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Reply #143: Very modest in comparison with the Edwards home [View All]

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Crunchy Frog Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-29-07 05:25 PM
Response to Reply #25
143. Very modest in comparison with the Edwards home
Edited on Mon Jan-29-07 05:28 PM by Crunchy Frog
and typical of the neighborhood as nearly as I can tell. It also does not appear to be a brand new construction. Seems pretty appropriate to someone of her station. Nice, but not ostentatiously so.
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  -I am really frustrated about this entire Edwards situation LibraLiz1973  Jan-28-07 07:11 PM   #0 
  - This Will Make You Feel Better. :)  OPERATIONMINDCRIME   Jan-28-07 07:13 PM   #1 
  - I am listening at this moment to Joni Mitchell's BLUE album.  Old Crusoe   Jan-28-07 07:16 PM   #2 
  - Can I come over? I'll bring a homemade chocolate cake.  Olney Blue   Jan-28-07 07:31 PM   #15 
  - Well sure. Come on over, Olney Blue.  Old Crusoe   Jan-28-07 07:33 PM   #18 
  - Blue - one of my favorite albums  Crabby Appleton   Jan-30-07 06:48 PM   #175 
  - The size of the house is not an issue for me, and they're doing their best to make it efficient  Harper_is_Bush   Jan-28-07 07:17 PM   #3 
  - all this stuff about the size of someone house is getting out of control  alyce douglas   Jan-28-07 07:20 PM   #4 
  - My issue - is that rather than a couple of threads  salin   Jan-28-07 07:21 PM   #5 
  - I understand & thank you for posting  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 07:47 PM   #29 
  - I much appreciate  salin   Jan-28-07 08:03 PM   #40 
     - Hey, everyone needs to vent sometimes!!  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:06 PM   #91 
  - salin speaks for me too  havocmom   Jan-28-07 08:19 PM   #53 
     - havocmom,  salin   Jan-28-07 08:40 PM   #61 
  - Edwards is in my top 3, but what bothers me is that  skipos   Jan-28-07 07:21 PM   #6 
  - Darling, that's it in a nutshell.  Toucano   Jan-28-07 07:34 PM   #20 
  - This is the thing that the "stop bashing" folks..  sendero   Jan-29-07 06:38 AM   #131 
  - I've wondered if he had already lived in that exact same house for years if anybody would have even  patricia92243   Jan-28-07 07:23 PM   #7 
  - of course they would have - Kerry's homes came up in his  salin   Jan-28-07 07:27 PM   #9 
     - But did it come up HERE at DU or was it the Republics that mde a big deal of it. n/t  patricia92243   Jan-28-07 07:29 PM   #12 
     - good question  salin   Jan-28-07 07:36 PM   #21 
     - Kerry wealth came up here often. I guess it's just part of the curse of being rich.  John Q. Citizen   Jan-28-07 07:46 PM   #28 
     - and other than 1/2 of the Boston one - they weren't his.  karynnj   Jan-28-07 10:12 PM   #94 
  - DU would be on fire if McCain or Guiliani lived in a mansion???  Kahuna   Jan-28-07 07:24 PM   #8 
  - Correction: should be "what size houseS" Kerry and Teresa live in.  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 07:29 PM   #14 
  - Correction noted. I wonder how many COMPOUNDS they have..  Kahuna   Jan-28-07 07:32 PM   #16 
     - I wonder what the square footage of the combined homes is, not to mention  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 07:37 PM   #22 
  - *snark warning*  salin   Jan-28-07 08:04 PM   #41 
  - As to the Kerry house(s) question, I have a bit of info on that here:  mzmolly   Jan-28-07 08:39 PM   #60 
  - Yah - it is fucking annoying that DUers so happily turn against whomever republicans tell them to...  BlooInBloo   Jan-28-07 07:28 PM   #10 
  - DUers deserve more credit than that  WesDem   Jan-28-07 08:10 PM   #47 
  - Insisting on "surge" rather that "escalation", gleefully tearing down, in order...  BlooInBloo   Jan-29-07 03:56 AM   #120 
     - "All because republicans told them to"  WesDem   Jan-29-07 08:33 AM   #132 
        - (shrug) They didn't do it before republicans broached the notion....  BlooInBloo   Jan-29-07 10:41 AM   #136 
  - You know, I can't remember the last time I saw a post from you  bling bling   Jan-28-07 09:35 PM   #79 
     - lol! It's largely a function of the topics du jour....  BlooInBloo   Jan-29-07 03:54 AM   #119 
  - maybe he considers it an investment.  chimpsrsmarter   Jan-28-07 07:29 PM   #11 
  - I had decided yesterday morning to stay out of all Edwards threads  nam78_two   Jan-28-07 07:29 PM   #13 
  - I was called names. I was called a freeper. Makes me furious. I  roguevalley   Jan-29-07 01:11 AM   #109 
  - Excellent post.  Toucano   Jan-28-07 07:32 PM   #17 
  - It's not a real issue, that's the point  ruggerson   Jan-28-07 07:34 PM   # 
