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Reply #57: Its not the cop's right [View All]

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lexanman Donating Member (401 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-28-09 03:13 PM
Response to Reply #51
57. Its not the cop's right
to kick anyones ass jerkoff. We have a system that has courts and checks and balances. The problem is you paint everyone as criminals deserving of whatever the cop decides to do to the person. Tazer him, he asked for it. Shoot a 13 year old in the back killing the kid, he asked for it. Kick his ass, he asked for it. Your blind eye to police abuse and condonement and encouragement of police abuse and criminal behavior sickens every person on this board. Even ones who say there are good and bad cops. Even ones who are wary of all cops. You are from the planet "kick his ass, cop"
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  -Good Cop / Bad Cop Mythsaje  Jul-25-09 08:21 PM   #0 
  - Stop making sense!.. I rec'd this, but I see I've already been undone.  annabanana   Jul-25-09 08:23 PM   #1 
  - True. The Blue Wall of Silence does all cops a disservice.  marmar   Jul-25-09 08:23 PM   #2 
  - I agree  HughMoran   Jul-25-09 09:02 PM   #3 
  - Unfortunately there is a good number of cop haters here...  armyowalgreens   Jul-25-09 09:06 PM   #4 
  - Exactly.  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:13 PM   #7 
     - a decade ago, i started encouraging my little boy, about two to interact with the cops  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:27 PM   #17 
     - Yes  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:43 PM   #25 
        - took the time to interact.... you arent open. i wont bother. waste of time  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:45 PM   #27 
        - It didn't use to be that way...  Mythsaje   Jul-25-09 09:49 PM   #30 
           - The way it used to be: A retired army sergeant who had a drinking problem  1monster   Jul-26-09 11:47 AM   #42 
           - They don't want to be members of the community.  Mariana   Jul-27-09 05:28 PM   #53 
              - I think you're right.  Raineyb   Jul-27-09 05:42 PM   #54 
                 - somewhere along the way they made themselves seperate. n/t  seabeyond   Jul-27-09 05:53 PM   #55 
     - Dislike and distrust among progressives and liberals  Mythsaje   Jul-26-09 02:09 AM   #39 
     - Oh, rubbish. People malign cops for all the shit they pull.  Flaneur   Jul-29-09 01:03 PM   #60 
  - Good point. Police have to earn respect like anyone else by  CakeGrrl   Jul-25-09 09:06 PM   #5 
  - "Protect and Serve" has been transformed into "Protect and Serve The Police"  tj2001   Jul-25-09 09:20 PM   #12 
     - More like "Protect and serve your friends".  PSzymeczek   Jul-25-09 10:26 PM   #34 
        - Was it relevant to say  bsd13   Jul-26-09 12:30 AM   #37 
  - When good cops stop covering for bad cops maybe we can have a conversation.  Raineyb   Jul-25-09 09:10 PM   #6 
  - Example  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:14 PM   #8 
  - every cop reading crowleys report knows he lead gates out to arrest. it was clear  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:21 PM   #13 
  - Did it occur to you  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:24 PM   #15 
     - if you read the report it is clear that he is not answering gates questions, leading him out of  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:30 PM   #18 
     - Actually the report says  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:38 PM   #21 
        - i am not gonna continue to hash it out. it is clear what happened. people know. i dont  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:41 PM   #24 
        - pointless reply that added nothing  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:45 PM   #28 
