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Reply #23: Put people to work repairing our infrastructure and building [View All]

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Lydia Leftcoast Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-30-09 10:16 PM
Response to Original message
23. Put people to work repairing our infrastructure and building
mass transit and high-speed rail across the country to lower our dependence on foreign oil.
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  -Can you think of better uses for the $3 billion plus/month Obama is spending in Afghanistan? Karmadillo  Nov-29-09 12:57 PM   #0 
  - U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW!  mike_c   Nov-29-09 12:59 PM   #1 
  - Fund some late term abortions?  libodem   Nov-29-09 01:00 PM   #2 
  - Technically, I believe "murder" is a legal term.  ZombieHorde   Nov-29-09 01:10 PM   #3 
     - oh, we knew somebody would weigh in from the pro-forced birthers--  niyad   Nov-29-09 01:18 PM   #7 
  - The admin. would probably argue that the  LibDemAlways   Nov-29-09 01:12 PM   #4 
  - $3 billion would likely provide health care for quite a few Americans who don't have it.  AndyA   Nov-29-09 01:15 PM   #5 
  - Massive expansion of the food stamp program  DJ13   Nov-29-09 01:17 PM   #6 
  - Schools, jobs, & said it. nt  LWolf   Nov-29-09 01:19 PM   #8 
  - schools, jobs, health care, infrastructure, housing, parks, libraries,  niyad   Nov-29-09 01:21 PM   #9 
  - It costs a million dollars per soldier per year  spinbaby   Nov-29-09 01:24 PM   #10 
  - Build a bonfire at least it would keep some homeless folks warm. n/t  Sinti   Nov-29-09 01:31 PM   #11 
  - That investiment in a new (green) infrastructure would explode JOBS, the multiplier  glitch   Nov-29-09 01:37 PM   #12 
  - Better yet, DO NOT incur the debt and destroy the global economy with WAR funding,  L. Coyote   Nov-29-09 01:39 PM   #13 
  - This is NOT money we could use.  bvar22   Nov-29-09 01:59 PM   #14 
  - Rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq...  StarfarerBill   Nov-29-09 03:25 PM   #15 
  - Always. Take a look at what 3 billion would have bought  chill_wind   Nov-29-09 03:58 PM   #16 
  - Thank you for the link. Kind of depressing to see what we're passing up.  Karmadillo   Nov-30-09 04:58 PM   #19 
     - We cannot afford this war.  chill_wind   Nov-30-09 10:11 PM   #20 
  - monorail  datasuspect   Nov-29-09 04:08 PM   #17 
  - Get rid of PRWORA and put it toward the newly-restored AFDC.  Lyric   Nov-29-09 04:09 PM   #18 
  - I say we spend $1 billion a month getting rid of the un-rec'd feature!  mullard12ax7   Nov-30-09 10:14 PM   #21 
  - Stop it! HE has a PLAN that we are all too STUPID to UNDERSTAND!  JanMichael   Nov-30-09 10:16 PM   #22 
  - Put people to work repairing our infrastructure and building  Lydia Leftcoast   Nov-30-09 10:16 PM   #23 
  - Listen, I'm with you on redeployment from Afghanistan  C_Lawyer09   Nov-30-09 10:38 PM   #26 
     - It's a chicken and egg thing  Lydia Leftcoast   Dec-01-09 01:29 AM   #27 
        - Your rationale is good  C_Lawyer09   Dec-01-09 08:00 AM   #30 
  - This time tomorrow night all those dreams will have gone up in smoke  eleny   Nov-30-09 10:23 PM   #24 
  - Somewhere, Grovelbot is weeping.  flvegan   Nov-30-09 10:26 PM   #25 
  - Yes. Anything.  TexasObserver   Dec-01-09 01:55 AM   #28 
  - Unfortunately, its not money we have. Its extra debt  yodoobo   Dec-01-09 01:57 AM   #29 

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