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Reply #17: someone who has a clear pattern of racist statements over the years and then [View All]

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AlCzervik Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-11-07 10:34 PM
Response to Original message
17. someone who has a clear pattern of racist statements over the years and then
had his ass covered by his powerful friends who he has on his radio show finally gets called out on his behavior and you're complaining that the PC police came and arrested him?

My question--where the hell have the pc police been up until last friday?
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  -My we are so pleased with ourselves now. Imus gone, and we are oh so good. Neshanic  Apr-11-07 10:19 PM   #0 
  - Racism and sexism should never be condoned  Horse with no Name   Apr-11-07 10:24 PM   #1 
  - I don't know if I'd go that far  GTRMAN   Apr-11-07 10:43 PM   #25 
     - "Wild Palms"...Everything must go!  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:50 PM   #34 
  - Imus Isn't Gone  KharmaTrain   Apr-11-07 10:25 PM   #2 
  - The worm has turned alright, but it will suprise some the direction it has.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:27 PM   #4 
     - And Which Direction Is That?  KharmaTrain   Apr-11-07 10:29 PM   #8 
     - What Party knows no bounds in attacks? They are on the floor laughing at this.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:32 PM   #11 
     - I agree.  Birthmark   Apr-11-07 10:33 PM   #14 
  - Life can suck sometimes  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 10:25 PM   #3 
  - That word is not PC. Why do you hate women?  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:27 PM   #5 
     - You're the reason why.  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 10:30 PM   #9 
        - The word you used is derogatory and offensive. Please apologize.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:33 PM   #13 
           - Sorry I used that word. It was a joke, don't you see? The sexist Imus connection??  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 10:36 PM   #20 
              - Sorry, forgiving or slack is not given in the new PC world. Next...  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:40 PM   #23 
              - Not so are GUILTY of using the "B" word.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:43 PM   #26 
                 - ahhh, I get it now  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 10:51 PM   #37 
                    - This is PC Land, not East Germany...You used the "B" word.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:54 PM   #39 
                       - Imus made me do it  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 11:00 PM   #46 
                          - We are reviewing your "C" word...please hold.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:02 PM   #49 
                             - "cootie" is acceptable as a word, just not as a staple in one's diet  mtnsnake   Apr-11-07 11:09 PM   #59 
                             - Please hold...checking references in various source books.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:15 PM   #63 
                             - C***** has been reviewed. It is not PC for the following reasons.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:28 PM   # 
                             - C***** has been reviewed. It is not PC for the following reasons.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:28 PM   #66 
  - Why, yes.  gristy   Apr-11-07 10:28 PM   #6 
  - That's good because you have PC tests to pass. Better toss that nasty video game...  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:30 PM   #10 
  - Gee. Gosh. I never thought of it that way.  mmonk   Apr-11-07 10:29 PM   #7 
  - I'm glad you are so PC now.  2bfree   Apr-11-07 10:32 PM   #12 
  - I am too, now that I am part of the all knowing modern Puritans!  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:34 PM   #16 
  - STANDING OVATION!  youthere   Apr-11-07 10:33 PM   #15 
  - someone who has a clear pattern of racist statements over the years and then  chimpsrsmarter   Apr-11-07 10:34 PM   #17 
  - +1  Blue_Tires   Apr-11-07 11:30 PM   #67 
     - Imus was the begining of our collective enlightenment. Please move forward.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:42 PM   #71 
  - It's not "PC". No one has a constitutional right to a job on the air. PERIOD.  impeachdubya   Apr-11-07 10:36 PM   #18 
  - Using "censorship" is a violation of describing PCism. Please rewrite.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:23 PM   #64 
     - If you want someone who will perform on command  impeachdubya   Apr-11-07 11:44 PM   #72 
        - Images are also under PC review. Please be carefull, but you are  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:49 PM   #74 
           - I know, it smarts, doesn't it?  impeachdubya   Apr-11-07 11:50 PM   #76 
              - Pointing out flaws percieved by you, towards another, such as spelling  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:54 PM   #79 
                 - Another difference between me and Imus  impeachdubya   Apr-12-07 12:06 AM   #86 
                    - A judgement call of if you are indeed funny or not is not PC. Maybe if you  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:12 AM   #89 
                       - That's not an acceptable answer.  impeachdubya   Apr-12-07 12:20 AM   #93 
                          - PCers do not respond to such items. May I suggest a PCer group in your area?  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:23 AM   #94 
                             - You should also be aware that each communication that does not include payment for services rendered  impeachdubya   Apr-12-07 12:31 AM   #98 
                                - Please bring that up at the meeting. We have a great deal of money for our cause.  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:35 AM   #100 
                                   - And, there's another $20 Grand.  impeachdubya   Apr-12-07 12:39 AM   #101 
  - Free speech. Not really free? A tool for abuse?  higher class   Apr-11-07 10:36 PM   #19 
  - I agree. All radio must be reviewed. All laughing gang morning shows...  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:38 PM   #21 
  - No, only the ones that host presidential candidates, senators, governors,  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 10:42 PM   #24 
  - Sorry, the new PC world order demands purity.There are NO jokes.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:44 PM   #28 
     - In your mind, perhaps. NT  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 10:46 PM   #29 
