but Mr. & Mrs. Red-Head with  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:36 AM   #54 
           - that's bullshit...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:39 AM   #58 
     - Mississippi legislature and most Mississippi sheriffs offices  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:26 AM   #43 
        - a whipping boy like California?  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:28 AM   #46 
        - Not all of California gets "whipped."  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:33 AM   #51 
        - who are your quotes by?  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:45 AM   #65 
        - What quotes?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:52 AM   #68 
           - "treason", "hicks" and "rednecks"...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:54 AM   #69 
              - Well, let's think  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:56 AM   #72 
                 - Ok?...  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:57 AM   #73 
                 - Well, if we go back to 2004  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 12:03 PM   #78 
                    - first of all - Dean said he wanted to work WITH them...  lame54   Apr-12-10 12:50 PM   #87 
                 - The Treason line is factual. It is recorded history.  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 12:17 PM   #84 
        - Gene Taylor and Travis Childers are far far to the right of the national party  Hippo_Tron   Apr-12-10 01:01 PM   #91 
        - But they tend to vote Democratic on economic issues  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 02:16 PM   #108 
           - Taylor isn't anywhere near the traditional southern populism of say Huey Long or even Jimmy Carter  Hippo_Tron   Apr-12-10 02:41 PM   #110 
           - If he had voted for that health bill he would have been defeated  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 02:49 PM   #114 
              - I'm sure he would have  Hippo_Tron   Apr-12-10 02:59 PM   #118 
           - "corporate owned socially liberal DLC'er"  iris27   Apr-12-10 03:39 PM   #121 
           - Gene Taylor is a corporate owned DLCer  merh   Apr-12-10 07:02 PM   #123 
              - And that itself is IMO enough to vote for him over his Republican alternative given the district  Hippo_Tron   Apr-12-10 08:36 PM   #124 
                 - The only reason I ever vote for Taylor is because he is just  merh   Apr-12-10 08:56 PM   #125 
        - It's a two way street  MattBaggins   Apr-12-10 02:13 PM   #107 
           - for the record  merh   Apr-12-10 09:11 PM   #126 
     - Well as a fellow Southerner....  MicaelS   Apr-12-10 11:22 AM   # 
        - That's still not all that recent.  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:27 AM   #45 
        - So why don't we treat Bostonians poorly?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:38 AM   #56 
           - These Bostonians?  QC   Apr-12-10 02:46 PM   #113 
  - The USA does not have to apologize to traitors.  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 10:43 AM   #2 
  - And when a Southern white sees that attitude  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 10:44 AM   #4 
     - And this Proud American presumes they hate their country when that happens.  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 10:49 AM   #8 
     - Which makes for wonderful comedy  izzybeans   Apr-12-10 10:50 AM   #11 
     - That Southern white is an asshole  JVS   Apr-12-10 12:01 PM   #77 
     - Well, fuck those traitorous infants.  cliffordu   Apr-12-10 01:12 PM   #97 
     - No, when a Southern white who is obsessed about the Confederacy sees that ...  TexasObserver   Apr-12-10 02:56 PM   #116 
     - As excuse #5,000 for flying that rebel flag. That person doesn't listen to reason,  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 02:58 PM   #117 
  - OK, Reconstruction..., except for one glaring omission...  MicaelS   Apr-12-10 10:46 AM   #5 
  - Just because there was a war  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 10:51 AM   #12 
     - Sure it did.  WeDidIt   Apr-12-10 11:00 AM   #18 
     - So that means that?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:07 AM   #26 
        - Do you see a lot of swastika flags flying on gov. buildings in Germany these days?  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:22 AM   #40 
        - Hitler lost  WeDidIt   Apr-12-10 12:04 PM   #79 
           - So it's right when you win?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 12:06 PM   #82 
              - Yes.  WeDidIt   Apr-12-10 01:05 PM   #92 
     - Bullshit.  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 11:05 AM   #22 
     - Brooks-Baxter War  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:10 AM   #29 
        - From the Wiki you referenced.  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 11:28 AM   #47 
           - Government by the klan? Really?  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:35 AM   #52 
              - A Klan by any other name... nt  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 12:25 PM   #85 
     - Let me tell you something...  MicaelS   Apr-12-10 11:10 AM   #28 
     - Just because there was a war??? So, those traitors were to be  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 11:16 AM   #35 
     - Its what Lincoln was gonna do  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:36 AM   #53 
     - At the time I imagine they wanted the war to end in 1865 and not 1896 or something  Posteritatis   Apr-12-10 01:15 PM   #98 
        - You're exactly right. There was much discussion of exactly how to  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:50 PM   #104 
     - From what I remember from history class, those "armed bands of citizens" were the KKK...  Cleobulus   Apr-12-10 12:57 PM   #89 