  - I agree in general, but there's a bit of a difference.  Toucano   Jan-28-07 07:37 PM   #23 
  - right-wingers or socialists  lwfern   Jan-28-07 07:58 PM   #35 
  - the house argument is stupid. If you argue about Edwards, it should be on Iran.  illinoisprogressive   Jan-28-07 07:34 PM   #19 
  - Or The IWR....  leeroysphits   Jan-28-07 08:20 PM   #54 
  - Edwards can buy the Taj Majal, for all I care. My problem is his position he's taken against Iran.  Straight Shooter   Jan-28-07 07:40 PM   #24 
  - Clinton's Modest Home  lostnotforgotten   Jan-28-07 07:40 PM   #25 
  - And it is modest. I've seen it from the street of the cul-de-sac. It's typical of  OmmmSweetOmmm   Jan-29-07 06:08 AM   #128 
  - Very modest in comparison with the Edwards home  Crunchy Frog   Jan-29-07 05:25 PM   #143 
     - "appropriate to someone of her station"  lwfern   Jan-29-07 08:40 PM   #165 
  - Thank you, well said.  Hun Joro   Jan-28-07 07:41 PM   #26 
  - Edwards had a very mediocre LCV score (in the 60s)  karynnj   Jan-28-07 10:19 PM   #98 
  - I swore I wouldn't post anything else about this issue....  BlackVelvet04   Jan-28-07 07:44 PM   #27 
  - You are either with us or against us  Reterr   Jan-28-07 07:49 PM   #30 
  - You're welcome. n/t  BlackVelvet04   Jan-28-07 07:50 PM   #31 
  - Should he give away all his money  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 07:52 PM   #32 
  - See, right there. THAT is called over reacting.  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 07:56 PM   #34 
  - Interesting  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 08:02 PM   #38 
  - I'll just say that the size of your wallet should not give you the right to pollute at will  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 08:04 PM   #42 
     - I wasn't being nasty.  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 08:13 PM   #48 
  - Thank you....  BlackVelvet04   Jan-28-07 08:03 PM   #39 
  - It's not about the money, it's about the environment  motocicleta   Jan-28-07 08:07 PM   #44 
  - DING DING DING  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 08:08 PM   #46 
  - I am afraid this point will become all too clear by 2012  motocicleta   Jan-28-07 08:19 PM   #52 
  - What about those measures he is taking  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 08:27 PM   #56 
  - I believe you had better take some serious measures  motocicleta   Jan-29-07 05:19 AM   #123 
  - Should the elected President refuse to occupy the White House?  Virginia Dare   Jan-30-07 10:11 AM   #170 
     - Never thought of that.  motocicleta   Jan-30-07 01:19 PM   #171 
        - Would you demand or expect it?...n/t  Virginia Dare   Jan-30-07 04:07 PM   #172 
           - Is that a choice?  motocicleta   Jan-30-07 05:16 PM   #173 
              - Didn't mean to be terse...  Virginia Dare   Jan-30-07 06:42 PM   #174 
                 - Agreed. Sorry to be suspicious;  motocicleta   Jan-30-07 08:12 PM   #176 
  - I'm with you Goblinmonger! I wouldn't care if John Edwards  leeroysphits   Jan-28-07 08:30 PM   #57 
  - Please show me  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 08:44 PM   #63 
     - Look, honestly this property represents how he chooses  leeroysphits   Jan-28-07 09:11 PM   # 
        - But your support of Gore  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:16 PM   #74 
           - Just F.Y.I. Gore flies commercial and buys carbon offsets for his travel   Jan-29-07 04:08 AM   #121 
           - Are you referring to the geothermal he decided not to put in?  lwfern   Jan-29-07 08:37 PM   #163 
  - straw argument. Who was richer than old man walton? He lived in  roguevalley   Jan-29-07 01:16 AM   #110 
  - The point of the Two Americas was that everyone should have the opportunity to make good the way he  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 07:53 PM   #33 
  - but, inherent in opportunity is responsibility. if we can upchuck over  roguevalley   Jan-29-07 01:20 AM   #111 
  - Say it!!  WesDem   Jan-28-07 08:13 PM   #49 
  - My brother in law has a HUGE house...and eats at McDonalds. eom.  MrsGrumpy   Jan-29-07 05:27 AM   #124 
  - How do you know they are wastefully cutting the trees?  dorktv   Jan-28-07 07:59 PM   #36 
  - I have no problem with wealthy people having large homes.  Lisa0825   Jan-28-07 08:01 PM   #37 
  - I couldn't agree more  WestHoustonDem   Jan-28-07 08:06 PM   #43 
  - They certainly are NOT sacrificing til it hurts  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 08:08 PM   #45 
     - Where in the rule book does it say that you have to  Lisa0825   Jan-28-07 08:17 PM   #51 
     - agreed about the house - but there are many kinds of sacrifices  salin   Jan-28-07 08:21 PM   #55 
