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Reply #141: So I guess dog attacks have been entirely eliminated in Australia? [View All]

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baldguy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-29-09 05:02 PM
Response to Reply #109
141. So I guess dog attacks have been entirely eliminated in Australia?
Edited on Sun Nov-29-09 05:03 PM by baldguy
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  -Vicious pitbull attack on small boy (pls watch before rec/unrec) uppityperson  Nov-28-09 07:13 PM   #0 
  - Although just to the right of that video on the YouTube page was this one....  marmar   Nov-28-09 07:16 PM   #1 
  - Thanks for kicking, no "awwwww" for that little kid?  uppityperson   Nov-28-09 07:18 PM   #2 
  - Belated awwww. That was cute....  marmar   Nov-28-09 07:19 PM   #6 
  - Any medium-to-large dog is capable of doing the same thing - and has.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 10:16 AM   #27 
  - guess i should watch first  mzteris   Nov-28-09 07:18 PM   #3 
  - You said it!  musette_sf   Nov-28-09 07:19 PM   #4 
  - Wow.  flvegan   Nov-28-09 07:19 PM   #5 
  - As opposed to a "gentle" attack?  Greyhound   Nov-28-09 07:23 PM   #7 
  - Yeah, and guns don't kill people. People kill people.  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 03:06 AM   #15 
     - ?  Greyhound   Nov-29-09 03:41 AM   #17 
  - Heh  varelse   Nov-28-09 07:25 PM   #8 
  - Only one little moment was enough for the following to happen....  musette_sf   Nov-28-09 07:28 PM   #9 
  - Opened this thread ready for the same old dog-bashing bs.  Truth2Tell   Nov-28-09 07:31 PM   #10 
  - That was very sweet  Chemisse   Nov-28-09 09:01 PM   #11 
  - Why take a chance on any dog?  uppityperson   Nov-28-09 09:07 PM   #12 
     - And here is the problem.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:08 PM   #35 
     - If there is even the slightest chance  Chemisse   Nov-29-09 03:07 PM   #64 
        - You live with a ridiculous false sense of security.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 03:15 PM   #71 
        - Then don't get any dogs.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 03:18 PM   #73 
        - Pit bulls are one of the few breeds that are bred to be nonagressive toward humans.  Tutankhamun   Nov-29-09 03:59 PM   #86 
        - dude it is in all dogs nature to bite down all the way and shake  EndersDame   Nov-29-09 07:26 PM   #184 
  - that dog has very loving eyes...  a la izquierda   Nov-28-09 09:17 PM   #13 
  - Awwwww... I'm glad this cute little kid is breathing  OnceUponTimeOnTheNet   Nov-28-09 09:23 PM   #14 
  - Huh?  Bonn1997   Nov-29-09 06:23 AM   #20 
  - I'd be more worried about the kids who play with that kid.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 05:46 PM   #154 
     - awww, does that mean you're gonna quit kicking this thread & insulting us?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:53 PM   #159 
        - I did not unrec it, but here's your kick  OnceUponTimeOnTheNet   Nov-30-09 08:26 PM   #195 
  - So someone put his sleeping toddler on a pitbull and took a video of it. That's it?  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 03:10 AM   #16 
  - True. Dogs tend to snap at little ones who startle them.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 08:44 AM   #21 
     - I agree, it's the combination.  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 09:38 AM   #24 
     - The bigger the jaw, the worse the bite.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 01:00 PM   #31 
     - Reputable link to that claim rather than disproportionate number of serious dog bites REPORTED  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 02:54 PM   #55 
        - I gave you the link to articles from the Seattle Times last time, as you know. n/t  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 05:52 PM   #158 
           - Still mindreading, eh? How's your puppy working out, or didn't you end up finding one?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:55 PM   #161 
              - Here's another, this time from the P.I., which reports that 1/3 of deaths related to dog bites  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 06:10 PM   #166 
                 - "we seriously doubt a ban on pit bulls or any other breed would work."  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 06:22 PM   #167 
                 - I didn't suggest having a ban on pit bulls. n/t  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 08:03 PM   #190 
                    - "And the result is that in my county, at least, a disproportionate number of serious dog bites (ones  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 08:20 PM   #192 
                 - A poodle mix! Poodles are the breed most likely to attack humans.  Tutankhamun   Nov-29-09 06:22 PM   #168 
                    - yeah, right.  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 08:02 PM   #189 
