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Reply #34: Contrary to your strawman, the team I'm on isn't the best because I'm on it... [View All]

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BlooInBloo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-17-09 01:25 PM
Response to Reply #33
34. Contrary to your strawman, the team I'm on isn't the best because I'm on it...
Just the opposite. I'm on the team I'm on because it's the best. Things that support the other team (which is bad in-itself) and not simply because I'm not on it) can go to hell.

Criticism: great - I do it myself - as do many others - routinely.

Criticism that cannot be distinguished from the other team's: fuck off.
Criticism that permits or solicits republican support: fuck off.

Don't ever complain about someone not distinguishing you from republicans, when you refuse to distinguish yourself.

I hold myself to the same standard. Of course, nobody would ever mistake my criticism for a republican's. (To their credit, people here are pretty clear that I'm a dick, but in no manner am I a republican.)
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  -I'd like to say thank you to all the trolls we've had here on DU recently. TheWraith  Jul-17-09 11:12 AM   #0 
  - My thoughts exactly.  hedgehog   Jul-17-09 11:13 AM   #1 
  - They always seem to come in waves  liberal N proud   Jul-17-09 11:15 AM   #2 
  - Amen.. More Freepers here lately than in Freepland...  lib2DaBone   Jul-17-09 11:28 AM   #6 
  - Well said!  jhain   Jul-17-09 11:32 AM   #7 
  - everything you said and a bag of chips.  Soylent Brice   Jul-17-09 03:49 PM   #42 
  - Freepers please go back to your hole at Freeper Land nt  goclark   Jul-17-09 07:26 PM   #72 
  - I can't prove this, but I think they are all coming out of either the same  Cleita   Jul-17-09 11:32 AM   #8 
  - It's pretty obvious they are IM'ing or chatting. I remember a weekend  blondeatlast   Jul-17-09 12:26 PM   #27 
  - Oh no, all conspiracies are simply products of our delusion of persecution complex.  Greyhound   Jul-17-09 05:34 PM   #51 
  - + 1  musette_sf   Jul-17-09 12:30 PM   #29 
  - I figure the RNC has outsourced more work to India. nt  valerief   Jul-17-09 09:38 PM   #85 
  - Couldn't be India. People there know how to spell English words correctly.  gtar100   Jul-17-09 11:29 PM   #90 
     - They spell English words correctly  Jackpine Radical   Jul-18-09 12:07 AM   #94 
  - Oh yeah, they are  Enthusiast   Jul-17-09 11:52 PM   #91 
  - Hate Radio Explained  KharmaTrain   Jul-18-09 08:27 AM   #102 
  - haw haw you are funny  Pat Riot   Jul-18-09 11:33 AM   #111 
     - LOL! Yes it is an oxymoron when it comes to Freepers isn't it?  Cleita   Jul-18-09 11:59 AM   #112 
  - Yes.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 11:57 AM   #18 
  - Yes. And this latest swarm  Control-Z   Jul-17-09 03:10 PM   #40 
  - Seems as though they really like to gather  NorthCarolina   Jul-18-09 08:26 AM   #101 
  - And on that note, somebody unrecommended my post.  TheWraith   Jul-17-09 11:16 AM   #3 
  - That's OK, I countered it. n/t  Greyhound   Jul-17-09 05:35 PM   #52 
  - What am I missing?? Trolls??? At other boards I spot them  OHdem10   Jul-17-09 11:16 AM   #4 
  - we catch them and  mopinko   Jul-17-09 11:34 AM   #10 
  - new chew toys are fun! n/t  Scout   Jul-17-09 11:36 AM   #11 
     - There are a couple in Political Forums right now  Quantess   Jul-17-09 04:15 PM   #45 
  - Oh, there have been.  Control-Z   Jul-17-09 03:44 PM   #41 
  - hey I hit Rec and nothing happened! must be someone out there unrecing!  robinlynne   Jul-17-09 11:17 AM   #5 
  - Oh god. We'd get a hell of a lot more accomplished here if there weren't people whose sole purpose..  newtothegame   Jul-17-09 11:32 AM   #9 
  - What the fuck are you talking about? Can you name one DUer whose  Vickers   Jul-17-09 11:53 AM   #16 
  - My vote is for shit (sounds weird). nm  rhett o rick   Jul-17-09 05:26 PM   #46 
  - Word.  Jazzgirl   Jul-17-09 08:05 PM   #82 
  - Shit would be a better choice than most/all of the Repub "frontrunners" [nt]  Jester Messiah   Jul-18-09 09:14 AM   #104 
  - There was a recent "incident" where some were ts'd. I'm not  madeline_con   Jul-18-09 02:36 PM   #122 
  - Yes, because this site is a dead serious activism site and now you've spoiled all the fun  blondeatlast   Jul-17-09 12:06 PM   #20 
  - I can see why that makes you nervous.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 12:07 PM   #21 