     - All jokes that are not PC are not jokes, they are derogatory and offensive.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:47 PM   #31 
        - Sounds like a personal problem. NT  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 10:48 PM   #32 
        - Are you marginalizing me because I may have problems?  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:51 PM   #35 
           - If you can't tell the difference between a show under the NBC News banner and  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 10:52 PM   #38 
              - So you like the sexist, gay bashing morning shows huh? No PC for you.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:56 PM   #41 
                 - Now where did I say that? NT  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 11:03 PM   #50 
                    - This guy doesn't joke around...  Rex   Apr-11-07 11:05 PM   #52 
                    - Obviously, he certainly isn't funny. He has that in common with Imus. NT  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 11:05 PM   #54 
                    - I am sorry but comparing someone to a known serial bigot is a violation.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:07 PM   #57 
                    - Yes, I have seen the perfection of PCism. I will not waver.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:06 PM   #55 
                       - So you've become the very modern puritan you hate?  Rex   Apr-11-07 11:10 PM   #60 
                          - When presented with such logic on the IMUS issue, it was only a matter of time...  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:13 PM   #61 
                             - Strange how things work; a celebrity getting fired brings about  Rex   Apr-11-07 11:26 PM   #65 
                                - Please do not use the "n" word in describing societies. One of PCism's pillars is  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:35 PM   #69 
                                   - But how will we know which society has it right and which ones are  Rex   Apr-11-07 11:56 PM   #81 
                                      - Again "N****L" is a value judgement made by others. Please use another word.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:59 PM   #83 
                                      - Hmm. Customs. Can everyone agree on that word?  Rex   Apr-12-07 12:01 AM   #84 
                                      - A good PCer will know. I know you can do it.  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:06 AM   #85 
                                      - By that logic, you must be right.  Rex   Apr-12-07 12:10 AM   #88 
                                      - That's the good thoughts! You will see it is a nicer world. Remember our book burning events!  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:14 AM   #90 
                                      - Good idea, we can call ourselves 'firemen'! Put the word to work!  Rex   Apr-12-07 12:18 AM   #91 
                                      - Violation...People who fight fires can be of all types. Yellow Flag.  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:24 AM   #95 
                                      - Well you got all the answers then. I'll leave it up to you.  Rex   Apr-12-07 12:28 AM   #97 
                                      - We are hoping so! Good thoughts to you!  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:33 AM   #99 
                    - Morning shows are notorious for the unPC behavior. Please read up.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:05 PM   #53 
                       - And did I say I like them? NT  NYCGirl   Apr-11-07 11:06 PM   #56 
        - All jokes that are not PC are not jokes?  Rex   Apr-11-07 10:59 PM   #44 
           - I do not joke. I have seen the PC way.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:59 PM   #45 
              - No laughter or silliness?  Rex   Apr-11-07 11:02 PM   #48 
                 - Offense can be taken in the slightest way...better not to tell one to be safe.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:04 PM   #51 
     - I don't see it as a PC world at all. I see it as self discipline and respect.  higher class   Apr-11-07 10:59 PM   #43 
        - Lines are the way ofthe old regime. You will learn with an open mind...  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:01 PM   #47 
  - Zero Tolerance? Wait - -  flying_monkeys   Apr-11-07 10:44 PM   #27 
     - There is ZERO tolerance here also. It took what five posts for the "B" word to be thrown..  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:46 PM   #30 
  - Obviously a bad job was done policing. We PC will be more vigilant.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:58 PM   #42 
  - I guess the medium really is the message, isn't it?  Glorfindel   Apr-11-07 10:39 PM   #22 
  - Bigotry is part of all that, isn't it?  sleebarker   Apr-11-07 10:51 PM   #36 
     - I am sorry, but there are some PC offenses in there...carefull.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 10:55 PM   #40 
  - Imus should have been gone a long time ago  windy2000   Apr-11-07 10:49 PM   #33 
  - And the Serena and Venus Williams remarks.... nt  higher class   Apr-11-07 11:08 PM   #58 
     - Please, Imus has been dealt with by the PCers. We must deal with new violations.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:14 PM   #62 
  - Imus was not "current pop culuture".  sfexpat2000   Apr-11-07 11:32 PM   #68 
  - His place in the old regime is not of concern. Please look forward.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:36 PM   #70 
     - You might consider that the market took care of him, not  sfexpat2000   Apr-11-07 11:49 PM   #75 
        - I am very sorry, but PC guidlines do not acknowledge the First Amendment.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:57 PM   #82 
  - Hey Now... Imus Can Still Speak...  WillyT   Apr-11-07 11:45 PM   #73 
  - "H****" is a PC violation. No explaination needed. Repost.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:51 PM   #77 
     - Pookums Maybe ???  WillyT   Apr-11-07 11:54 PM   #78 
        - Checking....Please hold.  Neshanic   Apr-11-07 11:55 PM   #80 
           - There are some derivations that could cause issues in this words use.  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:10 AM   #87 
  - I think Imus did this to himself.  1932   Apr-12-07 12:19 AM   #92 
  - Again, Imus was the start, but please turn on MTV2 now, Pacific...violations in videos.  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:26 AM   #96 
  - Thank you to all here for making this self discovery possible...  Neshanic   Apr-12-07 12:46 AM   #102 
  - Locking  OhioBlues   Apr-12-07 06:48 AM   #103 

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