     - There's no such thing as a "locking jaw".  baldguy   Nov-29-09 10:52 AM   #29 
     - Nonsense. The dog's jaw plays a critical role in the damage.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 12:55 PM   #30 
        - The APBT is not the worst of breeds  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:06 PM   #34 
        - Even using your Pit Bull friendly source, it's in the top three.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 01:16 PM   #38 
           - Um... they only tested 3.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:16 PM   #40 
              - The study tested three big dogs known for their biting strength  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 01:23 PM   #43 
              - They also compared those 3 dogs to each other. That is what we are discussing  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 02:59 PM   #58 
              - All three breeds have a bite as vicious as wild dogs.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 03:14 PM   #70 
                 - Pit Bull search and rescue.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:57 PM   #84 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-29-09 06:26 PM   #169 
              - LMAO. Still in the top three! That's a typically stupid comment  Tutankhamun   Nov-29-09 04:11 PM   #93 
        - How much actual, first hand experience do you have with Pit Bulls?  baldguy   Nov-29-09 02:21 PM   #48 
        - "The breed has nothing to do with it anymore than the color of it's nose does."  Chemisse   Nov-29-09 02:51 PM   #53 
           - Some *individuals* are more aggressive than others, certainly.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 03:08 PM   #65 
           - You do realize that pitbulls have been bred for generations to not be aggressive  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:11 PM   #67 
              - You should take lessons from Bald Guy  Chemisse   Nov-29-09 06:38 PM   #172 
                 - Asking to make sure you know about there breeding, since you didn't seem to, is "rude"?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 06:49 PM   #176 
        - They may hold their jaw shut with bigger muscle, but no "locking" is involved  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 02:57 PM   #57 
     - The "locking" is a myth.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:02 PM   #32 
     - Your beliefs are a myth.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 01:20 PM   #42 
        - Um, no.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:24 PM   #44 
        - You're the typical "well MY dog is great" advocate.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 01:35 PM   #45 
           - Is it at ALL possible for you to disagree with someone without resorting to personal attacks?  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:44 PM   #46 
              - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Nov-29-09 01:53 PM   #47 
              - I don't think it is possible, reading through the replies.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:02 PM   #60 
              - I've already done so.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 04:12 PM   #95 
                 - Oh poor you. Where have I "attacked" you?  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:14 PM   #97 
        - "No one has ever said they literally have a locking mechanism in their jaw which snaps closed"Wrong  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:01 PM   #59 
           - The problem is not the term, but that you don't like it.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 03:06 PM   #63 
              - The problem is the term is taken to mean what it says, the jaws lock, by many  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:12 PM   #68 
                 - You'd better get used to it.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 03:22 PM   #74 
                    - "Is it at ALL possible for you to disagree with someone without resorting to personal attacks? "  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:54 PM   #82 
                       - Is it possible for you to do so?  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 04:15 PM   # 
                          - I guess it isn't possible for you to disagree without resorting to a personal attack  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:20 PM   #102 
                             - It's certainly not possible for YOU to argue without claiming you've been attacked.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 04:23 PM   #105 
                                - Edit as misread.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:24 PM   #106 
                                - .  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:25 PM   #108 