  - That reminds me, I need to update the Excel spreadsheet and get it to you!  blondeatlast   Jul-17-09 12:21 PM   #26 
     - Oh my. I think our secret troll assassination squad is about to go public--  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 12:29 PM   #28 
  - No one has to search them out...  Spazito   Jul-17-09 02:08 PM   #36 
  - I was playing with one on YouTube when he/she/it said  Hissyspit   Jul-17-09 06:32 PM   #60 
  - The delicious irony is they think they are being subtle....  Spazito   Jul-18-09 12:04 PM   #113 
  - If you want to Play, just take a look at Topix dot com.  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:13 PM   #70 
     - I only want to play with them if they have 'teh' stupidity to invade...  Spazito   Jul-18-09 12:08 PM   #114 
        - True, but if you want to fight a war, it's advantageous to enter the battlefield sometimes.  Grinchie   Jul-18-09 02:18 PM   #121 
           - I tend to treat the real world differently than the virtual world..  Spazito   Jul-18-09 04:10 PM   #123 
  - Just what the F are we trying to get accomplished here?  rhett o rick   Jul-17-09 05:27 PM   #47 
  - You're way way off.  Enthusiast   Jul-17-09 11:57 PM   #92 
  - you seem worried  fascisthunter   Jul-18-09 09:48 AM   #106 
  - Perhaps you'd be happier at FR?  kestrel91316   Jul-18-09 11:17 AM   #109 
  - I heard that!  madeline_con   Jul-18-09 12:15 PM   #118 
  - How do you tell the trolls from the "blue dogs"? They believe mostly the same stuff.  Romulox   Jul-17-09 11:36 AM   #12 
  - The "blue dogs" might as well be trolls. n/t  RoccoR5955   Jul-17-09 11:48 AM   #14 
  - Indeed  Sebastian Doyle   Jul-17-09 02:14 PM   #38 
  - In all fairness,  Control-Z   Jul-17-09 03:56 PM   #43 
  - They are both in the same in my opinion.  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:39 PM   #75 
  - You just said the President holds the same views as a freeper troll.  Tim01   Jul-17-09 06:30 PM   #58 
  - Trolls attempt to divert discussion through any means possible  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:28 PM   #74 
  - People seem to forget the other choice was McCain Palin.  Sirveri   Jul-17-09 11:39 AM   #13 
  - That's for damn sure.  tekisui   Jul-17-09 04:04 PM   #44 
  - It's awkward because they try fairly hard to melge with regular anti-Obama DUers...  BlooInBloo   Jul-17-09 11:50 AM   #15 
  - It isn't that there's necessarily a lot of "anti-Obama DUers"...  cascadiance   Jul-17-09 12:02 PM   #19 
     - bumbum is gone. And was perfectly obviously a troll....  BlooInBloo   Jul-17-09 12:07 PM   #22 
        - I think he was obviously a troll in the second thread I posted...  cascadiance   Jul-17-09 12:15 PM   #24 
           - "we can't distinguish freepers from those of us legitimately concerned"...  BlooInBloo   Jul-17-09 12:19 PM   #25 
           - I'm not try to "align" people against Obama... Just align people on taking stances on issues...  cascadiance   Jul-17-09 01:00 PM   #31 
              - (shrug) So be it. Continue to further a troll-friendly environment.  BlooInBloo   Jul-17-09 01:03 PM   #32 
                 - Furthering a troll friendly environment isn't the objective. Correcting mistakes IS!  cascadiance   Jul-17-09 01:07 PM   #33 
                    - Contrary to your strawman, the team I'm on isn't the best because I'm on it...  BlooInBloo   Jul-17-09 01:25 PM   #34 
                       - I suspect that that troll didn't care a rat's patootie about transparency of government...  cascadiance   Jul-17-09 02:03 PM   #35 
           - Obama is being challenged from the right AND the left.  Laelth   Jul-17-09 12:57 PM   #30 
           - A problem is when that concern  Jakes Progress   Jul-17-09 07:12 PM   #69 
           - Yep, bumbum was more inept than most and...  Spazito   Jul-17-09 02:14 PM   #39 
           - You nailed it Cascade  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:47 PM   #76 
  - The reminds me of the Coneheads trying to convince us they're from France  graywarrior   Jul-17-09 11:56 AM   #17 
  - WAIT, WAIT. What are you saying? Coneheads are from France and don't try to tell me otherwise. nm  rhett o rick   Jul-17-09 05:28 PM   #48 
     - Apparently.  graywarrior   Jul-18-09 07:46 AM   #99 
  - Nothing unites like a coimmon enemy. nt  blondeatlast   Jul-17-09 12:08 PM   #23 
  - Or bad speling. nm  rhett o rick   Jul-17-09 05:28 PM   #49 
