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cali Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-07-09 05:51 AM
Response to Reply #28
32. excellent post.
but those with the simple and dangerous bushy mentality can't deal with complexity- as this thread and so many others amply illustrate. like bush and so many others, they see things in black and white, good v. evil terms. It's frustrating how widespread that mentality is.
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  -Did you know that before the CIA destabilized Afghanistan, tourism was growing and educating girls ConsAreLiars  Oct-06-09 11:46 PM   #0 
  - I must assume you are talking about Afghanistan under the Soviets?  Ozymanithrax   Oct-07-09 12:19 AM   #1 
  - In retrospect: Wouldn't they have been better off under the Soviet-backed regime?  JackRiddler   Oct-07-09 12:36 AM   #2 
  - No, before the US intervention and the following dumbass Soviet invasion (nt)  ConsAreLiars   Oct-07-09 12:49 AM   #4 
  - Would be good if you filled us in on what/when you are talking about  jbnow   Oct-07-09 02:39 AM   #10 
     - Here's Brzezinski's summary of that CIA action.  ConsAreLiars   Oct-07-09 02:59 AM   #12 
        - And Bin Laden with the help of the Taliban lured stupid Americans into the same damn thing  depakid   Oct-07-09 03:43 AM   #14 
           - "the taliban" = "the mujahideen," = us allies v. ussr.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:07 AM   #21 
  - Afghanistan had a rather peaceful and quiet reputation, until certain US foreign policy theorists  struggle4progress   Oct-07-09 01:08 AM   #6 
  - I saw a good interview with a reporter, Lawrence Wright Iirc,  EFerrari   Oct-08-09 12:14 AM   #65 
  - Here's a bit more about Afghanistan before the CIA imported and armed the crazies - A pic of JFK  ConsAreLiars   Oct-07-09 02:28 AM   #9 
  - "Afghanistan - Haven of Peace and Tranquility" were the words on the Ariana Airlines promotional  ConsAreLiars   Oct-07-09 12:47 AM   #3 
  - Please consider reading Frank Holt's INTO THE LAND OF BONES.  saltpoint   Oct-07-09 12:50 AM   #5 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-07-09 01:45 AM   #7 
  - It's a thread that deserves an unrecommend.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 03:59 AM   #15 
     - of course it's accurate. & it's of *great* utility to remember what the country was like before we  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 04:32 AM   #16 
        - Perhaps to those who have only learned of Afghanistan in the past year.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 04:41 AM   #17 
           - tell it to the marines.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 04:55 AM   #18 
              - If you have a point, state it.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 04:59 AM   #19 
                 - i already did, mr. "even assuming it's accurate."  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:04 AM   #20 
                    - Get back to me when you're able to write cogently.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 05:08 AM   #22 
                       - lol, mr. "those who just discovered afghanistan in the last year."  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:11 AM   #23 
                          - I know that most of this information is very new to you.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 05:13 AM   #25 
                             - "even assuming it's true" - lol.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:23 AM   #26 
  - K&R  leftstreet   Oct-07-09 02:03 AM   #8 
  - K&R! n/t  juno jones   Oct-07-09 02:39 AM   #11 
  - yes, i knew that. i ran across pictures of afghan college students from the 60s  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 03:40 AM   #13 
  - the taliban was all about empowering the women of afghanistan? are you for real?  1   Oct-07-09 05:13 AM   #24 
  - what are you on about?  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:26 AM   #27 
     - reality. not pretty pictures. do you want to see pretty pictures from america from the 1960s?  1   Oct-07-09 05:35 AM   #30 
        - there *was* no "taliban" in 1967. women were attending university, with men,  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:40 AM   #31 
           - "the US *created* the taliban"? my god...  1   Oct-07-09 05:56 AM   #33 
              - yeah, & they were running the country in the 60s, too. women never went to university,  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 06:10 AM   #35 
              - the US backed the mujahideen in afghanistan..  frylock   Oct-07-09 01:14 PM   #54 
                 - look into that. i think you'll find it's considerably more complicated.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 02:15 PM   #55 
                    - i've read several books on the topic..  frylock   Oct-07-09 03:26 PM   #58 
                       - then you would know that "the taliban" included former mujahideen in both its  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 03:46 PM   #59 
                          - can you please provide a link to back up that assertion?  frylock   Oct-07-09 04:05 PM   #62 
                             - i just provided you with one: the us gov't describing the history of one who  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 04:25 PM   #63 
  - Afghanistan Pre 1979...A Failed Experiment  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 05:26 AM   #28 
  - gee, we'll never know, will we? since the US armed the taliban, cough,  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:29 AM   #29 
  - Blown Opportunities  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 06:12 AM   #36 
     - "when we no longer had any interest in the area" = when was this?  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 06:29 AM   #39 
        - After The Soviets Bugged Out...  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 06:33 AM   #41 
           - the soviets kept supplying their proxies until 1991, & we kept supplying  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 06:43 AM   #43 
              - Well Then You're In A Minority...  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 06:55 AM   #45 
                 - like being in a minority means anything. think about it, we were there  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 07:23 AM   #48 
                    - Hmmm...We Fought Them Before The Soviets?  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 07:59 AM   #49 
                       - "We Fought Them Before The Soviets?" I don't know what you're  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 01:12 PM   #53 
                          - Operation Cyclone Was In The Mid 80s  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 02:55 PM   #57 
                             - i know perfectly well when it was. my point was that charlie wilson wasn't  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 03:51 PM   #60 
  - excellent post.  cali   Oct-07-09 05:51 AM   #32 
  - "excellent post" - complexity my ass. that's boilerplate party line lifted direct from the nyt.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 05:59 AM   #34 
  - my, my. aren't you the touchy one.  cali   Oct-07-09 11:56 AM   #50 
  - A Failure To Communicate...  KharmaTrain   Oct-07-09 06:19 AM   #37 
  - Well said. It's a tribal nation.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 06:26 AM   #38 
     - funny, all the countries we invade are backward "tribal" people,  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 06:33 AM   #40 
        - I've said we should leave there immediately about ten times this thread.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 06:41 AM   #42 
           - my post has nothing to do with your opinions on withdrawl.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 06:44 AM   #44 
              - Your posts this thread are completely irrational.  TexasObserver   Oct-07-09 06:56 AM   #46 
                 - funny, i feel the same about yours.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 07:20 AM   #47 
  - A Thank You to Hannah Bell for the photos in Post#13. Take a look for yourselves.  ConsAreLiars   Oct-07-09 12:09 PM   #51 
  - more: afghanistan 1970-1975: images from an era of peace.  Hannah Bell   Oct-07-09 03:54 PM   #61 
  - same with Iraq before the US dug their filthy claws in.  Whisp   Oct-07-09 12:22 PM   #52 
  - K&R. Reminiscent of the liberal democracy the CIA overthrew in Iran.  Vidar   Oct-07-09 02:25 PM   #56 
  - Thanks, Here's a scholarly paper on the women's rights struggle before the US armed the fanatics.  ConsAreLiars   Oct-08-09 12:08 AM   #64 
  - As I've said before, this was probably true in Kabul and other cities  Hippo_Tron   Oct-08-09 12:17 AM   #66 
     - "Backward" does not translate into "intolerant religious crazy." The latter factor was  ConsAreLiars   Oct-08-09 01:17 AM   #67 

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