                                   - "edit" is a wonderful thing, isn't it? It lets someone change what they wrote  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:32 PM   #115 
                                - deleted subthread held a lot, why it went away. Here are few more that haven't been deleted, yet  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:29 PM   #112 
     - their jaws do NOT lock, urban legend there.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 02:52 PM   #54 
     - I've addressed that in numerous posts in this thread. Read them.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 02:55 PM   #56 
        - And you should stop looking at this issue like a litigator trying to get the maximum damage award.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 03:26 PM   #75 
           - I'm looking at as an informed citizen.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 03:41 PM   #79 
              - You, sir or ma'am, deserve the respect you get. eom  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:02 PM   #88 
              - The most dangerous animals are the ones that train their dogs to fight.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 04:15 PM   #98 
     - The pit bull's jaw does not have any special "locking" mechanism.  Tutankhamun   Nov-29-09 04:05 PM   #89 
     - See my signature.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 05:08 PM   #144 
        - Thanks for putting your prejudices out there. Women shouldn't be allowed to vote either.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:12 PM   #147 
        - you're ignorance and defiant attitude is much  dana_b   Nov-29-09 06:33 PM   #170 
     - That's bullshit  TorchTheWitch   Nov-29-09 08:05 PM   #191 
  - Aw what a sweet dog  Raine   Nov-29-09 03:45 AM   #18 
  - Fair enough. Still, can you deny the evidence about pitbulls presented in this video?  Warren DeMontague   Nov-29-09 04:03 AM   #19 
  - Pitbulls are Republican  Onlooker   Nov-29-09 08:49 AM   #22 
  - Unfortunately, that's true.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 06:01 PM   #162 
  - aw the poor dog prob can't expand his lungs with that kids dead weight on him....srsly  ElsewheresDaughter   Nov-29-09 08:51 AM   #23 
  - True. This scene was so obviously posed,  pnwmom   Nov-29-09 09:42 AM   #25 
  - Typical dog.  LWolf   Nov-29-09 09:47 AM   #26 
  - AWW!!!  Odin2005   Nov-29-09 10:38 AM   #28 
  - K&R...Nice!!  cliffordu   Nov-29-09 01:03 PM   #33 
  - Whatever your intention here  walldude   Nov-29-09 01:09 PM   #36 
  - it's an intentionally misleading thread title. Which is actually against DU rules.  KittyWampus   Nov-29-09 01:16 PM   #39 
  - It is the title of the video, which is DU rules.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:05 PM   #61 
  - Sometimes reading the text and the replies can help give a clue. For instance "awwwww"  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:06 PM   #62 
  - that poor dog. nt  mrs_p   Nov-29-09 01:14 PM   #37 
  - Here's one you should watch, too.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 01:17 PM   #41 
  - +1000  baldguy   Nov-29-09 02:33 PM   #51 
  - why would i want to watch a 'vicious pitbull attack on a small boy'?  dysfunctional press   Nov-29-09 02:31 PM   #49 
  - As this video explains  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 02:41 PM   #52 
  - Many people clicked on this and somehow I thought the "awwww, cute"  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:09 PM   #66 
     - it takes a special kind of moran to expect people to want to click on a 'vicious pit bull attack'  dysfunctional press   Nov-29-09 03:17 PM   #72 
        - Are you calling me a "moran"? 1478 clicks on this thread  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:56 PM   #83 
  - I want to see how that dog reacts to a stranger boy , one not of its pack before I make judgement.  UndertheOcean   Nov-29-09 02:32 PM   #50 
  - You cannot be serious  knightinwhitesatin   Nov-29-09 03:29 PM   #77 
  - Can say the same about any dog.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 04:30 PM   #113 
  - Go to a dog park. My friend takes his pit mix and the dog did not react even when a little brat  EndersDame   Nov-29-09 07:28 PM   #185 
  - Is it too late for you to change the thread title?  janx   Nov-29-09 03:13 PM   #69 
  - No, editing period is over and this was the title on the video  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 03:58 PM   #85 
  - Somehow, I just knew this thread wouldn't stay ignorant-free.  flvegan   Nov-29-09 03:26 PM   #76 
  - Which is the whole point of this thread and the video to which it links.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 03:30 PM   #78 
     - Hi Nikki, here we are again.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:06 PM   #90 
  - Some folks are just dumber than a sack of rocks  depakid   Nov-29-09 03:45 PM   #80 
  - I know! MONSTERS!! Check out THIS story of horror:  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 03:52 PM   #81 
