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Reply #20: Do all the teaching online via comcast & ATT. [View All]

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The_Casual_Observer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-18-10 12:36 AM
Response to Original message
20. Do all the teaching online via comcast & ATT.
No need for anymore "Brick & Mortar" schools, the materials & content can be prepared in India.
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  -Blogger gets it: Make big bucks by closing public schools, firing teachers, opening charters. madfloridian  Jan-17-10 10:58 PM   #0 
  - There can't be any doubt about what's going on in anyone's mind by now.  Hannah Bell   Jan-17-10 11:16 PM   #1 
  - It's what Obama is doing in New Orleans, he actually AGREES with Bobby Jindal's agenda there  Leopolds Ghost   Jan-18-10 01:49 AM   #28 
     - Capitalism should be the official "dirty word" in our dictionaries . . .  defendandprotect   Jan-18-10 07:30 PM   #96 
  - K&R.  Vidar   Jan-17-10 11:17 PM   #2 
  - K&R'd -- this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  snot   Jan-17-10 11:20 PM   #3 
  - ditto  DeadEyeDyck   Jan-18-10 12:17 AM   #16 
  - + a gazillion  proud2BlibKansan   Jan-18-10 04:23 AM   #43 
  - K&R  immoderate   Jan-17-10 11:25 PM   #4 
  - K&R. Thanks for posting this. It's sickening to read about, but people need to know.  highplainsdem   Jan-17-10 11:29 PM   #5 
  - We need to let the Democratic Party know about this so they can fight for us.  Karmadillo   Jan-17-10 11:34 PM   #6 
  - you mean  amborin   Jan-17-10 11:37 PM   #8 
  - Did you forget the sarcasm smiley?  proud2BlibKansan   Jan-18-10 04:24 AM   #44 
  - Oh ye of little faith. Wait. Just wait. One day the Democratic Party will learn what's happening to  Karmadillo   Jan-18-10 08:05 AM   #46 
     - lol  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 09:03 AM   #57 
     - I can't tell if this is a post of ignorance or of sarcasm.  racaulk   Jan-18-10 09:47 AM   #70 
  - You're kidding, right?  pattmarty   Jan-18-10 08:58 AM   #53 
  - LOOOOOOVEE IT!!  defendandprotect   Jan-18-10 07:52 PM   #98 
  - K$R  amborin   Jan-17-10 11:36 PM   #7 
  - I fully expect Erik Prince to open up charter schools.  Quantess   Jan-17-10 11:38 PM   #9 
  - me too  happy_liberal   Jan-18-10 12:02 AM   #13 
  - wall street hedge fund types are some of the primary backers.  Hannah Bell   Jan-18-10 02:15 AM   #33 
  - He has already. For the police forces across the country.  pattmarty   Jan-18-10 09:00 AM   #54 
  - I've had a fair amount of experience with charter schools....  Zookeeper   Jan-17-10 11:40 PM   #10 
  - I have much experience too, but a bit different outcome  justanaverageguy   Jan-18-10 09:25 AM   #66 
     - hmm...  chervilant   Jan-18-10 11:02 AM   #76 
        - Which is why the game is rigged  skepticscott   Jan-19-10 06:09 AM   #104 
  - Do you have any idea how much you rock?  jotsy   Jan-17-10 11:46 PM   #11 
  - recommend.  Starry Messenger   Jan-17-10 11:48 PM   #12 
  - The DLC will rob us blind, if we let them.  New Dawn   Jan-18-10 12:03 AM   #14 
  - True.... some people still think that capitalism is about business .... it's not ...  defendandprotect   Jan-18-10 08:08 PM   #99 
  - And then Gibbs wonders why the base isn't enthused with their party right now.  glitch   Jan-18-10 12:14 AM   #15 
  - Imagine Obama pushing Charter Schools -- !!!  defendandprotect   Jan-18-10 08:11 PM   #100 
  - More commentary on CA's part in this farce in Sunday SF Chronicle  omega minimo   Jan-18-10 12:19 AM   #17 
  - Grover Norquist and his pals have been behind this from the start  starroute   Jan-18-10 12:21 AM   #18 
  - For me, charter high school was an escape from the religion that permeated in regular schools  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 12:57 AM   #21 
  - there was actually a two-pronged assault, from both sides of the spectrum.  Hannah Bell   Jan-18-10 02:45 AM   #35 
