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Reply #16: they are dooming themselves [View All]

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sasha031 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-06-07 10:27 AM
Response to Reply #9
16. they are dooming themselves
I became a subscriber because of Sam, I love the Majority Report, they had great guest, so they canceled that and put him on mornings, now they are canning him.
They dumped our beloved Mike Malloy, I am real disgusted with them.

I'm not going to be a listener anymore once Sam is gone. :puke:
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  -Sam Seder is losing his weekday show on AAR. He just said next week is his last week. LibInTexas  Apr-06-07 10:04 AM   #0 
  - We don't get his show here, but that's too bad  SharonRB   Apr-06-07 10:05 AM   #1 
  - Yes, looks like I'm finally getting Steffi  bunny planet   Apr-06-07 04:59 PM   #51 
  - That makes no sense - look here  GregD   Apr-06-07 10:08 AM   #2 
  - So, Sam's departure leaves an open slot 6pm-9pm.  laststeamtrain   Apr-06-07 10:16 AM   #8 
     - That's probably a local station lineup, not Air America's official lineup.  meldroc   Apr-06-07 10:22 AM   #11 
     - Right. It's KPOJ in Ptld, OR.  laststeamtrain   Apr-06-07 10:42 AM   #24 
        - ya, and it has Sam listed. So how does this equate?  GregD   Apr-06-07 11:10 AM   #32 
           - Sam is on KPOJ twice a day  Terre   Apr-06-07 02:16 PM   #42 
     - Boy, I would have gotten rid of The Young Turks  BanzaiBonnie   Apr-06-07 10:52 AM   #25 
        - Sam and The Turks are my favs on AAR  Adenoid_Hynkel   Apr-06-07 07:51 PM   #67 
  - I like Sam's show. Who are they planning on having take over that spot?  Pirate Smile   Apr-06-07 10:08 AM   #3 
  - This is a big mistake by the suits upstairs.  ShortnFiery   Apr-06-07 10:10 AM   #4 
  - Goddamn it!  Cooley Hurd   Apr-06-07 10:15 AM   #5 
  - Sam is great. I stream his show every day since  lazyriver   Apr-06-07 10:15 AM   #6 
  - That's what I was thinking. With XM putting Schultz on instead of Hartman, Randi is about the  LibInTexas   Apr-06-07 10:22 AM   #13 
  - I like Ed, but I wouldn't pre-empt Hartmann for him. Seems like they are trying to dilute  yurbud   Apr-06-07 08:22 PM   #71 
  - I subsribed to AAR just for his archived shows when I miss them  Chimichurri   Apr-07-07 11:46 AM   #99 
  - Has AAR done anything right?  vi5   Apr-06-07 10:16 AM   #7 
  - They did something very right when they put Thom Hartmann on for three  janeaustin   Apr-06-07 11:12 AM   #33 
     - Yes indeed  MN ChimpH8R   Apr-06-07 06:54 PM   #64 
     - They weren't aggressive enough in promoting him to Franken's stations  Adenoid_Hynkel   Apr-06-07 07:51 PM   #66 
  - I think hes having trouble competing with Stephanie Miller  LSK   Apr-06-07 10:18 AM   #9 
  - I really like both of them. I get Stephanie's podcast but when I can, I listen  Pirate Smile   Apr-06-07 10:23 AM   #14 
  - I actaully think AAR would be better served by putting Sam back on in his old time slot, following  LibInTexas   Apr-06-07 10:28 AM   #17 
     - I agree! I really enjoyed listening to Randi followed by Sam..then Malloy. *sigh*  in_cog_ni_to   Apr-06-07 10:59 AM   #28 
        - I agree , this was the best line up ever , good things NEVER seem to last  blues90   Apr-06-07 01:21 PM   #37 
        - *sigh* indeed...I also like Rachel in the mornings better than her evening show.  LibInTexas   Apr-06-07 04:11 PM   #43 
  - they are dooming themselves  sasha031   Apr-06-07 10:27 AM   #16 
