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Reply #20: New York State canceled the popular Empire Games [View All]

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Historic NY Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-26-09 11:18 AM
Response to Original message
20. New York State canceled the popular Empire Games
Edited on Sun Jul-26-09 11:20 AM by Historic NY

funny they can have a circus in Albany, dole out 85+ million in pork but can't get money for the games which have been around since 1978.
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  -Watching the last leg of the Tour de France, the thought hit me... derby378  Jul-26-09 09:27 AM   #0 
  - We tried several times. They failed to gather meaningful support.  Buzz Clik   Jul-26-09 09:28 AM   #1 
  - It is the only significant global sporting event that does not charge admission. nt  Captain Hilts   Jul-26-09 09:29 AM   #2 
  - La Vuelta de Bisbee is a good race  panader0   Jul-26-09 09:33 AM   #3 
  - Cycling lacks an adequate following in the US to sustain such an event, its been tried  ProgressiveProfessor   Jul-26-09 09:46 AM   #4 
  - I mentioned earlier that it doesn't have to be cycling, necessarily  derby378   Jul-26-09 09:51 AM   #5 
     - The Tour finishes in the same place, Paris, every year. eom  Billy Burnett   Jul-26-09 09:53 AM   #6 
     - But it still involves so many diverse regions of France  derby378   Jul-26-09 10:02 AM   #10 
     - The Tour does not unite the French, espcially not the minorities  ProgressiveProfessor   Jul-26-09 10:05 AM   #12 
  - And this is has been a clean race. I've heard of no doping DQ's.  alfredo   Jul-26-09 09:55 AM   #7 
  - I think the Iditarod comes close to that.  DesertRat   Jul-26-09 09:58 AM   #8 
  - I wouldn't say the Tour de France happens because France is some kind of utopia.  Curtland1015   Jul-26-09 10:00 AM   #9 
  - Okay, you made me giggle, I admit it  derby378   Jul-26-09 10:04 AM   #11 
  - If cycling is boring then how come huge crowds turn out for the Tour de France?  Fumesucker   Jul-26-09 11:49 AM   #22 
  - Yesterday was the final day of RAGBRAI 37 - the yearly bike ride across Iowa  Frustratedlady   Jul-26-09 10:18 AM   #13 
  - Next weekend a damn bike race is pretty much shutting down my town.  Gidney N Cloyd   Jul-26-09 10:34 AM   #14 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-26-09 10:36 AM   #15 
  - that's how the tour started out. The cyclist had to do all their own  alfredo   Jul-26-09 10:44 AM   #17 
  - That's right -  cliffordu   Jul-26-09 10:52 AM   #19 
     - Here's some images of earlier editions of the tour  alfredo   Jul-26-09 11:41 AM   #21 
        - Tastes differ, I think they ought to pour beer back into the horse..  Fumesucker   Jul-26-09 11:52 AM   #23 
           - How long will a tapeworm survive in a glass of Guinness?  alfredo   Jul-26-09 01:02 PM   #24 
  - That sounds painful.  chrisa   Jul-26-09 10:46 AM   #18 
  - Damn! Cavendish is fast!  alfredo   Jul-26-09 10:40 AM   #16 
  - New York State canceled the popular Empire Games  Historic NY   Jul-26-09 11:18 AM   #20 
  - The Tour of California, given 10-15 years...  Davis_X_Machina   Jul-26-09 01:02 PM   #25 

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