  - Where I grew up it was likely some dude whose family heritage was north of  izzybeans   Apr-12-10 10:48 AM   #6 
  - I think the whole thing is about a black man taking a "white man's job"....  Bigmack   Apr-12-10 10:49 AM   #7 
  - "it hurts our side more than it hurts the GOP"  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 10:49 AM   #10 
  - Democratic Party  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 10:53 AM   #13 
  - Right. And the war wasn't really about slavery, either.  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 10:56 AM   #15 
  - Best response in the thread  proud2BlibKansan   Apr-12-10 11:00 AM   #17 
  - Lemme guess.  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:14 AM   #31 
     - Actually, the folks who believe the war was fought for reasons other than slavery  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 11:22 AM   #39 
     - I'm sorry you can't open your mind long enough to realize  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:43 AM   #61 
        - No, they were fighting because a bunch of RICH white men  MicaelS   Apr-12-10 11:51 AM   #67 
        - That's exactly what happened. And it IS still going on today. nt  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 11:54 AM   #70 
        - I have met many people in my life  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 12:00 PM   #76 
        - Heritage of what?  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 12:09 PM   #83 
        - All Mississippians had to do was read their own declaration of secession:  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:28 PM   #100 
     - A Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union.  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 11:27 AM   #44 
        - But...but...but slavery had NOTHING to do with it! nt  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 12:59 PM   #90 
        - The Mississippi Declaration of Secession:  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:06 PM   #93 
  - Sensitive bastards for a bunch of manly men, aren't we?  TacticalPeek   Apr-12-10 10:57 AM   #16 
  - Good post, and I mostly agree with your analysis.  superduperfarleft   Apr-12-10 11:07 AM   #25 
  - Hysterical cries of treason??? What part of attacking the United States  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 11:12 AM   #30 
  - What does screaming "treason" accomplish?  superduperfarleft   Apr-12-10 11:15 AM   #33 
  - I live here now and was born here and I'm not excusing the South's  Kalyke   Apr-12-10 11:20 AM   #38 
     - And those the republicans give lip service to  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 12:56 PM   #88 
  - I disliked the OPs use of "apology".  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 11:14 AM   #32 
     - Most Americans learn about Southern segregation  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:17 AM   #36 
     - Even bigger is ethnic hatred (irish, italians, etc).  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 11:19 AM   #37 
     - It's the southern action of voting republican that indicates lower intelligence  lame54   Apr-12-10 11:24 AM   #41 
        - When you call someone dumb for how they vote  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:41 AM   #60 
  - More Southern revisionist history  MadHound   Apr-12-10 11:32 AM   #50 
  - +1 nt  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 11:37 AM   #55 
  - + +  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 03:05 PM   #119 
  - I find it interesting that there is so much concern for how the  CBR   Apr-12-10 11:39 AM   #57 
  - Great point  JerseygirlCT   Apr-12-10 11:55 AM   #71 
  - It's the symbolism.  KatyMan   Apr-12-10 11:39 AM   #59 
  - So when Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels and all those Southern rock bands  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 11:44 AM   #62 
     - Their intentions may of course be benign, and in the cases  KatyMan   Apr-12-10 12:05 PM   #80 
     - At the very least it means that the members of those particular bands  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:53 PM   #105 
  - Here's something fer ya  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Apr-12-10 11:44 AM   #63 
  - Dear South:  Arugula Latte   Apr-12-10 11:58 AM   #74 
  - When I see the Confederate flag, it screams implied racism.  Lucian   Apr-12-10 12:00 PM   #75 
  - The main problem in the South today is looking to be a victim.  nealmhughes   Apr-12-10 12:05 PM   #81 
  - Great post  mochajava666   Apr-12-10 01:54 PM   #106 
  - Define which flag you are talking about...  Cleobulus   Apr-12-10 12:47 PM   #86 
  - Quantrill.  cliffordu   Apr-12-10 01:06 PM   #94 
  - Or, fort pillow....  cliffordu   Apr-12-10 01:09 PM   #95 
     - OR, Andersonville, which, as I recall was one of the motivators for the  cliffordu   Apr-12-10 01:11 PM   #96 
     - OMG. I didn't know about that. Thank you for teaching me something today.  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:33 PM   #102 
        - Gladly...  cliffordu   Apr-12-10 04:36 PM   #122 
  - The South are the sorest losers in the history of the Earth  Bluenorthwest   Apr-12-10 01:27 PM   #99 
  - I really feel for Democrats in the South. Every time I go home I thank  DevonRex   Apr-12-10 01:31 PM   #101 
  - Re: the Butler calumny -  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 01:46 PM   #103 
  - Freedom of Speech  terrell9584   Apr-12-10 02:37 PM   #109 
     - It's called 'martial law'.  RaleighNCDUer   Apr-12-10 02:44 PM   #111 
     - First amendment did not cover them  NutmegYankee   Apr-12-10 03:25 PM   #120 
  - As many a WINNER has said to many a LOSER; FUCK THEM  CBGLuthier   Apr-12-10 02:45 PM   #112 
  - He may consider himself a Democrat, but I'll bet he doesn't vote Democratic.  TexasObserver   Apr-12-10 02:50 PM   #115 

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