  - You miss the point.  clear eye   Jan-18-10 03:08 AM   #38 
  - It's not about missing the point -- it's about seeing the root causes  starroute   Jan-18-10 09:52 AM   #71 
     - The "left" (better called advocates for the public) have been working in the localities  clear eye   Jan-18-10 01:10 PM   #80 
  - There is no point make apologies for Obama  tonysam   Jan-18-10 01:14 PM   #81 
  - Proud graduate of American Youthworks Charter High School!  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 12:30 AM   #19 
  - How much does it cost, who can get in?  Political Heretic   Jan-18-10 01:01 AM   #22 
     - It is Free and it is open to 16-21 year olds  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 01:10 AM   #23 
     - There has to be some criteria for enrollment.  Political Heretic   Jan-18-10 01:44 AM   #26 
     - You have to be a Texas resident  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 01:58 AM   #30 
        - I'm saying they have limited space, so what is their criteria for picking students  Political Heretic   Jan-18-10 02:08 PM   #84 
     - Exactly, and then those kids become the responsibility of the public schools  clear eye   Jan-18-10 04:03 AM   #40 
     - That would be valid point if AYW didnt take in a high percentage of kids who dropped out of or  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 08:55 AM   #51 
     - "They will kick your ass out"  proud2BlibKansan   Jan-18-10 04:28 AM   #45 
     - You have no idea what you are talking about AYW takes in the kids who dropped out or kicked out of  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 09:03 AM   #56 
        - You are not getting the point.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 09:14 AM   #61 
           - I am sorry I missed your point  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 09:40 AM   #67 
     - AHA! They get public taxpayer money. How can they kick kids out???  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 08:34 AM   #47 
        - Well alot of my class mates were kicked out of regular public high school or like me and dropped out  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 08:56 AM   #52 
        - Public schools must provide an alternative.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 09:09 AM   #59 
        - I think that age might be 16 which is when AYW starts accepting kids  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 09:19 AM   #63 
        - Proves how dangerous they consider education . . .!!!  defendandprotect   Jan-18-10 07:33 PM   #97 
           - AYW took IN the kids that dropped out of AustinISD already or were kicked out  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 10:21 PM   #102 
              - Actually, I was referring to the right wing -- GOP fear of an educated youth/public....  defendandprotect   Jan-19-10 10:44 AM   #105 
        - Easily - they show they're "making an effort" - whether they are or aren't  haele   Jan-18-10 02:45 PM   #87 
        - Kicking Kids Out  onpatrol98   Jan-18-10 10:29 PM   #103 
     - Let me straighten out the misunderstanding.  clear eye   Jan-18-10 03:59 AM   #39 
        - It says it is or has a "charter" high school.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 08:39 AM   #49 
        - Yes, but it's not a for-profit charter school. n/t  clear eye   Jan-18-10 01:18 PM   #82 
        - About the future professors, scientists or painters remark  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 08:53 AM   #50 
        - And AYW pays abysmally,  MadHound   Jan-18-10 09:18 AM   #62 
           - I could only imagine what it was like for the teachers  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 09:21 AM   #65 
              - The hell wasn't from dealing with the students, but rather with the administration  MadHound   Jan-18-10 09:45 AM   #68 
                 - What I would like would be that the budgets for education and the military be switched  EndersDame   Jan-18-10 10:05 AM   #72 
