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Reply #: Jukeboxes pay royalties. [View All]

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Atman Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-15-10 10:58 AM
Original message
Jukeboxes pay royalties.
Yup. Most jukeboxes play MP3s now, which are easily auditable, and the jukebox vendor responsible for installing the machine pays royalties on the music played.
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  -If I use an MP3 I have when making a video Inchworm  Mar-15-10 10:42 AM   #0 
  - are you using it with or without the artist's permission? Also, is the site where you  cbdo2007   Mar-15-10 10:46 AM   #1 
  - I guess  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 10:49 AM   #6 
     - I would get a team of lawyers involved if I were you.....  cbdo2007   Mar-15-10 10:57 AM   #13 
  - you should give credit on the video, so that anyone watching,  paulk   Mar-15-10 10:46 AM   #2 
  - Good point  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 10:50 AM   #8 
  - Get permission in writing from whoever owns the copyright to that audio recording,  begin_within   Mar-15-10 10:46 AM   #3 
  - unless the "fair use" clause applies  eShirl   Mar-15-10 10:49 AM   #7 
  - Great googly moogly!  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 10:52 AM   #9 
     - Jukeboxes pay royalties.  Atman   Mar-15-10 10:58 AM   # 
     - Jukeboxes played music for money and paid royalties to ASCAP...  rfranklin   Mar-15-10 11:00 AM   #16 
     - Wow - didn't know that jukebox operators did that  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:02 AM   #18 
     - Yes...  rfranklin   Mar-15-10 11:10 AM   #22 
     - Yep....even the crappiest band playing in your local bar *should* be  cbdo2007   Mar-15-10 11:14 AM   #24 
        - Interesting stuff  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:18 AM   #26 
        - the tiny gift shop should have been exempted per the Sonny Bono  hlthe2b   Mar-15-10 12:02 PM   #37 
           - That may be true......  cbdo2007   Mar-15-10 01:21 PM   #42 
     - Well, if you want to have all your bases covered,  begin_within   Mar-15-10 03:03 PM   #46 
  - It really depends on what the purpose of your video is...nt  Romulox   Mar-15-10 10:47 AM   #4 
  - Making puppy videos to create more interest  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 10:54 AM   #10 
     - You may have a decent Fair Use argument there...  Romulox   Mar-15-10 10:58 AM   #14 
     - Thanks  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:06 AM   #20 
     - Are you making an actual video or a slide show?  cbdo2007   Mar-15-10 11:02 AM   #17 
        - It is video with slides within  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:08 AM   #21 
  - Not a pirate  jdlh8894   Mar-15-10 10:47 AM   #5 
  - Darn  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 10:55 AM   #11 
  - Actually, you have no legal right to use and republish the artist's work  Atman   Mar-15-10 10:56 AM   #12 
  - You don't know what you're talking about. 17 USC 107--look it up.  Romulox   Mar-15-10 10:59 AM   #15 
  - "Fair Use" is very often interpreted wrongly by people like you...  Atman   Mar-15-10 11:34 AM   #29 
     - You're still off base. Fair Use isn't limited to educational situations  Romulox   Mar-15-10 02:43 PM   #43 
        - I didn't say it was LIMITED to educational use!  Atman   Mar-15-10 03:02 PM   #45 
           - A basic rule of legal construction is that "such as" lists are not exhaustive...  Romulox   Mar-15-10 03:10 PM   #47 
              - I'm not citing case law. I'm citing reality.  Atman   Mar-15-10 07:29 PM   #48 
                 - What controlling authority *can* you cite then? Or is all of this just "horse sense"?  Romulox   Mar-16-10 01:49 PM   #50 
  - Seems crazy to me, really  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:12 AM   #23 
  - Yep, and as illustration: think of politicians who have used music without consent  havocmom   Mar-15-10 11:28 AM   #28 
  - Depending on the use it may (or may not) fall under fair use.  Statistical   Mar-15-10 11:06 AM   #19 
  - And.. it seems if my purpose falls under Fair Use  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:16 AM   #25 
     - Yeah it is confusing.  Statistical   Mar-15-10 11:20 AM   #27 
        - It's not really confusing: if it's not yours, don't use it without permission.  Atman   Mar-15-10 11:37 AM   #30 
           - No it isn't that simple. YOU HAVE FAIR USE RIGHTS!  Statistical   Mar-15-10 11:41 AM   #31 
           - I can't stand the RIAA, and you DO NOT automatically have "fair use" rights.  Atman   Mar-15-10 11:55 AM   #34 
              - Did you even read my post. I never said fair uses covers everything.  Statistical   Mar-15-10 12:11 PM   #39 
                 - Maybe you need to do the same -- start by reading your own posts!  Atman   Mar-15-10 12:32 PM   #40 
           - Is there a time limit?  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:45 AM   #32 
              - Classical music is generally copyright-free.  Atman   Mar-15-10 11:58 AM   #36 
              - Yes, copyright expires, but 40 years isn't long enough...  Spike89   Mar-17-10 02:46 PM   #54 
  - If money is exchanged as a part of the transaction...even to sell pets...yes.  Ozymanithrax   Mar-15-10 11:55 AM   #33 
  - I used "sell" incorrectly  Inchworm   Mar-15-10 11:58 AM   #35 
  - You should contact the onwer of the material or the owner's agent  Ozymanithrax   Mar-15-10 12:06 PM   #38 
  - This is categorically wrong. The SCOTUS has *specifically* said that commerical use does not  Romulox   Mar-15-10 02:45 PM   #44 
     - TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!  Atman   Mar-15-10 07:33 PM   #49 
  - The best way to think of Fair Use...  Spike89   Mar-15-10 01:07 PM   #41 
  - "the mp3 is from my CD I purchased" ... highly doubtful.  OneTenthofOnePercent   Mar-16-10 01:59 PM   #51 
     - It is legal to make copies!  Spike89   Mar-16-10 05:41 PM   #52 
     - Backing up your own CDs is perfectly legal. You amateur Clarence Darrows are too much. nt  Romulox   Mar-17-10 09:46 AM   #53 
        - Unless, it is copy protected  Spike89   Mar-17-10 03:11 PM   #55 
           - Right. But that's the DMCA. Not copyright. nt  Romulox   Mar-17-10 03:29 PM   #56 

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