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GoCubsGo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-19-09 07:23 AM
Response to Reply #10
16. Yep. Just like...
...picking a Presidential adviser who is about to step down from an interim position, create a fake controversy over her, and then claim victory because you forced her out of the job. Now we know where Cluster Fox got that tactic. No surprise that they have been pushing this fake "War on Xmas", too.
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  -Battles Rage - War Against Christmas DearAbby  Nov-18-09 08:10 PM   #0 
  - the jesus crowd's musical attack was launched weeks ago - no freedom from religion here nt  msongs   Nov-18-09 08:13 PM   #1 
  - give me an effin break  wtbymark   Nov-18-09 08:13 PM   #2 
  - Yes because everyone knows that Jesus was a huge celebrant of the birth of Sol Invectus  AllentownJake   Nov-18-09 08:14 PM   #3 
  - about that bbq of Christians......seems it was a story a few Fish talked  KakistocracyHater   Nov-18-09 09:45 PM   #4 
  - SHHH AFA Christmas is a Pagan holiday  nadinbrzezinski   Nov-18-09 09:47 PM   #5 
  - BABY JESUS BABY JESUS BABY JESUS BABY JESUS  upi402   Nov-18-09 09:51 PM   #6 
  - When did this become so controversial?  Bill McBlueState   Nov-18-09 09:53 PM   #7 
  - 1996 or so, part of the culture wars and false vicim syndrome  nadinbrzezinski   Nov-18-09 09:54 PM   #8 
  - When Fundies realized that by promoting hate at Christmas, they  tsuki   Nov-18-09 10:01 PM   #11 
  - Same with me and  Enthusiast   Nov-19-09 03:43 AM   #12 
  - Do they call for a boycott because of sweatshop wages and conditions for those who make the products  Brickbat   Nov-18-09 09:58 PM   #9 
  - Pick a corp. whose sales are likely to dip. Mount a boycott. When numbers come in, declare victory.  Bozita   Nov-18-09 09:58 PM   #10 
  - Yep. Just like...  GoCubsGo   Nov-19-09 07:23 AM   #16 
  - These people annoy the shit out of me.  tmyers09   Nov-19-09 04:11 AM   #13 
  - Not to mention the Xtians ripped of ancient holidays to push Jesus.  Arugula Latte   Nov-20-09 12:33 PM   #19 
  - Why "politically" correct?  Chomsky_Fan   Nov-19-09 04:34 AM   #14 
  - You had better have a good point.  Quantess   Nov-19-09 07:13 AM   #15 
  - Exactly. Being inclusive is NOT warring on Christmas.  RaleighNCDUer   Nov-20-09 12:17 PM   #18 
  - Actually, Christmas is special TO CHRISTIANS because of Jesus.  RaleighNCDUer   Nov-20-09 12:11 PM   #17 

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