        - Ah, so its not even a corporate charter school. We're talking apples to oranges again.  Political Heretic   Jan-18-10 02:10 PM   #85 
        - Yeah, marketing can be seductive  salib   Jan-18-10 06:57 PM   #95 
  - Do all the teaching online via comcast & ATT.  The_Casual_Observer   Jan-18-10 12:36 AM   #20 
  - yes. all charters are automatically bad. and all publics are automatically good...  1   Jan-18-10 01:37 AM   #24 
  - casualwatcher9 still nothing to offer but a different name  Jax   Jan-18-10 01:40 AM   #25 
  - and you with your insightful posts. always forwarding the discussion. except that you don't...  1   Jan-18-10 01:45 AM   #27 
     - You are right casualwatcher9. You don't think.  Jax   Jan-18-10 01:53 AM   #29 
        - what is your position on charter schools?  1   Jan-18-10 02:04 AM   #31 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-18-10 02:07 AM   #32 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Jan-18-10 02:23 AM   #34 
  - how do you get that from the OP? You seem to have missed the point entirely.  Hannah Bell   Jan-18-10 02:57 AM   #37 
  - That's the modus operandi for making profit off of government functions.  JDPriestly   Jan-18-10 02:56 AM   #36 
  - explained just like that in Naomi Klein's book  LittleGirl   Jan-18-10 09:12 AM   #60 
  - pattern. the pattern is there. i dont know why so many ignore pattern.  seabeyond   Jan-18-10 09:20 AM   #64 
  - People would learn a lot if you make this comment an OP of its own.  clear eye   Jan-18-10 01:31 PM   #83 
  - "Instead of investing in build'g our economy and creating real jobs, it is cannibalizing our gov't."  clear eye   Jan-18-10 03:08 PM   #90 
  - Charter schools here in AZ  PSzymeczek   Jan-18-10 06:48 PM   #93 
  - a charter school wrecked my daughter's education  lazarus   Jan-18-10 04:09 AM   #41 
  - if we're really clever -- start creating stealth Progressive Indoctrination charter schools  NuttyFluffers   Jan-18-10 04:19 AM   #42 
  - Goody! Someone above said it. "They will kick your ass out if you do not want to be there"  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 08:37 AM   #48 
  - Treating parents and students as "customers" began before I retired.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 09:01 AM   #55 
  - "The customer is always right."  LWolf   Jan-18-10 10:48 AM   #75 
     - The year they told teachers that was a big mess.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 12:06 PM   #77 
  - thankfully my kids will be out before the nation totally fucks the educational system.  seabeyond   Jan-18-10 09:05 AM   #58 
  - Wouldn't Martin Luther KIng be proud  placton   Jan-18-10 09:46 AM   #69 
  - K&R. I strongly oppose the privatization of public education.  Overseas   Jan-18-10 10:15 AM   #73 
  - I believe in  PSzymeczek   Jan-18-10 06:51 PM   #94 
  - Corporate funded grass roots.  LWolf   Jan-18-10 10:18 AM   #74 
  - The ones involved in the grassroots don't realize what is going on.  madfloridian   Jan-18-10 03:43 PM   #91 
     - How can we get the word out?  LWolf   Jan-18-10 03:57 PM   #92 
  - Headline news--"U.S. Congress hires KBR to run Congress"  TransitJohn   Jan-18-10 12:19 PM   #78 
  - sounds like some good ol' fashioned privatizin'  Blue Owl   Jan-18-10 12:56 PM   #79 
  - The "my kid is too special for public school" attitude is very pervasive  Hello_Kitty   Jan-18-10 02:13 PM   #86 
  - The sooner we realize that Obama is a libertarian, the sooner we can deal with reality  rudy23   Jan-18-10 02:52 PM   #88 
  - What happened to the PTA or parent involvement?  alp227   Jan-18-10 02:58 PM   #89 
  - SCHOOLS DON'T MAKE ANYONE BIG BUCKS,  elleng   Jan-18-10 10:07 PM   #101 
  - It's all about turning the people into sheep  emsimon33   Jan-19-10 04:54 PM   #106 
  - Thanks  NYC Educator   Jan-19-10 06:56 PM   #107 

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