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Prism Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-30-09 12:04 AM
Response to Original message
38. Ugh
I watch very little cable news, and today reminded me why. While Olbermann was narrating rather appropriately and eloquently, Matthews kept piping up like a jack russel terrier, just yap, yap, yapping away to total, inappropriate distraction. Every time he opened he mouth, I cringed, because I knew there was nothing good coming.

90% of the time, he proved me right.
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  -Keith just smacked down Tweety Fuzz  Aug-29-09 06:43 PM   #0 
  - KO said that Obama knew when to be respectful  greenbriar   Aug-29-09 06:44 PM   #1 
  - I immediately thought about the SS when Tweety made his comment.  BattyDem   Aug-30-09 12:24 AM   #39 
  - what exactly did Keith come back with? n/t  POAS   Aug-29-09 06:45 PM   #2 
  - He said it was most likely that what with having delivered the eulogy earlier,  Berry Cool   Aug-29-09 06:46 PM   #6 
  - Thanks....n/t  POAS   Aug-29-09 08:14 PM   #32 
  - Nice! /eom  Overseas   Aug-29-09 11:57 PM   #37 
  - KO very politely informed him  madamesilverspurs   Aug-29-09 06:48 PM   #10 
     - Thanks....n/t  POAS   Aug-29-09 08:13 PM   #31 
  - And KO was  madamesilverspurs   Aug-29-09 06:45 PM   #3 
  - Had Ted been asked my guess is he would have told the president to rejoin  saltpoint   Aug-29-09 06:46 PM   #4 
  - It was all polite and thoughtful with Tweety voluntarily withdrawing the comment after  Pirate Smile   Aug-29-09 06:46 PM   #5 
  - Except that Tweety was trying to make it about the vacation  malaise   Aug-29-09 06:48 PM   #12 
  - True but someone was there to counter his point and he accepted that.  Pirate Smile   Aug-29-09 06:51 PM   #17 
  - I have to disagree. It wasn't polite to imply that  CakeGrrl   Aug-29-09 07:08 PM   #20 
     - At that point, I was hoping someone was close by with a snack  havocmom   Aug-29-09 07:18 PM   #22 
     - I meant Keith was able to be completely polite and yet get Chris to pull back his dumb ass comment  Pirate Smile   Aug-29-09 07:33 PM   #25 
        - Yes, that would  Cha   Aug-29-09 07:59 PM   #29 
  - I'm glad Keith shut him up and I agree with Keith's suggestion  CakeGrrl   Aug-29-09 06:47 PM   #7 
  - Yes, I was pleased to hear that.  tabatha   Aug-29-09 06:47 PM   #8 
  - Re: Chris shoots from the hip.  dgibby   Aug-29-09 11:37 PM   #33 
     - Matthews should limit the length of his days  csziggy   Aug-30-09 12:32 AM   #41 
  - I guess Tweety forgot that Bush isn't president anymore.  eleny   Aug-29-09 06:47 PM   #9 
  - Mathews, why don't you just shut up?  Graybeard   Aug-29-09 06:48 PM   #11 
  - I switched to CNN after hearing him go on and on  FrenchieCat   Aug-29-09 07:20 PM   #24 
  - Damn Tweety Can Be Such A Clod !!!  WillyT   Aug-29-09 06:49 PM   #13 
  - Good of Matthews to retract. I expect Keith was right  nolabear   Aug-29-09 06:49 PM   #14 
  - I agree. It would have been another open area Secret Service nightmare. No thanks.  Pirate Smile   Aug-29-09 06:53 PM   #19 
  - Kudos to Tweety! It takes courage to admit you said something stupid on  Stardust   Aug-29-09 06:51 PM   #15 
  - Yes he was very calm about that  malaise   Aug-29-09 06:52 PM   #18 
  - And did you hear Tweety say something about getting a phone call  alsame   Aug-29-09 06:51 PM   #16 
  - Yes, that's what it was.  WinkyDink   Aug-29-09 07:13 PM   #21 
     - Thanks, I wasn't sure I heard right. It's been 8 months, he should  alsame   Aug-29-09 07:20 PM   #23 
  - Kudos to Keith for doing that. It was stupid  politicasista   Aug-29-09 07:52 PM   #26 
  - Tweety always brings the shitty angle ,thats what he does.  orpupilofnature57   Aug-29-09 07:54 PM   #27 
  - How mediawhore stupid is that? This isn't about  Cha   Aug-29-09 07:57 PM   #28 
  - There is something wrong with Mathews...  Umbral   Aug-29-09 08:01 PM   #30 
  - Low self-esteem.  dgibby   Aug-29-09 11:41 PM   #34 
  - You hit the nail on the head!  demmiblue   Aug-30-09 06:57 PM   #47 
     - He's a basket case of insecurity. n/t  dgibby   Aug-30-09 08:48 PM   #48 
        - Tingle... that is all that needs to be said!  demmiblue   Aug-30-09 08:51 PM   #49 
           - That pretty much sums it up.!  dgibby   Aug-30-09 09:01 PM   #50 
              - THIS is the greatest thing about DU....  demmiblue   Aug-30-09 09:14 PM   #51 
                 - !!!Series!!!  dgibby   Aug-30-09 09:59 PM   #52 
  - And people talk about Biden. nt  tsuki   Aug-29-09 11:54 PM   #35 
     - seriously  Lex   Aug-29-09 11:57 PM   #36 
  - Ugh  Prism   Aug-30-09 12:04 AM   #38 
  - My mother kept saying, "Why is he talking over everyone else? Shut up, Tweety!"  BattyDem   Aug-30-09 12:27 AM   #40 
  - That drives me nuts about him!!! He asks someone a question  SallyMander   Aug-30-09 06:47 PM   #46 
  - Tweety is very jealous of Keith, imo.  dgibby   Aug-30-09 12:54 AM   #42 
  - i was glad i didn't see poppy and babs at the mass  orleans   Aug-30-09 01:03 AM   #43 
  - They decided not to go, said that dubya was representing the family  MiniMe   Aug-30-09 02:04 AM   #44 
     - that was in bad taste--but i didn't want them there.  orleans   Aug-30-09 02:58 AM   #45 
  - saved for later n/t  snake in the grass   Aug-30-09 10:16 PM   #53 

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