     - I believe the Edwards chose to  Skwmom   Jan-28-07 10:06 PM   #90 
     - Respectfully, there is no candidate giving until it hurts, nor will there be. NT  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 08:36 PM   #59 
  - Are you done?  Little Wing   Jan-28-07 08:15 PM   #50 
  - "BE HONEST. If you found out that was where McCain or Giuliani lived, DU would be on FIRE."  mzmolly   Jan-28-07 08:35 PM   #58 
  - You must be reading different threads than me  lwfern   Jan-28-07 08:50 PM   #64 
     - No, I'm reading between the lines. When people say he can't live in a large house  mzmolly   Jan-29-07 04:27 PM   #137 
        - "reading between the lines" = twisting words and using hyperbole  lwfern   Jan-29-07 05:13 PM   #139 
           - People have mentioned time and time again, that Edwards dares to live in "the other America"  mzmolly   Jan-29-07 05:32 PM   #146 
              - Well, he likes to visit the other America  lwfern   Jan-29-07 06:12 PM   #153 
                 - Can you name many politicians who don't have similar life styles?  mzmolly   Jan-29-07 06:43 PM   #156 
                    - Kucinich comes to mind.  lwfern   Jan-29-07 06:53 PM   #157 
                       - That poor, poor man. I'm not sure I believe that's his current home  mzmolly   Jan-29-07 07:14 PM   #159 
                          - Please can you use some critical thought?  lwfern   Jan-29-07 07:43 PM   #160 
                             - Mansion? It's an Energy Star home. Or, an Energy Star "mansion," if you prefer that description.  mzmolly   Jan-29-07 07:56 PM   #161 
  - I simply say pay to build it and pay the taxes ....  jarab   Jan-28-07 08:42 PM   #62 
  - Liz, take the pledge at the Edwards site. You will feel better.  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 08:52 PM   #65 
  - How big is Gore's Nashiville home?  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 08:57 PM   #68 
  - No! Look over there! Gore is doing NOTHING! That posuer!  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 08:59 PM   #69 
     - Hm, I don't know when it became ALL or NOTHING.  mondo joe   Jan-28-07 09:00 PM   #70 
        - It's NOT all or nothing. Some simple choices that could of been made  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:07 PM   #71 
  - Don't twist the facts  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:08 PM   #72 
  - "It is not your regular "McMansion." Understatement of the year.  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:11 PM   #73 
     - It's not  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:18 PM   #75 
        - Do you know that the barn was there for a fact? Even if it was, the  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:21 PM   #76 
        - No, I don't know  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:29 PM   #77 
           - You are no slouch. I am not the decider of good choices, and even  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:35 PM   #80 
           - But my understanding is  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:42 PM   #82 
              - The last part, yes that is good news. The other, from past accounts,  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:49 PM   #85 
                 - If he planned out that barn and the connecting walkway  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:52 PM   #86 
                    - Well it does have a "postmodern" thing going, but you are right.  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:53 PM   #87 
                       - Postmodern?  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 09:59 PM   #89 
                          - Now THATS funny! ROTFLMAO.  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 10:08 PM   #92 
                          - It looks like something my kindergarten class would draw  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:16 PM   #95 
                             - Exactly  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 10:17 PM   #96 
                                - I do hope that was there first  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:28 PM   #101 
                                - I do hope that was there first  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:28 PM   #102 
                                   - Okay, Thomas Jefferson he ain't; but he's a good man anyway. NT  Benhurst   Jan-28-07 10:45 PM   #103 
           - my brother keeps horse in a barn, not swimming pools, two theaters,  roguevalley   Jan-29-07 01:23 AM   #112 
        - It's not a "barn"  lwfern   Jan-29-07 05:22 PM   #140 
        - wrong  marions ghost   Jan-29-07 08:39 PM   #164 
