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Reply #13: That picture makes me laugh like a hyena [View All]

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Kievan Rus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-24-09 12:37 AM
Response to Reply #11
13. That picture makes me laugh like a hyena
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  -Nobody but the stupidest hicks and mindless dupes have believed Faux News for years mullard12ax7  Oct-23-09 11:14 PM   #0 
  - Hey! You just insulted my mom!  Iggo   Oct-23-09 11:17 PM   #1 
  - Like it or not, politics is a faith-based exercise. For that reason . . .  MrModerate   Oct-23-09 11:20 PM   #2 
  - I think your characterization of FAUX viewers is somewhat true, but overly harsh.  Quantess   Oct-23-09 11:25 PM   #3 
  - From what I understand, there are a lot of places that only have FUX as an option...  GoddessOfGuinness   Oct-23-09 11:28 PM   #4 
  - The local news is local news  AllentownJake   Oct-24-09 12:17 AM   #9 
  - Unfortunately, we've devolved as a nation to the point where that group is the majority.  southerncrone   Oct-23-09 11:46 PM   #5 
  - You're too polite; they are stupid fuckwits who would score lower than a brain damaged...  mitchum   Oct-24-09 12:10 AM   #6 
  - Faux News ramblings got three cops in Pittsburgh killed  Kievan Rus   Oct-24-09 12:12 AM   #7 
  - And a Doctor that performed needed,  SIMPLYB1980   Oct-24-09 12:20 AM   #10 
  - Not exactly true  AllentownJake   Oct-24-09 12:16 AM   #8 
  - An entertaining thought, but unfortunately a lot of 'normal' people watch FUX for one reason or  Swamp Rat   Oct-24-09 12:23 AM   #11 
  - That picture makes me laugh like a hyena  Kievan Rus   Oct-24-09 12:37 AM   #13 
  - Fantastic. That's my new favorite! (no text)  Quantess   Oct-24-09 12:44 AM   #14 
  - OH, that's killer.  HughBeaumont   Oct-24-09 07:00 AM   #17 
  - time to dust off those copies of "Outfoxed" nt  G_j   Oct-24-09 12:25 AM   #12 
  - I need to watch that, The Corporation, WalMart:The High Cost of Low prices and F911 again.  HughBeaumont   Oct-24-09 07:02 AM   #18 
  - And yet the other media outlets seem to find them completely credible.  annabanana   Oct-24-09 06:35 AM   #15 
  - Only MSM are held to any journalistic standards. Faux news gets a pass.  MajorChode   Oct-24-09 06:50 AM   #16 
  - They're the only ones who EVER believed FOX.  HopeHoops   Oct-24-09 08:25 AM   #19 

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