  - Are these Search and Rescue teams dumber than a sack of rocks?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:01 PM   #87 
  - Next you and others who pile on will tell me that there hasn 't been a spate of pit bull maulings  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:07 PM   #91 
     - Banning one breed gives a false sense of security.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:11 PM   #94 
     - No- it gives one an ACTUAL sense of security  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:19 PM   #101 
        - Search and Rescue Pitbulls are..."dangerous by nature"? yup, and white men can't jump  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:23 PM   #104 
        - Oh, it's false. Other breeds bite, too.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:24 PM   #107 
        - Quoted For Truth! "The breed is dangerous by nature."  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 04:44 PM   #126 
           - White men can't jump or dance either. Women shouldn't be allowed to drive or vote since  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:52 PM   #131 
           - And what personal experience do you have to indicate this?  baldguy   Nov-29-09 04:56 PM   #133 
     - dupe  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:15 PM   #99 
     - We are soooooo bad for "piling" on your prejudices, right.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:15 PM   #100 
     - You probably can't see the irony in that statement  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:31 PM   #114 
        - Ironic that I say my cuddly dog hasn't done repeated mauling, left people dead?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 04:35 PM   #119 
        - "responsible for repeated maulings that leave people dead or maimed for life"  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 05:02 PM   #140 
           - Prove my cuddly dog did that. Where are those "facts" that prove it?  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:03 PM   #142 
     - Pick out the Pit Bull  baldguy   Nov-29-09 04:50 PM   #130 
     - Media Bias in Reporting Dog Attacks  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:57 PM   #134 
  - Oh brother. n/t  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:09 PM   #92 
  - Unlike Americans- Australians get fed up with preventable tragedies- and do something about them  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:13 PM   #96 
     - Unlike New South Wales, most of America isn't subject to kneejerk legislation  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:21 PM   #103 
     - I guess repeated maulings are your thing  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:27 PM   #109 
        - Show me one study that proves BSL is effective.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:29 PM   #110 
        - BSL?  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:32 PM   #117 
           - I do. And you have romaticized ideas of BSL (breed specific legislation)  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:34 PM   #118 
              - So one breed accounted for 28% of all deaths? Impressive.  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:41 PM   #124 
                 - Show me one study that proves BSL is effective.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:45 PM   #127 
                    - Since the breed's been banned in the UK for decades, that would trying to prove a negative  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:59 PM   #137 
                       - Oh, I would think that would make it much easier.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 05:09 PM   #145 
                          - Thank you Nikki. Peace to you.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:13 PM   #149 
                          - Now, imagine how many more- and more serious maulings there would be if Pit Bulls were legally  depakid   Nov-29-09 05:47 PM   #155 
                             - *cough*bullshit*cough*  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 05:51 PM   #157 
                                - You could actually have made an argument about the substitution effect  depakid   Nov-29-09 06:04 PM   #164 
        - Why would you think that was my "thing" as if I like it?  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:29 PM   #111 
        - Must be your thing, as you're advocating the conditions that unequivocably lead to it!  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:35 PM   #120 
           - Media Bias in Reporting Dog Attacks  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:38 PM   #121 
           - More twaddle.  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:38 PM   #122 
              - Just like a child  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:43 PM   #125 