  - Say what?  michaelwb   Jan-29-07 09:00 AM   #133 
  - "Go back and review my posts." LOFL.  A-Schwarzenegger   Jan-28-07 08:54 PM   #66 
  - I don't get it... what was LOFL funny there?  LibraLiz1973   Jan-29-07 05:57 PM   #150 
     - Review your posts in these hundreds of idiot house threads?  A-Schwarzenegger   Jan-29-07 11:34 PM   #167 
  - Please name ONE 2008 candidate that doesn't make more than their constituents??  NoodleyAppendage   Jan-28-07 08:55 PM   #67 
  - I'm not reading this entire thread ...  SaveOurDemocracy   Jan-28-07 09:35 PM   #78 
  - You missed my outing as a Republican gay troll. This is one of my accounts.  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 09:37 PM   #81 
  - They flatter themselves.  bling bling   Jan-28-07 09:48 PM   #84 
  - That is so ridiculously Talibanish I could  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:18 PM   #97 
  - How can you POSSIBLY support Edwards  liberalhistorian   Jan-28-07 09:46 PM   #83 
  - Maybe when we hear something about a candidate - we should ask how  Skwmom   Jan-28-07 09:58 PM   #88 
  - So what?  Goblinmonger   Jan-28-07 10:10 PM   #93 
  - In my opinion this whole issue is FReeper troll spam N/T  gbrooks   Jan-28-07 10:22 PM   #99 
  - The thing is.. He IS running for the highest office in the land  LibraLiz1973   Jan-28-07 10:24 PM   #100 
  - 48,000 TREES CUT DOWN  incapsulated   Jan-28-07 10:48 PM   #104 
  - You know if they lived in a hut in the Amazon, there would be DUers in a wood canoe  Neshanic   Jan-28-07 11:07 PM   #107 
     - If they're in a wood canoe, it better be sustainable wood.  ourbluenation   Jan-29-07 05:26 PM   #144 
  - Still chuckling at the house stuff...  ShaneGR   Jan-28-07 10:48 PM   #105 
  - I'm much more concerned about the Iran saber-rattling myself n/t  eridani   Jan-28-07 11:03 PM   #106 
  - I'm on your side  leftofthedial   Jan-28-07 11:10 PM   #108 
  - I can't even read about Iran and politicians, it worries me so much.  roguevalley   Jan-29-07 01:26 AM   #114 
  - I'm sick of penny-ante peons apologizing for the excess consumption of their betters.  JVS   Jan-29-07 01:24 AM   #113 
  - That's a very good way of putting it.  BullGooseLoony   Jan-29-07 01:37 AM   #115 
     - It reminds me of coworker who wonder if the union is being fair enough to the bosses  JVS   Jan-29-07 01:39 AM   #116 
  - I am really sad that you are not reading my journal  hfojvt   Jan-29-07 01:39 AM   #117 
  - "I FEEL LIKE these are the facts"  lwfern   Jan-29-07 06:10 PM   #152 
  - ah sh*t  hfojvt   Jan-30-07 12:11 AM   #168 
     - That would have made more sense.  lwfern   Jan-30-07 10:04 AM   #169 
  - some facts  marions ghost   Jan-29-07 06:38 PM   #154 
  - Yes...I agree LibraLiz. And what REALLY surprised me  RiverStone   Jan-29-07 03:10 AM   #118 
  - besides virulently disagreeing w/Edwards on Iran & IWR  ima_sinnic   Jan-29-07 04:45 AM   #122 
  - Let me play you a song.  donheld   Jan-29-07 05:36 AM   #125 
  - Can we please end this now?  michaz   Jan-29-07 05:37 AM   #126 
  - Bottom line is that it is no one's business.  Skidmore   Jan-29-07 05:40 AM   #127 
  - some of us think that receiving medical marijuana for ones suffering is none of the feds' business..  NorthernSpy   Jan-29-07 06:29 AM   #130 
  - Consumption habits are everyone's business.  lwfern   Jan-29-07 05:24 PM   #141 
  - Moralists always think what others are doing is their business.  mondo joe   Jan-29-07 05:29 PM   #145 
     - global warming actually IS our business.  lwfern   Jan-29-07 05:59 PM   #151 
        - Everything impacts others. If it's so harmful it should be illegal.  mondo joe   Jan-29-07 07:05 PM   #158 
  - How much attention is paid to the Bush twins or to Bush's time spent at the "ranch"?  JVS   Jan-29-07 06:41 PM   #155 
  - I agree with you on this. Thank you for stating it so well. eom  OmmmSweetOmmm   Jan-29-07 06:12 AM   #129 
  - I won't call anybody a troll  Dorian Gray   Jan-29-07 09:04 AM   #134 
  - what's the point really?  turtlensue   Jan-29-07 09:13 AM   #135 
  - For me the environment IS an issue... a huge one  LibraLiz1973   Jan-29-07 05:56 PM   #149 
  - Personally, i think it goes against  peacekitten   Jan-29-07 04:34 PM   #138 
  - I just think that we have bigger concerns other than the size of John Edwards home  WI_DEM   Jan-29-07 05:24 PM   #142 
  - I agree 100%. It took guts to say what you said! Good for you!  Quixote1818   Jan-29-07 05:34 PM   #147 
  - So am I  alarimer   Jan-29-07 05:55 PM   #148 
  - Wow, it's a situation?  Generator   Jan-29-07 08:35 PM   #162 
     - I understand what your saying about Hillary  LibraLiz1973   Jan-29-07 10:13 PM   #166 

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