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Reply #32: I searched, didn't find anything on JAMA, but did find this... [View All]

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pipi_k Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-24-09 12:35 PM
Response to Reply #23
32. I searched, didn't find anything on JAMA, but did find this...
A blog entry from 2006. /

One of the first replies goes into some detail on the apparent falsities in the premise

Not only do the freeptards fail to research the crap they spread around, they have to resort to stuff that's nearly three years old...


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  -Freeper email: Indian condom use will kill us faster than global warming (Not a Joke!) goodboy  Aug-24-09 10:28 AM   #0 
  - I'm sorry, but  cwydro   Aug-24-09 10:29 AM   #1 
  - No  Joanne98   Aug-24-09 10:31 AM   #3 
  - Why?  pipi_k   Aug-24-09 10:47 AM   #7 
  - Hear, hear!!! My suggestion: their own special forum.  Buzz Clik   Aug-24-09 10:51 AM   #9 
  - There ya go!  cwydro   Aug-24-09 12:40 PM   #34 
  - Wouldn't matter to me.  pipi_k   Aug-24-09 01:03 PM   #39 
  - I wish there was some rule about people suggesting stupid rules  Clintonista2   Aug-24-09 11:31 AM   #18 
     - ...  cwydro   Aug-24-09 12:48 PM   #36 
  - Millions in Bangladesh will have no place to live  JPZenger   Aug-24-09 10:30 AM   #2 
  - Do you think this idiot really cares about that? (nt)  goodboy   Aug-24-09 10:36 AM   #4 
  - I had an argument one time with someone who  pipi_k   Aug-24-09 11:05 AM   #12 
     - They source the JAMA. I haven't looked to see if there is such an article.  goodboy   Aug-24-09 11:47 AM   #23 
        - I searched, didn't find anything on JAMA, but did find this...  pipi_k   Aug-24-09 12:35 PM   #32 
           - Nice. Good work! (nt)  goodboy   Aug-24-09 12:41 PM   #35 
  - For a guy who claims to do "research," he sure doesn't bother researching proper spelling.  Kerrytravelers   Aug-24-09 10:39 AM   #5 
  - not to mention the lie about the size of the Indian penis  samsingh   Aug-24-09 10:41 AM   #6 
  - Of course not. The only men with smaller penis size are freepers.  Kerrytravelers   Aug-24-09 10:59 AM   #10 
  - matches the small size of their intellects.  samsingh   Aug-24-09 11:14 AM   #15 
  - Just think if they were gun-toting Indians! n/t  greguganus   Aug-24-09 01:22 PM   #41 
  - This thread is worthless without pictures!!  Deja Q   Aug-24-09 12:13 PM   #27 
  - What is this? The Lounge?  Kerrytravelers   Aug-24-09 12:31 PM   #31 
  - Did the BBC News organization lie?  Deja Q   Aug-24-09 12:14 PM   #28 
  - Hey KT! How are ya? (nt)  goodboy   Aug-24-09 11:44 AM   #21 
  - Hanging in there... watching my country circle the drain...  Kerrytravelers   Aug-24-09 11:54 AM   #24 
  - Same here!  Deja Q   Aug-24-09 12:17 PM   #29 
  - I think the Freeper is referring to this  Canuckistanian   Aug-24-09 10:48 AM   #8 
  - If they're getting torn during use, I'd think that would indicate a larger size penis.  Kerrytravelers   Aug-24-09 11:00 AM   #11 
     - when I have a little time I'll look to see if there was anything published  goodboy   Aug-24-09 12:09 PM   #25 
  - I also "condemn malfunction" - when it comes to crazy "cut and past" emails -n/t  LeftinOH   Aug-24-09 11:05 AM   #13 
  - HAHAHAHA...I see you're in OH. If you're near Columbus  goodboy   Aug-24-09 11:42 AM   #19 
  - The writer is correct about one thing...  Xithras   Aug-24-09 11:10 AM   #14 
  - What's your solution? (nt)  goodboy   Aug-24-09 12:10 PM   #26 
     - Plague?  Xithras   Aug-24-09 12:17 PM   #30 
        - Have you seen "Children Of Men?" (nt)  goodboy   Aug-24-09 12:39 PM   #33 
           - I wasn't thinking anything that extreme.  Xithras   Aug-24-09 12:53 PM   #37 
           - I have  Missy Vixen   Aug-24-09 12:54 PM   #38 
  - Big Hans, little Willi. n/t  formercia   Aug-24-09 11:19 AM   #16 
  - Teh stupid, it hurts!  MiniMe   Aug-24-09 11:24 AM   #17 
  - He's willing to blame the brown multitudes...  Orsino   Aug-24-09 11:44 AM   #20 
  - But there's no such thing as a "carbon addiction" there's no such thing  goodboy   Aug-24-09 11:46 AM   #22 
  - I thought freepers were cornucopians who belevied the more humans, the better off we were  MisterP   Aug-24-09 01:03 PM   #40 

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