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Reply #3: I think it was cell phone radiation. [View All]

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Jackpine Radical Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-16-07 02:06 PM
Response to Reply #1
3. I think it was cell phone radiation.
Like the bees, you know.
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  -NBC's SNL had a sick, sick gun shooting skit last Saturday itsrobert  Apr-16-07 02:04 PM   #0 
  - Maybe it was violent video games and rap music.  Bornaginhooligan   Apr-16-07 02:05 PM   #1 
  - I think it was cell phone radiation.  Jackpine Radical   Apr-16-07 02:06 PM   #3 
  - i'm sure he never wanted to hurt anyone untill he watched Saturday Night Live  davepc   Apr-16-07 02:06 PM   #2 
  - Did you see the skit?  itsrobert   Apr-16-07 02:07 PM   #4 
     - Sure did. It was a great sendup of overstylized scence of violence in movies and on TV  davepc   Apr-16-07 02:10 PM   # 
     - Are you serious?  renie408   Apr-16-07 02:24 PM   #22 
  - At least it was last Saturday and not the coming one.  Counciltucky   Apr-16-07 02:07 PM   #5 
  - I'm sure he decided to kill 30 people after watching an unfunny skit on SNL...  Reverend_Smitty   Apr-16-07 02:07 PM   #6 
  - I thought it was great.  greyl   Apr-16-07 02:08 PM   #7 
  - Thanks, I was trying to figure out what the music was.  EnviroBat   Apr-16-07 02:19 PM   #16 
  - You da man! I was wondering who that was...  SidDithers   Apr-16-07 03:12 PM   #28 
  - Don't forget- he may have played D&D. :eyes: n/t  Poll_Blind   Apr-16-07 02:10 PM   #8 
  - Wait a minute ... munitions company and war profiteer GE  zbdent   Apr-16-07 02:12 PM   #9 
  - Oh heck - it's April  Clark2008   Apr-16-07 02:12 PM   #10 
  - Titanic, Lincoln's assassination, death of FDR, Fort Sumter  Hardrada   Apr-16-07 02:17 PM   #14 
  - Exactly.  Clark2008   Apr-16-07 02:20 PM   #17 
  - Also end of Civil War.  geardaddy   Apr-16-07 04:22 PM   #31 
  - Don't forget 4-20 :-)  Roon   Apr-16-07 02:21 PM   #18 
     - I hardly think marijuana is horrific.  Clark2008   Apr-16-07 02:22 PM   #20 
        - Badump bump!...  SidDithers   Apr-16-07 03:14 PM   #30 
  - I recorded the show Saturday but watched it last night  eleny   Apr-16-07 02:13 PM   #11 
  - I think it was an OC reference...  EOTE   Apr-16-07 02:56 PM   #27 
     - I'm so out of touch with regular tv programs  eleny   Apr-16-07 03:13 PM   #29 
        - Orange County n/t  EOTE   Apr-16-07 04:55 PM   #33 
  - Or maybe he ate a bad Twinkie. Time to bring back everyone's favorite defense!  Kerrytravelers   Apr-16-07 02:14 PM   #12 
  - I know you're not saying the skit caused the shooter to go off. But it's pretty gross that SNL  tblue   Apr-16-07 02:16 PM   #13 
  - Oh come on! n/t  geardaddy   Apr-16-07 02:18 PM   #15 
  - I think it was a spoof of a movie.  piedmont   Apr-16-07 02:21 PM   #19 
  - You know, this occured to me too  Marie26   Apr-16-07 02:24 PM   #21 
  - The skit was hilarious and random.  slowry   Apr-16-07 02:30 PM   #23 
  - updated link  pettypace   Apr-16-07 05:00 PM   #34 
  - 8 of The 12 Current Top Grossing Films ......  global1   Apr-16-07 02:34 PM   #24 
  - I have the sudden urge to watch Kill Bill now.  meldroc   Apr-16-07 02:38 PM   #25 
  - anyone remember the Claudine Longine Ski Tournament? . . .  OneBlueSky   Apr-16-07 02:50 PM   #26 
  - Actually, O'Donoghue got in hot water with that one. It was hilarious, but there was a gag order  blm   Apr-16-07 04:50 PM   #32 
     - I thought it was funny too.  Hardrada   Apr-16-07 09:44 PM   #36 
        - Michael's philosophy as a humorist was that even death was a legitimate source for humor  blm   Apr-17-07 08:19 AM   #37 
  - I turned the show off when that one started.. Guns aren't funny  SoCalDem   Apr-16-07 05:01 PM   #35 

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