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DEAR GOD, Please GIVE These People Their Own Country [View All]

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Segami Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-27-10 01:51 PM
Original message
DEAR GOD, Please GIVE These People Their Own Country
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" I dont really mean that, but, you know, only sometimes
Joseph Farah of World Nut Daily endorsed secession this week.

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What does he think would be so good about it? It would deprive statists of our very lives.

The problem, of course, is that statists know their country wouldnt last a month without all the productive people who make up non-statist America. Statism only works by bleeding people, preying on them, leeching off them, coercing them, taxing them and oppressing them. The statists know very well that non-statists have nowhere else to go and thats the way the statists like it. Thats the way they need it.

Politijabber gentrfam wanted to see how Farahs wishful thinking held up:

< />

Okay, lets carve the country into two states dividing it by red and blue. The blue country will be, obviously, a weird split country. Blue would get New York, Massachusetts, California, etc.

At the BEA you can draw a map of the US by GDP. Florida, Georgia, Texas and North Carolina are in the top ten by GDP and Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are in the bottom quintile. (Who gets Ohio?)

You can also download a chart of the real GDP (in 2000 dollars) of each state. My back of the envelope calculation (I gave Red Florida, Indiana, and Ohio, but I kept Nevada in Blue) shows:

Red 5,104,160
Blue 6,417,415

Thats in millions, so Blue has an economy about $1.3 trillion bigger than Red.

Federal Benefits versus taxes paid

< >

New York has never gotten more than 93 cents back of every tax dollar pays. In 2005, it was 79 cents

Mass has gotten a cent or two more than the dollar it pays, but it is now down to 82 cents.

Ditto California down to 78 cents.

Of the top 10 states that are paying more in taxes than they are getting back, every one of them voted for Obama. New Hampshire, Nevada and Colorado would have to choose which new country they wanted to be in, though, since none are solidly blue.

Of the top 10 leeches, 8 were red.

DC and New Mexico got more back than they put in. I assume DC would go to the blue country.

Heres a map of median income


The top two shades of green are above the national median income for households. Of red states, only Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Virginia are above the median.

Yeah, secession sounds great, Farah, you go right ahead.

Well miss you Texas. Well, well miss you Austin, Texas. You were pretty cool. Maybe we can get entry visas for SXSW?


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