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Reply #18: where's that? [View All]

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Hannah Bell Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-17-09 02:25 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. where's that?
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  -AP Source: Chrysler will invest in Michigan plant (155 jobs to be created in Michigan) bluestateguy  Dec-16-09 10:53 PM   #0 
  - Any guesses on how many applicants this will draw?  tonysam   Dec-16-09 10:54 PM   #1 
  - Perhaps  bluestateguy   Dec-16-09 10:59 PM   #3 
     - No, you would join the union upon being employed.  notadmblnd   Dec-17-09 12:51 AM   #16 
  - that's terrific!  amborin   Dec-16-09 10:54 PM   #2 
  - yeah! 166 jobs to replace the 450,000 lost 2000-2006,  Hannah Bell   Dec-16-09 11:01 PM   #4 
     - 100s of 1000s lost since the '80s! good, UAW jobs! a national tragedy  amborin   Dec-16-09 11:52 PM   #6 
     - I know how much you want America to fail  bluestateguy   Dec-17-09 12:20 AM   #8 
        - yes, *i'm* the one who cut those 100's of thousands of jobs. furthermore,  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 12:25 AM   #9 
           - No, you just cheer it on when it all happens  bluestateguy   Dec-17-09 12:37 AM   #11 
              - cheer *what* on? you're mistaken. i'm *refusing* to cheer for 155 crappy $14/hr  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 12:41 AM   #13 
                 - at least they didn't set up shop in China; and the answer: UAW!  amborin   Dec-17-09 02:50 PM   #20 
                    - ?  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 02:57 PM   #21 
  - More positive news. It won't all come at once but at least it seems the economy is headed in the  Purveyor   Dec-16-09 11:01 PM   #5 
  - michigan is losing population. if you think things are getting better,  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 12:33 AM   #10 
     - I do live in Michigan. Been back since 2000 and watched the economy tank and yes, I am seeing  Purveyor   Dec-17-09 11:56 AM   #17 
        - where's that?  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 02:25 PM   #18 
           - Jackson, Michigan and have we now started trusting the 'gov't numbers' now?  Purveyor   Dec-17-09 04:38 PM   #23 
              - is there some reason you think the gov't would cook the numbers to be *worse* than reality?  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 04:58 PM   #24 
                 - I've tired of you. I'm am reporting what I and my sales are experiencing here "on the ground" in  Purveyor   Dec-17-09 08:04 PM   #25 
                    - fine, your business is doing better & government stats showing the state's  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 09:41 PM   #26 
  - When Chrysler hires workers, it's good news!  Bozita   Dec-16-09 11:59 PM   #7 
  - $29,677 in tax breaks for each of the promised 155 new workers. lets see, at the new  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 12:37 AM   #12 
  - .  bluestateguy   Dec-17-09 12:44 AM   #14 
     - ad hom: the first resort of those with no effective argument.  Hannah Bell   Dec-17-09 12:48 AM   #15 
        - Im in Michigan. small town. no jobs.  Mari333   Dec-17-09 02:28 PM   #19 
  - Right wingers like to spout off about the high cost of union labor. I  B Calm   Dec-17-09 03:07 PM   #22 

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