                 - Like a child, you accuse others when you're dead wrong.  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:46 PM   #129 
                    - You're advocationg ownership of a dangerous dog that- according to the study posted above  depakid   Nov-29-09 04:55 PM   #132 
                       - Show me one study that proves BSL is effective.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 04:58 PM   #136 
                       - Which study was that posted above?  flvegan   Nov-29-09 04:59 PM   #138 
                          - post #118  depakid   Nov-29-09 05:06 PM   #143 
                             - And 3 deaths per year is a "loaded gun" in your opinon?  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 05:10 PM   #146 
                             - Hell- there have easily been that many major attacks in the Portland area alone!  depakid   Nov-29-09 05:16 PM   #151 
                                - Again.... Media Bias in Reporting Dog Attacks  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 05:17 PM   #152 
                                   - Now it's the media's fault!  depakid   Nov-29-09 06:08 PM   #165 
                                      - That's just the point - THEY DON'T!  baldguy   Nov-29-09 06:45 PM   #174 
                                      - Indeed. Sensationalized.  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 06:50 PM   #177 
                                      - So the "leads it bleeds" local media is covering up for certain breeds!  depakid   Nov-29-09 06:55 PM   #180 
                                      - Exactly. They KNOW they will get more coverage with OMGPITBULL than "poodle bites man"  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 06:52 PM   #178 
                                      - If a poodle did the kind of damage that pitbulls routinely inflict that would be an BIGGER story  depakid   Nov-29-09 07:31 PM   #186 
                                      - You get shown the media coverage for different type dogs and yet you say it ain't so.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 07:32 PM   #187 
                                      - You think that's some sort of bias- but fact is that the local media reports on all of these stories  depakid   Nov-29-09 07:46 PM   #188 
                                      - Yes. Consider how the media reported four incidents that happened between August 18th and August 21  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 06:55 PM   #179 
                             - You mean the CDC study referred to in the ABA article on BSL?  flvegan   Nov-29-09 05:12 PM   #148 
                             - This is a must-see  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 05:42 PM   #153 
                                - Apparently, the media doesn't know what a dogo argentino is.  flvegan   Nov-29-09 05:49 PM   #156 
                                - Short hair, check. Dog, check. Clipped ears, maybe. Big head, sometimes. Bit, check. OMGPITBULL!!!  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:54 PM   #160 
                                - The K9 article from your post # 145  baldguy   Nov-29-09 07:00 PM   #181 
                                   - :)  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 07:04 PM   #182 
                                   - awwww, what a nice story. Our old dog is getting lumpy and slowing way down.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 07:21 PM   #183 
                             - See the CDC's statement on that  PeaceNikki   Nov-29-09 06:02 PM   #163 
        - So I guess dog attacks have been entirely eliminated in Australia?  baldguy   Nov-29-09 05:02 PM   #141 
     - The problem is not the breed of dog, but that certain breeds have become popular to be  Honeycombe8   Nov-29-09 08:32 PM   #193 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Nov-29-09 04:32 PM   #116 
  - I guess you feel the same about German Shepherds, Rottweilers & Dobermans?  baldguy   Nov-29-09 04:38 PM   #123 
  - Good luck dealing with the pit bull lobby here.  TexasObserver   Nov-29-09 04:58 PM   #135 
     - Good luck dealing with the fearful here. Being shown info in lieu of prejudices is so...strange.  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 05:01 PM   #139 
  - That looked excruciatingly uncomfortable for both, but a definite awww moment.  dustbunnie   Nov-29-09 04:46 PM   #128 
  - Oh i'm so won over now... not. n/t  miyazaki   Nov-29-09 05:14 PM   #150 
  - sorry i'm not gonna watch a video of a pit bull attacking a small boy  pitohui   Nov-29-09 06:36 PM   #171 
  - It's not bad.  baldguy   Nov-29-09 06:38 PM   #173 
  - Do you not read the replies? It is a very sweet vid, that was the title of the video, sarcasm  uppityperson   Nov-29-09 06:47 PM   #175 
  - Awwwww. But that doesn't look like a full PB to me. A mix at most?  Honeycombe8   Nov-29-09 08:41 PM   #194 

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