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Reply #72: Thanks. I was in California when Ronald Reagan ended the [View All]

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MineralMan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-24-10 06:29 PM
Response to Reply #69
72. Thanks. I was in California when Ronald Reagan ended the
state's programs for the mentally ill, dumping them off onto the counties, which promptly avoided dealing with the problem altogether.

I'm married to a woman with bipolar disorder. It's very well controlled with medication, but there have been a few difficult times. Fortunately, we have health insurance which covers her treatment.

For people without the financial resources we have had, there is literally no help at all. Sadly, suicide is the frequent result. This is why I'm 100% for Universal Single-Payer healthcare. I don't see it on the immediate horizon, but it is coming.

For those who are not involved with people who have mental illness, they simply do not understand. Properly treated, which can take a long time and lots of changes in methods, it's manageable in most cases. Left untreated, and it's a real killer.

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  -Is suicide OK? OnlinePoker  Feb-24-10 02:30 PM   #0 
  - It's a choice thing. n/t  Obamanaut   Feb-24-10 02:32 PM   #1 
  - There is no way to answer this IMO.  Shell Beau   Feb-24-10 02:34 PM   #2 
  - Agreed.  Initech   Feb-24-10 05:51 PM   #65 
  - Well, suicide is against the law in most places. How do they impose a penalty?  HopeHoops   Feb-24-10 02:34 PM   #3 
  - They prosecute attempts n/t  NoNothing   Feb-24-10 02:46 PM   #16 
  - and it gives authorities the ability to impose treatment even if the survivor is against it  gmoney   Feb-24-10 05:27 PM   #54 
  - Perhaps I should have used the sarcasm smiley.  HopeHoops   Feb-25-10 07:49 AM   #96 
  - Yes, although it's tragic someone gets to that point, and heartbreaking to the  gateley   Feb-24-10 02:34 PM   #4 
  - No.  OneTenthofOnePercent   Feb-24-10 02:35 PM   #5 
  - Yes, suicide should carry the death penalty  leftstreet   Feb-24-10 02:36 PM   #7 
  - It's a person's choice  KingFlorez   Feb-24-10 02:36 PM   #6 
  - Suicide can harm more people than just the ones taking their life.  Urban Prairie   Feb-24-10 02:38 PM   #8 
  - Another reason we need Universal Health Care.  MineralMan   Feb-24-10 02:45 PM   #15 
  - Depends on the situation.  MadBadger   Feb-24-10 02:40 PM   #9 
  - the reason suicide is different, is because people argue that no one in good mental health can make  La Lioness Priyanka   Feb-24-10 02:40 PM   #10 
  - That's a cop-out  NoNothing   Feb-24-10 02:49 PM   #19 
  - i am not saying that i believe any of this but the argument is different  La Lioness Priyanka   Feb-24-10 02:53 PM   #23 
  - See my response below for a "non-cop out" answer that does include discussing mental illness.  Political Heretic   Feb-24-10 05:56 PM   #68 
  - People may argue that, but on what basis?  FiveGoodMen   Feb-24-10 03:04 PM   #30 
     - suicidal people who do not have terminal illness are often depressed?  La Lioness Priyanka   Feb-24-10 03:07 PM   #35 
        - "no one in good mental health can make this choice" is a lot different from  FiveGoodMen   Feb-24-10 04:54 PM   #50 
        - Depression doesn't render a person incapable of making rational decisions.  AlienGirl   Feb-25-10 04:32 AM   #88 
           - Not always, but it certainly can. Depends on the severity  Caliman73   Feb-25-10 02:04 PM   #100 
  - Yes. It's sad, but it's none of anyone else's business.  MineralMan   Feb-24-10 02:41 PM   #11 
  - You speak for me, MineralMan...  JuniperLea   Feb-24-10 06:21 PM   #69 
     - Thanks. I was in California when Ronald Reagan ended the  MineralMan   Feb-24-10 06:29 PM   #72 
        - Indeed!!  JuniperLea   Feb-24-10 07:03 PM   #76 