        - So what WAS the purpose of asking Crowly outside  ThoughtCriminal   Jul-25-09 09:44 PM   #26 
           - And I quote  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:53 PM   #31 
              - So Crowly leaves and transmits without Gates - no problem, no arrest  ThoughtCriminal   Jul-25-09 10:09 PM   #33 
     - Which is to say they approve of abuse of authority?  Mythsaje   Jul-25-09 09:30 PM   #19 
     - No  bsd13   Jul-25-09 09:39 PM   #22 
        - Sure they would...  Mythsaje   Jul-25-09 09:47 PM   #29 
     - You mean abusing his authority  me b zola   Jul-26-09 12:39 AM   #38 
     - Then they need a reality check. n/t  EFerrari   Jul-26-09 06:16 PM   #46 
  - Please.  Seldona   Jul-25-09 09:55 PM   #32 
  - I seriously doubt any example would be good enough for you as you seem to worship the police  Raineyb   Jul-26-09 12:16 PM   #43 
     - Those are all OBVIOUS fabrications meant to discredit LEOs!  Ignis   Jul-29-09 01:40 PM   #62 
  - Ding! ding! ding!  izquierdista   Jul-25-09 09:17 PM   #10 
  - BINGO !!!  goddess40   Jul-25-09 09:26 PM   #16 
  - Yep. As long as cops protect each other over protecting the public, they can go to hell.  BlooInBloo   Jul-25-09 09:15 PM   #9 
  - what people fail to see, when a policeman knows about abuse and says nothing, he becomes that bad  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:18 PM   #11 
  - Also, police worship leads to authoritarianism  tj2001   Jul-25-09 09:23 PM   #14 
  - Good cops are physically indiscernible from bad cops, ergo, treat all cops as if they were bad cops  WeDidIt   Jul-25-09 09:36 PM   #20 
  - what a world. they assume we are all criminals. and we assume they are all bad. so  seabeyond   Jul-25-09 09:40 PM   #23 
  - In the same vein, I will offer someone in a position of authority  tech3149   Jul-25-09 11:26 PM   #35 
  - I'm not a cop hater  MrScorpio   Jul-26-09 12:04 AM   #36 
  - I really think this is a subject we need to discuss more  Mythsaje   Jul-26-09 03:24 AM   #40 
  - Good cop bad cop Isn't that an interrogation technique?  conscious evolution   Jul-26-09 06:59 AM   #41 
  - what is a criminal co-worker though?  hfojvt   Jul-26-09 01:40 PM   #44 
  - I'm sorry, what part of this ramble is supposed to excuse the cop for assaulting  Raineyb   Jul-26-09 06:08 PM   #45 
  - no worries  hfojvt   Jul-27-09 02:50 AM   #47 
     - Are you for real?  Raineyb   Jul-27-09 06:43 AM   #48 
        - the guy only beat his wife cause he had a tough day kinda thing? n/t  seabeyond   Jul-27-09 08:39 AM   #49 
        - That's what it sounds like.  Raineyb   Jul-27-09 11:51 AM   #50 
        - actually I told my own stories of 'abuse' too  hfojvt   Jul-27-09 01:32 PM   #51 
           - You are unfortunately all too typical of those who worship cops  Raineyb   Jul-27-09 05:06 PM   #52 
           - "When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law. Just a fight for survival."  hfojvt   Jul-28-09 02:43 PM   #56 
              - You clearly have problems comphrending what you say.  Raineyb   Jul-30-09 12:28 PM   #68 
           - Its not the cop's right  lexanman   Jul-28-09 03:13 PM   #57 
           - speak for yourself please  hfojvt   Jul-29-09 12:36 PM   #58 
              - Yes, you did say that  Occulus   Jul-29-09 01:08 PM   #61 
                 - so you support zero tolerance even for relatively minor infractions  hfojvt   Jul-29-09 03:30 PM   #63 
                    - A cop beating a suspect is not "relatively minor". It's the sort of thing  Occulus   Jul-29-09 04:52 PM   #64 
           - "Sympathy for criminals, and hatred for cops."  ThomCat   Jul-29-09 06:07 PM   #66 
              - i have absolutely no sympathy for criminal. cop has to obey the law. or, the obvious,  seabeyond   Jul-29-09 06:20 PM   #67 
  - He should have been fired AND arrested.  Evoman   Jul-29-09 05:21 PM   #65 
  - Good Cop/Bad Cop  H2O Man   Jul-29-09 12:39 PM   #59 

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