  - Sam is excellent, but I listen to Stephanie Miller just about every day  bullwinkle428   Apr-06-07 10:40 AM   #22 
     - I always thought they were grooming Sam for Franken's spot and it  Pirate Smile   Apr-06-07 11:08 AM   #30 
        - NY got Hartman in Al's old slot... I like him there...  annabanana   Apr-06-07 11:15 AM   #34 
  - why hasnt he said it on the air? n/t  sabbat hunter   Apr-06-07 10:20 AM   #10 
  - Good point.  Eric J in MN   Apr-06-07 10:41 AM   #23 
     - Apparently he just found out, perhaps even just today.  LibInTexas   Apr-06-07 01:29 PM   #39 
  - I'm about sick of them too.  NastyDiaper   Apr-06-07 10:22 AM   #12 
  - Par for the course. AAR pushes out its best talent.  Beelzebud   Apr-06-07 10:25 AM   #15 
  - I like Sam but playing devil's advocate here--  POAS   Apr-06-07 10:36 AM   #18 
  - podcast  NightWatcher   Apr-06-07 10:38 AM   #21 
  - on the other would you make a living supporting a family  orleans   Apr-06-07 08:41 PM   #77 
     - I doubt Sam is being paid hourly  POAS   Apr-07-07 03:44 AM   #94 
        - how does your pay rate get "quadrupled" when you are cut down  orleans   Apr-07-07 11:46 AM   #100 
           - Maybe you should read the post again  POAS   Apr-07-07 01:06 PM   #104 
              - no i don't think he is hourly  orleans   Apr-07-07 04:56 PM   #105 
                 - That is why I qualified  POAS   Apr-07-07 07:46 PM   #107 
  - I'm sorry. I can't hear him now and I've been waiting for the next  higher class   Apr-06-07 10:36 AM   #19 
  - Sam Seder is my favorite of the current AAR hosts.  Eric J in MN   Apr-06-07 10:38 AM   #20 
  - WHY???!!!!@#$%^%$#@ Sam and Randi are my favorites. I suppose she's next?  in_cog_ni_to   Apr-06-07 10:57 AM   #26 
  - They keep Jon Elliot and the Young Turks, and  BuyingThyme   Apr-06-07 10:57 AM   #27 
  - I can't listen to The Young Turks and I've tried several times. Jon  Chimichurri   Apr-07-07 11:50 AM   #102 
  - Guess I won't be renewing my premium membership  vireo   Apr-06-07 11:04 AM   #29 
  - do you listen to Thom Hartmann?  renate   Apr-06-07 11:27 AM   #35 
  - I'll give em a month to find Sammy a weekday slot before I cancel  loindelrio   Apr-06-07 01:50 PM   #40 
     - Audio version at  jgraz   Apr-06-07 04:33 PM   #46 
        - Thanks n/t  loindelrio   Apr-06-07 06:35 PM   #61 
        - Review  vireo   Apr-06-07 09:04 PM   #79 
  - I love Sam, but I think more and more stations were picking up Stephanie  janeaustin   Apr-06-07 11:08 AM   #31 
  - stephanie has too many damn bells & whistles for me--drives me  orleans   Apr-06-07 08:44 PM   #78 
  - Solution  vireo   Apr-06-07 09:16 PM   #80 
  - 9 AM-noon ET is Air America's "death slot"  CaseyBuck   Apr-06-07 01:17 PM   #36 
  - NOOOOooooOOOOOoOOOOOOOO!  jgraz   Apr-06-07 01:25 PM   #38 
  - WTF???  garybeck   Apr-06-07 01:52 PM   #41 
  - If this goes trough and Sam does not stay full time I will cancel my two XM accounts.  Snotcicles   Apr-06-07 04:16 PM   #44 
  - I did that when they hired that idiot Jerry Springer.  sellitman   Apr-06-07 06:48 PM   #63 
  - Mark Green has said there will be changes...  liberalEd   Apr-06-07 04:28 PM   #45 
  - New Ownership...New Changes  KharmaTrain   Apr-06-07 04:37 PM   #47 
  - I bought AAR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP just so I wouldn't miss Sam Sedar's Show!  KeepItReal   Apr-06-07 04:40 PM   #48 
  - I'm sorry, I heard him say something rather different  librechik   Apr-06-07 04:42 PM   #49 
  - Well I guess I'll only be listening from 3 to 6 then, and I probably  tnlefty   Apr-06-07 04:54 PM   #50 