  - It is the environmentally responsible choice  AngryAmish   Feb-24-10 02:41 PM   #12 
  - SOYLENT GREEN IS MADE FROM PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  damyank913   Feb-25-10 08:19 AM   #98 
  - As the economy sours even more, look for more acceptance of suicide...  KansDem   Feb-24-10 02:42 PM   #13 
  - Every effort should be into the prevention of sucicide but..  Laura902   Feb-24-10 02:43 PM   #14 
  - I'm not going to stop you.  HiFructosePronSyrup   Feb-24-10 02:46 PM   #17 
  - Excellent this case, at least...  MineralMan   Feb-24-10 02:52 PM   #20 
  - Depends  ismnotwasm   Feb-24-10 02:47 PM   #18 
  - Fucking should be  libodem   Feb-24-10 02:52 PM   #21 
  - i heard liberals are pro-suicide  Enrique   Feb-24-10 02:53 PM   #22 
  - lol  fascisthunter   Feb-24-10 02:56 PM   #24 
  - MUSLIN DEATH PANELS!!!1  Quantess   Feb-24-10 03:07 PM   #34 
  - I don't see how that applies to abortion, You really can't stop someone from committing suicide.  951-Riverside   Feb-24-10 02:56 PM   #25 
  - I have suffered from depression for years, along with the suicidal thoughts. I am much better now  Jennicut   Feb-24-10 02:56 PM   #26 
  - I would have no problem ending my life if I thought that whatever  Paper Roses   Feb-24-10 02:57 PM   #27 
  - I agree with you completely  Chemisse   Feb-24-10 03:05 PM   #31 
  - Paper Roses, Chemisse, and Hekate -- older ladies who've seen enough to know the facts...  Hekate   Feb-25-10 02:31 PM   #103 
  - I'm for assisted Suicide  fascisthunter   Feb-24-10 03:00 PM   #28 
  - I'm all over the place on this one....  Fleshdancer   Feb-24-10 03:01 PM   #29 
  - "his action destroyed his family and crushed his friends"  Oregone   Feb-24-10 03:08 PM   #36 
     - he was only 15 yrs old  Fleshdancer   Feb-24-10 03:17 PM   #39 
        - "Who's to say that treating him for depression wouldn't have made him happy and alive today?"  Oregone   Feb-24-10 03:24 PM   #41 
           - hmmm...  Fleshdancer   Feb-24-10 03:34 PM   #43 
           - Same here  Oregone   Feb-24-10 03:38 PM   #44 
           - There is no objective point to where people stop...  Caliman73   Feb-24-10 03:52 PM   #45 
              - Thanks for your insights n/t  Oregone   Feb-24-10 03:54 PM   #46 
              - Thank you for being so articulate about this part of the equation...  Hekate   Feb-25-10 03:39 PM   #104 
              - Excellent post!  Fire_Medic_Dave   Feb-25-10 04:03 PM   #107 
  - I guess...  Oregone   Feb-24-10 03:06 PM   #32 
  - yes, absolutely, without qualification....  mike_c   Feb-24-10 03:07 PM   #33 
  - No qualifications?  Caliman73   Feb-24-10 04:13 PM   #47 
  - no, I think the situation you've described is different than the ones...  mike_c   Feb-24-10 05:45 PM   #63 
     - saying goodbye is difficult...  Caliman73   Feb-24-10 07:04 PM   #77 
  - so if someone is out on a ledge, it would be wrong to try to talk them down?  fishwax   Feb-24-10 05:43 PM   #62 
     - see #63....  mike_c   Feb-24-10 05:46 PM   #64 
     - No more wrong than trying to talk someone out of an abortion.  AlienGirl   Feb-25-10 04:34 AM   #89 
  - Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, but I can take or leave it if I try  lame54   Feb-24-10 03:08 PM   #37 
  - I think it should be an individual's decision, not government.  Edweird   Feb-24-10 03:14 PM   #38 
  - Angle of argument  Caliman73   Feb-24-10 03:24 PM   #40 
  - very well written response.  La Lioness Priyanka   Feb-24-10 03:27 PM   #42 
  - My grandfather, a former logger, spent four years immobile in a hospital bed, unable to die  AlienGirl   Feb-25-10 04:45 AM   #90 
     - There will always be exceptions.  Caliman73   Feb-25-10 01:49 PM   #99 
  - the state is not going ot step in and stop most suicides. once decided, state doesnt participate  seabeyond   Feb-24-10 04:16 PM   #48 
  - yes -  Warren Stupidity   Feb-24-10 04:24 PM   #49 
  - In some instances it should be encouraged.  11 Bravo   Feb-24-10 05:00 PM   #51 