  - and what is your definition of a troll?  Joe Fields   Jul-17-09 02:13 PM   #37 
  - A chubby elf that lives under a bridge. Sheesh, I thought everyone knew that. nm  rhett o rick   Jul-17-09 05:31 PM   #50 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-17-09 06:17 PM   #54 
     - Well, we won't have to worry about that with you.  Forkboy   Jul-17-09 06:30 PM   #57 
     - True.  H2O Man   Jul-17-09 06:33 PM   #62 
        - It is sort of sad to see a troll go out in flames on a thread about trolls.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 06:41 PM   #65 
           - There were a couple  H2O Man   Jul-17-09 06:42 PM   #66 
           - ROFL! Let's do more of these's like a trap for stupid people  Wednesdays   Jul-17-09 07:22 PM   #71 
     - Trolls make DUers think? Trolls burst DUers "wittle" bubble?  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 06:33 PM   #61 
     - LOL and oh my!  Spazito   Jul-17-09 06:35 PM   #63 
        - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jul-18-09 09:27 AM   #105 
  - The only enemy is an unexamined life...Opposing views are not the enemy  lesliewhitebird   Jul-17-09 06:14 PM   #53 
  - You've Convinced Me!  ProfessorGAC   Jul-17-09 06:23 PM   #55 
  - I am not receiving...You are not the OP, so  lesliewhitebird   Jul-17-09 06:25 PM   #56 
     - What A Surprise!  ProfessorGAC   Jul-17-09 06:35 PM   #64 
  - You are  H2O Man   Jul-17-09 06:31 PM   #59 
  - The Trolls come out when the masses of awake people point out Corporate Giveaways.  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:01 PM   #67 
  - Oh my.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 07:08 PM   #68 
  - Make no mistake, I'm cynical  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 07:55 PM   #77 
     - No, I'm not calling you a troll. I just think it was interesting how you turned the tables  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 07:58 PM   #78 
        - I call it as I see it.  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 10:11 PM   #87 
           - I may not agree entirely, but I think you make some thought provoking points.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 10:29 PM   #88 
              - People really need to wake up and break out of the emotional trap  Grinchie   Jul-17-09 11:04 PM   #89 
  - LOL  ibegurpard   Jul-18-09 11:25 AM   #110 
  - What about Osama Bin Laden?  Dave From Canada   Jul-17-09 07:27 PM   #73 
  - ??? nt  blondeatlast   Jul-17-09 08:01 PM   #79 
     - Had me wondering, too.  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 08:04 PM   #81 
        - Isn't he the real enemy. Not the annoying trolls? And did it really take trolls for this  Dave From Canada   Jul-17-09 08:37 PM   #83 
           - Are you actually saying that we shouldn't talk about hunting trolls on DU because Bin Laden  Mrs. Overall   Jul-17-09 08:41 PM   #84 
           - LOL, you are funny!  Spazito   Jul-17-09 11:57 PM   #93 
  - You're welcome. nt  Occam Bandage   Jul-17-09 08:02 PM   #80 
  - I agree completely  Richd506   Jul-17-09 10:01 PM   #86 
  - Another generalization without reference. Where is all the unwarranted criticism or  bjobotts   Jul-18-09 01:06 AM   #95 
  - or are you what's known as a concern troll?  bjobotts   Jul-18-09 01:07 AM   #96 
     - Are many incapable of supporting Obama and be critical of him at the same time??  bjobotts   Jul-18-09 01:12 AM   #98 
  - k&r!!! let's send this baby to number 1 with a bullet!!!  Hannah Bell   Jul-18-09 01:08 AM   #97 
  - I haven't heard that phrase in a long time!  DesertRat   Jul-18-09 08:09 AM   #100 
  - Thanks for your IP address  barbiegeek   Jul-18-09 08:43 AM   #103 
  - you planning on giving away his IP address?  fascisthunter   Jul-18-09 09:53 AM   #107 
     - No, I'm just joking  barbiegeek   Jul-18-09 10:56 AM   #108 
  - Just proves the Freepers are all losers living in their parents' basement.  Odin2005   Jul-18-09 12:12 PM   #115 
  - Are you in Grandma's basement? You have a high post count.  madeline_con   Jul-18-09 12:14 PM   #117 
     - I have a legit excuse, unlike most of the Freepers.  Odin2005   Jul-18-09 01:28 PM   #119 
  - Since we're on the subject, I'd like to admonish the long time resident assholes.  madeline_con   Jul-18-09 12:12 PM   #116 
  - Most of the nastiest disrupters here have gold stars and thousands of posts. n/t  QC   Jul-18-09 02:05 PM   #120 

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