  - I Gotta Think Randi Will Bolt First Chance She Gets  Edgewater_Joe   Apr-06-07 05:56 PM   #55 
     - Not that I heard, but I wasn't listening closely to ALL of her  tnlefty   Apr-06-07 08:19 PM   #70 
  - Maybe Nova M will pick him up!!! We could only hope...  SnoopDog   Apr-06-07 05:13 PM   #52 
  - Oh god, I hope so!  B Calm   Apr-06-07 09:37 PM   #82 
  - I didn't go with Sirrius so I could get AAR! I'm paying per month and All I Get  KoKo01   Apr-06-07 05:19 PM   #53 
  - WTF! He is one of the very best things about AAR. They commit suicide over and over, don't they? n/t  quiet.american   Apr-06-07 05:44 PM   #54 
  - If True, That Sucks.  byronius   Apr-06-07 05:57 PM   #56 
  - Would That Lee Rayburn Guy Be The Replacement?  Edgewater_Joe   Apr-06-07 05:57 PM   #57 
  - you can download free Sam podcasts here, for the time being:  Gabi Hayes   Apr-06-07 06:11 PM   #60 
  - As much as I like Thom Hartmann I haven't listened to AAR since Mike Malloy was fired.  Swamp Rat   Apr-06-07 06:01 PM   #58 
  - Of all the programs on AAR,to get rid of the Sam Seder show speaks volumes  Snotcicles   Apr-06-07 06:05 PM   #59 
  - Crap. I'll probably cancel my XM radio.  Hun Joro   Apr-06-07 06:45 PM   #62 
  - I wonder if Sirius + XM Radio merger has anything to do with it?  Dont_Bogart_the_Pretzel   Apr-06-07 07:16 PM   #65 
  - I don't think so.  LibInTexas   Apr-06-07 11:25 PM   #84 
  - Best show on AAR. I'm done with them. I said they had a death wish. This proves it. n/t  live love laugh   Apr-06-07 08:05 PM   #68 
  - AMEN! somebody should send this thread to him  Gabi Hayes   Apr-06-07 08:32 PM   #73 
  - I cannot believe this!  kma3346   Apr-06-07 08:11 PM   #69 
  - I am really bummed at this news  jimshoes   Apr-06-07 08:30 PM   #72 
  - FUCK THAT !!!  WillyT   Apr-06-07 08:33 PM   #74 
  - Sam was my favorite on AAR...  MN Against Bush   Apr-06-07 08:37 PM   #75 
  - They moved him to a bad time slot, and I bet they are using ratings to can him. They suck. n/t  live love laugh   Apr-06-07 08:38 PM   #76 
  - Malloy and now Sam.. who's next?  B Calm   Apr-06-07 09:36 PM   #81 
  - Maybe Nova M Radio would hire Sam?  veness   Apr-06-07 09:39 PM   #83 
     - We need more than AAR. Maybe Nova could fill the gap?  LibInTexas   Apr-07-07 12:16 AM   #87 
  - I like Sam Seder but my affiliate seems to prefer to  Cleita   Apr-06-07 11:28 PM   #85 
  - El Paso is a mess! They have local guy on from 8-10 and now have  Gloria   Apr-06-07 11:49 PM   #86 
  - Is it possible  chitty   Apr-07-07 12:29 AM   #88 
  - Anything is possible. Plausable.  LibInTexas   Apr-07-07 12:33 AM   #89 
  - Not likely  Fighting Irish   Apr-07-07 09:53 AM   #97 
  - He is the strongest host they have IMHO. nm  AJ9000   Apr-07-07 12:40 AM   #90 
  - Sam is one of the "strong" hosts. Randi is another one.  LibInTexas   Apr-07-07 12:54 AM   #91 
  - This is interesting  chitty   Apr-07-07 12:56 AM   #92 
  - Apparently Maron was offered something that insulted him. He came back on  LibInTexas   Apr-07-07 01:13 AM   #93 
  - this is the part of the story that really bothered me  Bill219   Apr-07-07 05:09 PM   #106 
  - My Local Lineup is Near Perfect  The River   Apr-07-07 09:42 AM   #95 
  - Kick !!!  WillyT   Apr-07-07 09:44 AM   #96 
  - Liberal Radio is losing ground. Look at this...  live love laugh   Apr-07-07 10:59 AM   #98 
  - Reich loses election, clear signs country is trending Progressive  loindelrio   Apr-07-07 11:51 AM   #103 
  - Maybe the guys at Nova M can put him back on like they did Mike Malloy?  Chimichurri   Apr-07-07 11:49 AM   #101 

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