  - Suicide is horrible for family and friends  Geek_Girl   Feb-24-10 05:08 PM   #52 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-24-10 06:37 PM   #74 
     - I am someone who had a family member Kill themselves and Know first hand  Geek_Girl   Feb-25-10 06:40 AM   #91 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-10 08:08 AM   #97 
           - That's going too far  Hekate   Feb-25-10 03:45 PM   #105 
  - An absolute right to life implies an absolute right to give up that life.  AlienGirl   Feb-24-10 05:20 PM   #53 
  - That doesn't logically follow at all.  Political Heretic   Feb-24-10 05:56 PM   #67 
     - If one does not own ones own life and body...  beevul   Feb-24-10 09:51 PM   #84 
  - Stop them how?  RagAss   Feb-24-10 05:29 PM   #55 
  - I happen to be in favor of decriminalizing suicide and assisted suicide. nt  inna   Feb-24-10 05:35 PM   #56 
  - Yep.  Iggo   Feb-24-10 05:36 PM   #57 
  - Well, give a shot and let us know. :)  Nikki Stone1   Feb-24-10 05:36 PM   #58 
  - Yes.  HCE SuiGeneris   Feb-24-10 05:37 PM   #59 
  - ...  Soylent Brice   Feb-24-10 05:37 PM   #60 
  - *snarf*  Maru Kitteh   Feb-24-10 06:26 PM   #71 
     - A snarf is useless without pics...  beevul   Feb-24-10 09:54 PM   #85 
        - ...  Soylent Brice   Feb-25-10 07:11 AM   #92 
  - ok? hell it should be encouraged  seeinfweggos   Feb-24-10 05:41 PM   #61 
  - Depends on whether or not there is mental illness involved.  Political Heretic   Feb-24-10 05:54 PM   #66 
  - Depression can be just as painful as physical illness, and isn't always treatable  AlienGirl   Feb-25-10 04:29 AM   #87 
  - Yes, suicide is ok. A person owns his or her body.  TexasObserver   Feb-24-10 06:23 PM   #70 
  - +1  Barack_America   Feb-24-10 06:31 PM   #73 
  - I have bipolar II and have been suicidal in the past...  lightningandsnow   Feb-24-10 06:40 PM   #75 
  - Best of everything to you, lightningandsnow!  JuniperLea   Feb-24-10 07:10 PM   #78 
  - In my view, yes.  Vidar   Feb-24-10 07:17 PM   #79 
  - Yes. Is personal choice.  slay   Feb-24-10 07:27 PM   #80 
  - Fuck yeah it's OK.  bemildred   Feb-24-10 07:38 PM   #81 
  - Its a mistake to focus on "suicide". Asking if its ok asks the wrong question.  beevul   Feb-24-10 09:46 PM   #82 
  - Tough call, as the person whose vote matters most is the person over whom  saltpoint   Feb-24-10 09:49 PM   #83 
  - Thank-you all  OnlinePoker   Feb-24-10 11:02 PM   #86 
  - In the end, the only thing we own is ourselves  queenjane   Feb-25-10 07:24 AM   #93 
  - If the shoe fits wear it  madokie   Feb-25-10 07:28 AM   #94 
  - The suicides in Romeo and Juliet inspire astonished and staggering  saltpoint   Feb-25-10 07:30 AM   #95 
  - The pro-life thread isn't really a pro-life thread  walldude   Feb-25-10 02:08 PM   #101 
  - If of sound mind, yes. However ....  Hekate   Feb-25-10 02:27 PM   #102 
  - People who are determined to kill themselves will do it anyway. Is the fear that if it is "OK"  Warren DeMontague   Feb-25-10 03:48 PM   #106 
  - People who are depressed and get treatment may not kill themselves...  Fire_Medic_Dave   Feb-25-10 04:05 PM   #108 
  - ...and?  Warren DeMontague   Feb-25-10 04:31 PM   #113 
     - You seem to have gotten my point perfectly.  Fire_Medic_Dave   Feb-25-10 07:02 PM   #114 
  - I just don't understand this argument  Geek_Girl   Feb-25-10 04:17 PM   #109 
     - I don't think it's the fact that suicide is illegal that is stopping people.  Warren DeMontague   Feb-25-10 04:29 PM   #112 
  - As long as they don't take others with them, I have no objections.  alfredo   Feb-25-10 04:20 PM   #110 
  - No.  timtom   Feb-25-10 04:26 PM   #111 
  - Yes.  SmileyRose   Feb-25-10 07:08 PM   #115 
  - it's up to each individual to decide that for themselves.  dysfunctional press   Feb-25-10 07:18 PM   #116 

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