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Reply #10: i once smashed a car window to get a dog out [View All]

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paulsby Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-23-09 01:42 AM
Response to Reply #7
10. i once smashed a car window to get a dog out
i was on routine patrol (like there really is such a thing, but i digress) and some guy flagged me down in a large mall parking lot. he directed me to a car with a dog inside. it was about 80 degrees outside and i can;'t imagine how hot it was inside (all the windows were rolled up).

there was a dog inside that was CLEARLY in distress. i ran the plate, but that wasn't really helpful. this was a mall with about 10 stores. what was i gonna do - run to each store and have them do a PA announcement?

i said "fuck it" and smashed the window with my baton. (no, we don't carry slim jims). another guy ran up and wetted the dogs fur down, and another poured some water out and let the dog lap it up. i felt so badly for the dog. needless a say, a little crowd had formed at this point

the car owner arrived about 5 minutes after i smashed the window. i gave him my name and said he was free to make some sort of complaint if he thought my window smashing was unjustified. but, i also got the name of the person who flagged me down, and two of the bystander to cover my ass. i had little doubt that he would lose any appeal to my agency to reimburse him for the window. he was actually pretty cool about it. i tried not to "perform my inner voice" and somehow was able to use discretion and not call the guy every name in the book , but it was hard. i don't want animals to suffer, and this pooch was SO happy to get some water.

my sgt. came to the scene and he was totally cool. said he would have done the same thing for a dog. an animal control guy responded and basically gave the guy a warning, not a cite, which i was ok with, as long as i was convinced the guy knew how dangerous what he did was. his punishment so to speak was paying for a new window.

just a random hot dog story, but one i thought i'd share

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  -two dead dogs in a week paulsby  Aug-22-09 06:06 AM   #0 
  - This is a shame.  Th1onein   Aug-22-09 06:24 AM   #1 
  - That is so sad for the dogs, and for the owners  Chemisse   Aug-22-09 06:33 AM   #2 
  - article doesn't say she did  paulsby   Aug-22-09 06:35 AM   #3 
     - This suggests she did, although  Chemisse   Aug-22-09 07:12 AM   #4 
        - wow. you are right  paulsby   Aug-22-09 07:21 AM   #5 
           - Ok that makes sense about it being reflexive to call 911  Chemisse   Aug-22-09 07:59 AM   #6 
  - People are so damn stupid about this  tularetom   Aug-22-09 08:05 AM   #7 
  - i once smashed a car window to get a dog out  paulsby   Aug-23-09 01:42 AM   #10 
     - Good story  pyoom   Aug-23-09 02:09 AM   #13 
  - At a dog event this summer one of the vet clinics  undeterred   Aug-22-09 08:24 AM   #8 
  - how the HELL  backwoodsbob   Aug-22-09 08:47 AM   #9 
  - BWB  subcomhd   Aug-23-09 01:57 AM   #12 
  - A couple of years ago  subcomhd   Aug-23-09 01:45 AM   #11 
  - that;s not cop bashing  paulsby   Aug-23-09 02:15 AM   #15 
  - A couple years ago, I confronted security at a Winn Dixie supermarket  flvegan   Aug-23-09 02:14 AM   #14 
  - Good for you! eom  subcomhd   Aug-23-09 02:18 AM   #16 
  - Good for you! eom  subcomhd   Aug-23-09 02:18 AM   #17 
  - good story  paulsby   Aug-23-09 02:43 AM   #18 
  - I just want to smack the shit out of people for that...  and-justice-for-all   Aug-23-09 03:28 AM   #19 
  - On weekends, I usually take my dog with me  RebelOne   Aug-23-09 04:21 AM   #20 

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